Photo of the Day: Nedou’s Hotel Lahore

Malik Omaid

The Avari Hotel Facebook page shared this post:

“Did you know that Avari Hotel Lahore building has been on Mall Lahore since 1880. Yes, it was Nedous Hotel from 1880 to 1910. The Hotel was founded by Michael Nedou in 1880, after partition it was used for Government Offices. In 1960, the building was demolished and new Park Luxury hotel was built (owned by Avari’s), that later, in 1970 was also demolished to raise the current Avari Hotel building which was called Hilton International at that time.”

 Avari hotel Avari hotel2

In 1961 Nedous was auctioned to the late Mr Dinshaw Avari and was renamed Park Luxury Hotel.

Avari hotel3
 More details here

One response to “Photo of the Day: Nedou’s Hotel Lahore

  1. I do remember Park Luxury Hotel as a young man. It was a bad decision of the time to completely demolish it and construct the present Avari Hotel. The decisions makers of the time should have kept the exterior the same & modernize/rebuild the interior living space.
    But I suppose that lot had least love for the history of Lahore. I saw the Akbari Gate dismantled in 1957/58 to accommodate the second carriageway of the circular road.
    What we have done lately to the old Lahore and its beautiful buildings is no secret. Why do we need to have all the markets in old Lahore is not understood by me?
    Why the Rulers have their eyes shut to the destruction of our heritage is a mystery for me?
    I do recall events of the recent past when the Lahore Canal Road was being widened, there was lot of uproar to protect the trees. Trees can be replaced but the historical building can not be replaced. Why don’t we wake up do something constructive?

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