Surjit Singh Lamba

These are three articles on Surjit Singh Lamba‘s conributions on Islaamiyaat and Iqbaaliyaat by eminent scholars.
Feroz-1 Feroz-2 Suheyl-1 Suheyl-2 Tayeba

One response to “Surjit Singh Lamba

  1. Good forty years ago I had came across a book of verse in praise of Allah’s prophet, may Daroud-o-Salaams be upon him. Unfortunately, I neither remember the name of the author nor title of the book; but what has been described by Feroze Ahmad Bakht Saheb fits the writer like a hand in a glove. It must be Sardar Surjit Singh Lamba!. His na’ats were dripping with love for the prophet, He would start a poem in Urdu, then in uncontrollable, passion he would break into Punjabi, then into Persian and back into Urdu again. I have never again come across such forceful, yet sincere expression of love in any other poet!
    Can Feroze Saheb, or any other friend please help me trace that book?

    Sardar Lamba’s quote from Hazrat Guru Baba Nanak only supports a theory that, originally Sikhs were a Sufi sect of Islam. Allah knows best. This also, in a way, answers the question raised by Pakistan Times.

    Col Ejaz Nazim

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