Top 10 restaurants in Lahore: Where to eat in 2015

This article was originally posted on Dawn

By Foha Raza

Clockwise from top: Mouthful, Pompei, Lakhnavi, Tiramisu.

A city that boasts of history and tradition, Lahore is also a paradise for food lovers. From the simmering rich, spicy curries in Food Street to classic fine dining, Lahore has so much to offer that one might struggle to find something they don’t like.

Over the years, the city has become synonymous with dining out in style. And so, as the new year rolls in swinging, here’s our list of the top 10 restaurants to try in 2015 in Lahore and the reasons to do so:

Cosa Nostra, La Tavola


Costa Nostra. – Photo courtesy:

Anyone living in Lahore has been to Cosa Nostra numerous times and probably knows the menu by heart. However, one of the most coveted restaurants in town now has a new and revamped menu in their La Tavola section that deserves to be tried.

The Lahore Social


The Lahore Social. – Photo courtesy: Official Facebook Page

Located in the dead centre of the city, The Lahore Social is a fancy, new place to try this year. It has a comfortable ambiance, a diverse menu and is a definite fine dining gem.



The Pompei. – Photo courtesy: Official Facebook Page

While Lahore is known to be the hub of eateries, it is true that we crave for something Karachi every now and then. This year, Pompei is a go-to restaurant that brings in a little bit of Karachi in Lahore.



Chocolate Molten Cake at Tiramisu. – Photo courtesy: Official Facebook Page

Tiramisu was off our radar for a while, but now it is back and the reason is their incredibly divine Chocolate Molten Cake. They have come back in the game swinging and deserve to be on our list.

The Polo Lounge


The Polo Lounge. – Photo courtesy: Official Facebook page

If you haven’t already been there a million times over, the Polo Lounge, located at the Lahore Polo Club, is a definite try in 2015. The reason being their consistent and diverse menu that resonates with the luxury of Polo as a sport. Their Sunday brunch is a must have!

The Cube – Nishat


The Cube. – Photo courtesy: Official Facebook Page

The Cube, located within the Nishat Hotel, is definitely an underrated restaurant. Even if you have been there last year, the reason to try it in 2015 is because they have revamped their entire menu and have a fully trained staff of international chefs.



Mouthful. – Photo courtesy: Official Facebook Page

Health is the latest fad to hit Lahore (along with everything else in general) and if scrumptious and healthy are on your menu, go ahead and visit Mouthful.



Tokyo. – Photo courtesy of author

We have all been avid lovers of the sushi at Avari’s Fujiyama. However, if you are looking for something that is closer to the centre and is authentic Japanese to its core, look no further. Tokyo is a must try eatery in 2015 for all sushi lovers.

The Lakhnavi


The Lakhnavi. – Photo courtesy: Official Facebook Page

The Lakhnavi, located in the Avari Hotel, is a must try. Lahore is known for the best desi food and The Lakhnavi leaves no temptation lingering.

Sweet Affairs


Sweet Affairs. – Photo courtesy: Official Facebook Page

Last but not the least on our list is Sweet Affairs. The reason to try it in 2015 is that they have the best desserts in town, including gelato, cupcakes, cakes, chocolates and more. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, don’t worry, they also have some great brick oven pizzas.


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