Lahore Canal

Lahore Canal

Beautiful View of Lahore Canal

Photo by Saad Ahmad Qasmi

3 responses to “Lahore Canal

  1. Yes, beautiful canal, but what was it’s purpose? It started where and ended where? And how much distance does it transverse?

  2. Tony .. found this … “The controversy in Lahore centers round the fate of a branch of the Bambawala-Ravi-Bedian (BRB) Canal (a 37 mile long waterway built by the Mughals and upgraded by the British in 1861) that runs through the city and is more than a cultural heritage for the citizens. The Lahore Canal is a unique linear park that serves as one of the few public green belts and the only free swimming pool for the majority of the city residents as can be seen in this photo essay.”

  3. Thanks for the link Jen it is most helpful. I’m writing a book on the Mughal Empire and this is something I knew nothing about. If you have any more interesting tidbits please write me at Thanks again
    Tony Raosto..

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