Jahangir’s Tomb, Lahore

The tomb of Emperor Jahangir who ruled India 1605-1027, is another jewel in the crown of Mughal architecture. The tomb is situated in Lahore, in Noor Jahan’s old pleasure garden known as Dilkusha Garden. The mausoleum is located at Shahdara on the banks of the Ravi, three miles northwest of the city. in the centre of which stands the magnificent sepulcher of Jahangir, considered by some to be the “finest ornament of Lahore,” and the “most magnificent edifice in the subcontinent after the Taj and the Qutub.”
The combination of red Sikri stone and white marble, an arrangement echoing Humayun’s tomb in Delhi, and a rare treat for Lahore not least for its intricate inlay, is impressive in its finesse and sophistication. Where the external expression is restrained in its dignified simplicity, internally decorative surfaces present you the best of tile mosaic and fresco that made Lahore famous in the whole of the Mughal Empire.
Following are some photos of the tomb “tweeted” by our twitter handle @lahorenama


Note: Info credit “ualberta” website, Photos credit “Kasim Osmani”.

One response to “Jahangir’s Tomb, Lahore

  1. Sukhdev Singh Sohal

    Wonderful monument. The city of Lahore was next to Agra in the Mughal Empire by the time of Emperor Jahangir. Akbar remained in the city for eighteen years. They concentrated on the pacification of the Punjab. Emperor Shah Jahan shifted to Delhi and ditched both Lahore and Agra. Mausoleum is both imposing and assuring of the Mughal presence. Later the Sikh sardars showed vengeance and the mausoleum retreated to the background in the memory of the Punjabis. The city of Lahore is hosting poingent and powerful monuments of history. It acted as a gateway to the Indian sub-continent.

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