Wanton urbanisation defaces Lahore

By Zeeshan Mahmood Siddiqi

Several industrial zones, which were far away from the city two decades or so ago, have now been surrounded by residential areas owing to rapid urbanisation.—File Photo

LAHORE: Massive migration of people from small towns and cities to Lahore primarily in search of livelihood has resulted in haphazard expansion of the provincial metropolis.

Several industrial zones, which were far away from the city two decades or so ago, have now been surrounded by residential areas owing to rapid urbanisation.

Ironically, a hospital set up by the City District Government of Lahore on Mohni Road for the treatment of tuberculosis patients has chemical factories just 50 feet from it.

More than 700 industrial units including steel foundries, re-rolling mills, kilns and furnaces, scrap yards and plastic recycling units have been operating in various localities of Northern Lahore alone, according to an officer of the Punjab Environment Department.Click here to read complete article

One response to “Wanton urbanisation defaces Lahore

  1. Lack of will to enforce the buildings law and facilitate people get away with all sorts of illegal construction by paying bribe to the building inspectors of Lahore Development Authority, the agency which is supposed to act as watch dog, is the main cause of the mess we are in at present in Lahore.
    The chances of things improving in a foreseeable future are as remote as one can imagine. Only Allah’s miracle can change the situation for the better. The latest example (Feb-2012) as reported in the local press and on the electronic media, is the factory illegally constructed and operating in a residential area on Multan Road that collapsed killing many persons working in the facility. As usual the chances that the culprits will be punished are remote. Government functionaries involved in the case will benefit through money paid out by the owner of the factory. The case will drag-on for long time in the form of court cases and inquiries etc. and finally it will die out and forgotten.
    The national heritage in the form of Old Lahore is very rapidly disappearing and ugly concrete structures taking their place. The culture of the walled city is also changing at a rapid pace, the old Lahore population is gradually being replaced by lower working class Afghan Refugees. Many, one time dwellings have been converted into small factories / workshops. The Government of Punjab appears to be least concerned about the situation and at time it appears as if they are encouraging the traders to move in and remove the old residents.

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