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75% houses in GOR-I allotted to DMG officers

GOR GateLAHORE: The Government Officers Residence (GOR-I) has become an ‘empire’ for District Management Group (DMG) officers with some 75 percent bungalows in the residential area allotted to DMG officers.

The colony is located in a prime area of the city, adjacent to The Mall, the Canal, Jail Road and the Aiwan-e-Tijarat.

Of the total of 161 bungalows in the locality, 113 are available for open allotment. Of these, only 27 have been allotted to officers who are not from the DMG.

Out of the 161 bungalows, 25 are at the disposal of the Lahore High Court (LHC) for allotment to LHC and Supreme Court judges. Fifteen bungalows are reserved for the chief minister and other provincial legislators, and eight are designated for officers of various departments.

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Lahore: The hidden tomb of Khan-e-Jahan Bahadur Zafer Jang Kokaltash

Text and picture from Pakpics 

Tomb raider., originally uploaded by Commoner28th.

Khan-e-Jahan Bahadur zafar Jang Kokaltash was among the Nobles of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb alamgir. He died in 1697 and the tomb must have been constructed about the same time period.

The mausoleum is ocotagonal in plan with high arches on each side and stands on an octagonal platform.

Although bereft of its front, its beautiful and detailed brick masonry lends it a character entirely its own. The division of wall surface in a pattern of sunken panels would have lent itself admirably to treatment with fresco painting and possibly even tile mosaic.
Its 32′ diameter dome, raised on a drum, is reminiscent more of the dome form utilized in the tomb of Anarkali, rather than those of other nobles such as Ali Mardan Khan or Asaf Khan. This is not surprising, since Nawab Bahadur Khan, reputed to be one of Akbar’s nobles, died in 1601, which makes his tomb contemporaneous with the tomb of Anarkali, built in 1615.

The tomb’s eight sides are punctured with alcoves consisting of Timurid peshtac openings, roofed with kalib kari (stalactite or muqarnas) squinches. A 5′ high and 32′ wide podium, encircles the tomb, and is in a fair state of preservation. Some of the original fine brick paving laid in geometric patterns, which you might like to examine on the northeast portion of the podium, is still extant.

Writing at the end of the 19th century, historian Latif notes the existence of turrets with cupolas, however, those are no longer to be seen. The marble that once embellished the dome’s surface has also been lost—possibly during Ranjit Singh’s reign. In view of the popularity of funerary gardens among the Mughals, no doubt the tomb once stood in a large garden, the extent of which is no longer possible to determine. Continue reading

Lahoris — spendthrifts of electricity

By Hasan Ali

LAHORE: People in the city are consuming electricity irrespective of the power crisis that has hit the country for a year now. Extra lights on high-rise buildings and restaurants are still lit up.

WAPDA has asked consumers to use energy-savers and switch off unnecessary lights, but a large number of people pay no attention to the authority’s outcry. The authority has, however, also failed to raise awareness on the home appliances, called ‘vampires’, that consume electricity even on standby mode.

‘Vampire’ concept: Electric home appliances that feature timers, clocks, memory and remote on and off switches consume power like ‘vampires’. Vampire power, also called standby power, phantom load, or leaking electricity, refers to the electric power consumed by electronic appliances while they are switched off or in a standby mode. A very common ‘electricity vampire’ is a power adapter which has no power-off switch. While this consumption of power may be used to provide useful functions to users in appliances such as remote controls and digital clocks, most of the power consumed by non-operational devices is considered wasted. CNN quoted a study in October 2007 which revealed that about 5 percent of electricity in the US is consumed by electronic gadgets that run in standby mode. No such study has, however, been conducted in Pakistan yet. Continue reading

Madhoo Lal Hussain

Madhoo Lal Hussain

Originally uploaded by yasir nisar

Yasir’s shot captures the spirit and energy of Madho Lal’s Urs in Lahore.
Wish I was there – those in Lahore must not miss it.

Preparations for the Madhoo Lal Hussain Urs

Madhoo Lal Hussain Urs

Originally uploaded by yasir nisar

From The Post

LAHORE: The three-day annual urs of Sufi Saint Hazrat Madhu Lal Hussain popularly known as Mela Charaghan will begin on March 29 (Saturday).

“It is the 373rd urs of Hazrat Madhu Lal as he died in 1056 Hijri”, said an Auqaf official.

He said the secretary Auqaf Punjab Syed Abbas Zaidi would inaugurate the urs at 10am on 29th March by laying traditional “Chaddar” on the grave of the saint. Director General Auqaf Dr. Tahir Raza Bukhari, Zonal Administrator Auqaf Lahore Tasawar Ijaz Malik and a large number of devotees will participate in the urs.

The Auqaf Department has allocated Rs 80,000 for the urs .The department will also ensure provision of “Langer” (free food) to the devotees.

Lahore: Eid Milad-un-Nabi celebrations

LAHORE, March 21 (APP): Eid Milad-un-Nabi ( Peace Be Upon Him) was celebrated with religious fervour and enthusiasm in the provincial metropolis on Friday (12th of Rabi-ul-Awwal), the birthday of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

The Milad celebrations were in full swing right from Fajr with special prayers at mosques, religious seminaries and other Mahafil held in this regard.

Conferences and meetings on Seerat-un-Nabi were held in different parts of the city where speakers highlighted various aspects of ‘Uswa-e-Hasna’, the sacred life of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) as a constant source of guidance for the mankind.

