Celebrating Diwali in Lahore

By Hum-Aahang
Most people would think of Diwali being celebrated in Pakistan as an exclusively Hindu event, and mostly focused around Sindh where the majority of the Hindu population of Pakistan resides. However, this time around we made it a point to celebrate this holy festival in our university in order to celebrate diversity that exists amongst us, and as a gesture of respect for a sizable Hindu community that resides in LUMS.
Since most of the problems in the country revolve around a collective lack of empathy and intolerance, it becomes all the more important to hold such events to promote amalgamation and unity between people of different faiths that live with us.
Diwali which literally means the “Festival of Lights” is a celebration of triumph of good over the evil, and is symbolized by lighting candles which depict the spreading of light into darkness. For our celebrations we used Diyas (Traditional oil lamps) which symbolize knowledge or one’s inner light, that brings about inner peace and fights off any traces of darkness and ignorance. Furthermore, we also made a number of Rangoli designs using powdered chalk and chart papers which are an important constituent of the Diwali celebrations. Bracelets of Marigold flowers (Gainday ka Gajra) were distributed amongst the participants along with sweets, which included mouthwatering Gulab Jamans and Ladus.
Overall, the event was a great success and a great learning experience for the university students who hadn’t experienced Diwali before. Students generally gave a positive feedback regarding the event and had an entertaining time lighting up Oil lamps and munching on the scrumptious sweets. These sort of activities need to be planned in other educational institutes as well, so that a more deeper understanding of the different cultures that reside in the country can be established and the level of acceptance and tolerance in the general population increases.
We have come to a point where even different sects within the same religion as labeled as infidels, and rarely a day passes when Shias or Ahmadis are not targeted for their religious beliefs. At such a point, it becomes even more pertinent that efforts are made not only to propagate inter-sectarian harmony, but also inter faith harmony so that an atmosphere of broadmindedness is achieved that is conducive to a healthy and progressive society. Educational institutes can potentially become the harbingers of a peaceful and vibrant Pakistan by playing a major role in promoting such harmonious events, which create space for the minorities.
Diwali 2
Diwali Diyas
Diwali Sweets

2 responses to “Celebrating Diwali in Lahore

  1. Nice to see and hear that youth in Pakistan playing a major role to create harmony amongst all the religions other than muslims to shower and develop an environment leads to peace and prosperity. You people celebrated Diwali, Eid, vasant etc with great joy. This is really really good being human. Wel done guys…
    Sunil kashyap
    Jagadhri, haryana, india

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