Lahore cuisine: Spicy Katlamaas, a snack of all seasons

By  Raza Rumi

Lahore’s walled city is famous for its Katlmaas (deep fried bread with spices and herbs). As a child I used to love them. Now I am hesitant due to the calorie count. This video brought back so many memories. Am sharing it for the readers.

6 responses to “Lahore cuisine: Spicy Katlamaas, a snack of all seasons

  1. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you Raza Sahib for sharing Kalamaa making process. It should be good for young persons of Pakistan origin living in foreign countries.
    Recently my wife and myself happened to pass through Shah Jamal Colony and it was the time when Urs of Hazart Shah Jamal was in progress. These eatries are available on such Melas.
    We decided to revive our childhood memories and purchased Katlamaa and sweet Pakooras. We reached home and had them on the dining table. Our grand children were least interested in them. Katlamaa was some what disappointment even for us but the sweet Pakooras were O.K.
    Our traditional Melas of Lahore are fast disappearing and so are the items that were available on such ocassions for people (young and old) to eat and enjoy.

  3. Thank you Raza Sahib

  4. Soldier Bazari

    Poor man’s pizza?

  5. Many thanks for the comments. I guess the important thing here is how the Katlama is prepared and served. It has to be prepared with fresh spices and eaten there and then. But of course younger generations are moving away from these delights. What a shame. We need to perhaps adapt these recipes to modern times!

  6. Great blog, I must say. also I would like to encourage you to write one (if possible) on “Vegetarian Lahore” in future. 🙂 I visited Lahore last year and was not thrilled by the options that were to avail for a Vegan. 🙂

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