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Welcome to The City: MM Alam Road

Perhaps the most coveted spot on Lahore's inadvertent 'center of nightlife'

I love how you can rediscover a certain place, if you just look at it a slightly different way.

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Subway gets ripped off

“copyright violation? What? You are say there is similarly named and branded restaurant in the Amricka? Lies! We picked very original graphic design and branding.

No YOU tell them that THEY are copying US”

Belated Valentine’s Greetings

To the love of my life:

You don’t need no fancy red hearts and sugary cakes.

You just need to know how badass you were, currently are not, but soon-enough, will be, once more.

If your people must go about expressing their love to only those they deem important enough, know that this native son- still loves you; flaws and all.

“Tu barri thop cheez hai.”

Don’t lose faith in yourself Lahore.

The Only Valentine's Card That Matters.

Lahore Bombings: Witness Audio Interview

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My cousin Usman was at ‘Moon Market’ in Iqbal Town last week when twin explosions went off. I asked him to narrate what he saw, heard and felt on that horrendous night. This interview is completely in Urdu, so I apologize if you can’t follow it. It meant a lot to me, since I was asking Usman to dig up the most troubling moments of his vibrant, youthful life so far, but I commend and salute him for being brave and recounting the events for the sake of sharing.

I’ll try doing an English transcript sometime. Excuse the slight sounds of kids playing in the back- my nieces are visiting.

AUDIO LINK: Interview with Usman Ghauri on the Moon Market Blasts