Early Lahore drawings to be auctioned soon

By Raza:

lahore.jpgTwo important 19th century drawings of Lahore European School signed by the artist inscribed in French verso – former dwelling of General Ventura – measure 51 cm x 39cm each. This is a rare pair of drawings on Lahore – the classic European building you see in the image was the headquarters of the Khalsa Army built by Ranjit Singh’s French Generals Allard and Ventura. The small domed building is the Anarkali Tomb and the large building with the archways is the Chauburji Gateway Anarkali the oldest Mughal tomb in Lahore was built between 1605 and 1615 by Emperor Jahangir. In 1799 Maharaja Ranjit Singh put up his headquarters there while besieging Lahore. Subsequently he offered Anarkali to his eldest son the heir apparent Kharak Singh. In 1822 Ranjit Singh gave this monument to his French generals Allard and Ventura as their personal residence and headquarters of the FaujiKhas. The generals soon built a new classical style residence between Anarkali`s tomb and a Mughal palace which has since disappeared. This new residence was embellished with paintings and mirrors inserted in golden frames descriptions of which have been left by numerous travellers (Jacquemont Hugel Barr Von Orlich etc) In another wing were the private apartments of General Allard and Bannou Pan Dei while General Ventura established his flourishing harem in the tomb itself. Outside the garden towards the east was the champ de manoeuvre (operational headquarters) of the Fauji Khas and further east were the French Lines or cantonments of the troops under Allard and Ventura. South of the champ de manoeuvre and the French lines was the small baradan of Allard and his wife profusely decorated by Punjabi artists that was the “country” seat of the Allard family. It is in this latter garden that Allard and his wife buried two of their children and in the same tomb Allard himself was buried in 1839. In 1846 Henry Lawrence the British Resident moved into the house of Allard and Ventura. The classic European building the headquarters of the Khalsa Fauj does not exist anymore. The drawings are of the highest quality and detail and represent an important part of Indian Sikh and Pakistan heritage. Both drawings have been Published in a French Newspaper in 1858. Early depictions of Lahore can be seen in Major institutions such as the British Library in London (2)
Guide Price: £2000 – £3000
Auction tales place 27th September at Mullocks Auction house United Kingdom

2 responses to “Early Lahore drawings to be auctioned soon

  1. Ranpreet Singh Bal

    Excellent, Can we have the pictures of these drawings

  2. The pic is blurred

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