Soon: Bhagat Singh Chowk in Lahore

CHANDIGARH: The Shadman Chowk of Lahore is likely to be officially named Bhagat Singh Chowk this year, two years after democratic, secular and socialistic organizations of Pakistan on their own named the place after the martyr.

“Punjab chief minister Shahbaz Sharief’s spokesman and senator Parvez Rashid, during a meeting with members of Bhagat Singh Foundation of Pakistan, recently assured that a bill to name the chowk after Bhagat Singh will be passed in the House,” foundation’s president and legal and human rights adviser to Punjab governor, Abdullah Malik, told TOI over phone from Lahore.

Senator Shaukat Basra, along with others, has already sent a bill to this effect to the house, but it has to be officially moved and adopted for the change to happen, Malik said. Within a few years, the revolutionary youth icon against oppression has now become a point of discussion in Pakistani discourse.Click here to read complete article.

6 responses to “Soon: Bhagat Singh Chowk in Lahore

  1. Great news… He was a freedom fighter…

  2. It will be good a thing to happen, if it indeed does, for a change because the present day Pakistan is infected with extremist Mulaism which has destoryed the image of the country and defamed the peace loving religion of Islam.
    Bhagat Singh is the only non muslim from Lahore who contributed and gave his life for the freedom struggle, there are indeed many others. We need to put up a memorial in the name of all those persons.
    A few of the noble prize winners of the past other than Dr. Abdus Salam had origin of Lahore or carried out their research at the Punjab University – Lahore, unfortunately we have forgotten or ignored them all jsut because they were non Muslim.

  3. Its a good news but how our MOULVI sahaban will react?

  4. A very good move. This will bring the two Punjabs as well as Pakistan and India closer. I congratulate the persons who have initiated this move and thank them on behalf of all who admire Bhagat Singh and want the two countries close..
    I hope I will be able to see SHADNAM cHOWK AS BHAGAT SINGH CHOWK. when, hopefully I visit Lahore next monthfor the Founders Day of the Government College University on 21/04/2012..
    I think MOULVI SAHABAN would not mind the change of name..
    Iqbal Singh

  5. Pravin Karkhanis

    Excellent . Naming of Shadman chowk as Shaheed Bhagat Singh chowk will be a major milestone on the path of peace and understandind between India and Pakistan . If at all any memorial is built nearby the chowk in whatsoever form , please do not forget to write, at least on the plaque the names of Rajguru and Sukhadev also alongwith Bhagat Singh because all the three were hanged till death one after another in this chowk . PRAVIN KARKHANIS INDIA

  6. I have no problem with naming shadman Chowk as Bhagat Singh Chowk. Would n’t it be more appropriate to name this chowk as Mahmood Ghaznavi or Salah-ud-din chowk. we have no dearth of muslim heroes who deserve this honor better than anybody else,

    i will be thrilled if India reciprocate and name some street in honor of Sir Syed Ahmad. or Altaf Husain Hali road.

    after all those persons are common heros of sub-continent.

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