Main procession of Milad was taken out from Lahore Railway Station at 10:00 a.m. under the aegis of Central Event Committee for Jashn-e-Eid Milad-un-Nabi, which was participated by a large number of fiathfuls reciting Darood, Naat and Hamd-o-Sana. Continue reading

Lahore’s Food Street

Awais Yaqub has taken these brilliant shots of Lahore’s food street. He has quite generously shared them here at Lahore Nama.

Take a look at more magnificent images here

At least 20 killed in two blasts in Lahore

LAHORE, Pakistan, March 11 (Agencies) – Two bombs exploded in the city of Lahore, capital of Punjab province, Tuesday morning, killing at least 20 people and injuring up to 100 others, police and officials said. One of the bombs went off at about 9.25 a.m. outside the city-centre Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), badly damaging the four-storey building and nearby buildings on the busy Mall Road. Reports said 16 persons were killed. “We’re trying to evacuate the wounded trapped under the debris,” FIA chief Tariq Pervez told Reuters from Islamabad. Chaudhry Manzoor, the director of the agency, which focuses on illegal immigration, said 14 employees had been killed. A second bomb went off in the mainly residential neighbourhood of Model Town, about 10 km from the site of the first blast, killing two children, besides the two suicide bombers, said a city administrator, Mian Ejaz. Police said the second attack was caused by a suicide car bomb. The car had two people inside and blew up after it was stopped at the gate of an advertising agency office. Last week a twin-suicide bombing killed five people in an attack on a navy college in the city. According to private TV channels the blast at the FIA building took place in the parking lot and caused extensive damage to parked vehicles besides the adjoining buildings. On the other hand, the Model Town blast was caused when the explosive laden vehicle was dashed against the boundary wall of the bungalow housing the advertising agency. The two children killed were brothers. Emergency has been declared in Lahore hospitals which have so far received up to 100 injured, the TV channels reported. (First Posted @ 09:50 PST, Updated @ 11:55 PST) DAWN

The River Ravi


Originally uploaded by yasir nisar

The beautiful Ravi of yore, the defining contour of Lahore is dry and lifeless these days.

But our talented photo-artist Yasir captures a Ravi mood even in times of environmental pollution and cultural degradation!

Watch out this space for more of Yasir’s captivating images.

Data Sahib’s urs from 26th

LAHORE: The 964th urs (death anniversary) of Hazrat Syed Ali bin Usman Hajvery (Data Gunj Bakhsh) will begin on February 26.

The three-day celebration will be jointly inaugurated by Governor Khalid Maqbool and Caretaker Chief Minister Justice (r) Ejaz Nisar with the traditional chador-laying ceremony and inaugurating a milk sabeel (free distribution of milk) at the shrine.

According to the Auqaf Department spokesman, the urs will have eight sessions based on spiritual enlightenment and spreading the message of Islam. Continue reading

Building a crematorium for the Hindus of Lahore

Hindus of Lahore in Pakistan will finally have a crematorium. The  government has allotted 34 kanal land at Babu Sabu Chowk. This decision by the authorities must be lauded.


This will be the first crematorium to be developed since independence, with Hindus until now performing the last rites of their beloved ones on the banks of Ravi.

Hailing Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf’s efforts in helping them get land, Manwar Chand, central general secretary Sri Krishna Mandir Society, Ravi Road, Lahore said, “Hindu representatives had met the president, following which land was allotted.”

Chand, who is on a personal visit to India with wife Sunita and sons Sunil and Sunny, paid obeisance at Durgiana Temple and held discussions with All-India Hindu Shiv Sena president Surinder Kumar Billa to increase the number of Hindu pilgrims from India to various historical Hindu shrines in Pakistan, including Parlahadpur in Multan and Katasraj.

“We have also submitted a proposal to the government for the construction of an ashram to provide boarding and lodging facilities to 2,000 pilgrims,” he said.

Informing that Pakistan had spent Rs 25 lakh each on developing Sri Krishna Mandir and samadhi of Ganga Ram, Chand added, “It is now a three-storied temple, where Hindus assemble every morning and evening to perform puja.”

Lahore’s new hangout for book lovers

Enjoy reading with coffee

LAHORE: The Readings, a bookshop-cum-library on the Main Boulevard, has now opened a coffee shop so that people can have a brew while reading.

The bookshop is known for its sitting arrangement on the floor near the bookshelves in every section. The shop was little transformed into a library when people spent more time there and preferred to take notes or references rather than buying books.

The organisers say the addition of a café shop would attract more readers especially youngsters. They said the arrangement would also allure readers who preferred reading at the library rather than buying books. Continue reading

The legends of the Walled City

Intizar Husain writes: 

WHILE going through Majid Sheikh’s book Lahore-Tales Without End I was reminded of a Persian saying ‘Agar pidar natuwanad pisar tamam kunad’ (what had been left unfinished by the father was carried to a finish by the son). Indeed Majid Sheikh is the proverbial son who reminds us of his father Hamid Sheikh, a renowned journalist of his time.

While in Pakistan Times and later in Civil & Military Gazette where he acted as its Editor, he in his columns was seen probing into the past of the city of Lahore. Each street and every koocha of Lahore, as depicted by him, appeared trailing with a magical past behind it. Now we know from Majid Sheikh that he was very keen to bequeath this legacy to his sons. Continue reading

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