Pink Rickshaw service starts in Lahore

Lahore: Punjab government on Friday started ladies-only Pink Rickshaw service in Lahore for the low income women to generate revenue for their families, thesenlive reported.


The service was started in order to empower Pakistani women and to take them from low status to the opportunity to travel in comfort and at the same time gave them the financial independence.

The ladies-only pink rickshaw will also provide the female commuters to travel without any fear and harassment in the city. It will be a safer option for the ladies to use the local transport without any fear.

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5 responses to “Pink Rickshaw service starts in Lahore

  1. Pink rickshaw scheme is agret income generating source. The poor women has been empowered to gain some sort of economic independence. it will provide them better life and improved facility for their families.

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  3. any clue as to how can we contact these ladies? couple of my friends are looking for such a service, if anyone knows their web contact or cell phones please inbox me at WordPress or Thanks

  4. Assalamualaikum sister mug ko apnay bacho ko school chornay ore wapis lane k leya Ricksha chaheya bacho ka school time 8 to 1 hai, please reply Thanks

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