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Lahore’s Unique Artist – Mahboob Ali

Mahboob Ali, the only woodcut artist of Pakistan has sent me more images of his works. During our recent meeting in Lahore, he also told me how, over the decades, his work progressed and how hard he has tried to train more woodcut artists. I have posted several images of his works here .

Mahboob Ali is an intriguing yet simple personality with stories and real-life experiences of the intensive process of making woodcuts. Once can spend hours watching him use his hands and creative imagination.

The image above is extremely representative of his work. This work shows a contemporary picture of what happens outside one of the historical gates of old Lahore (the walled city).

More images here.

I will write more about our last meeting later.

Encroachments ruining monuments in Lahore

Art historian Prof Dr Ejaz Anwar said that Lahore had a very important place as a historical city and was no less significant than other historical cities like London, Paris, Rome or Madrid. He said the city was heir to an ancient civilisation, but encroachments were ruining historical monuments in the city. He said the authorities were not doing anything against the practice. Dr Anwar said that in the years he had spent in Rome, Paris and Cairo, he had witnessed that the governments had preserved their civilisations. He said that the way the Walled City was filled with encroachments was presenting Lahore as the most polluted and ill-preserved cities in the world. He said the encroachers were throwing garbage, toxic substances and various chemicals around monuments, destroying the city’s heritage. Dr Anwar said that the vibration of heavy vehicles at Lorry Adda was gradually weakening the Lahore Fort, which is present right in front of the bus stand. He said the vibration had also destroyed a quadrangle situated beside the bus stand. He said the law-enforcement agencies were providing the encroachers electricity and water, instead of forcing them out. staff report

Source: The Daily Times

Lahore’s innovative transport and art

Photo Originally uploaded by Ane Malik

Ane Malik has a great eye for capturing the ordinary and not-so-ordinary glipmses of Lahore. Here a traditional donkey-cart, now disallowed on the main roads, is decorated with much love and meaning.

The names of Allah and the major saints of the subcontinent have been painted as good luck charms.

Lahore Nama will feature her photos on this space.
Watch out for more.. 

Raza Rumi

Mughees Ejaz’s Art book launched in Lahore

A river runs through it: Mughees Ejaz displays work, launches book

LAHORE: An art exhibition and book launch titled “A River Runs Through It” by Mughees Riaz was opened at Ejaz Art Gallery on Friday.

The show features a number of prominent personalities and artists from across the country. Professor Saeed Akhtar graced the occasion with his presence. Talking to Daily Times, he said the artist’s work was simple and showed a lively attraction for bold designs.

Riaz painted the River Ravi bank, skim tides and luminous skies of Lahore, which illustrate the development of increasing skills over the years. Colin David wrote that Mughees was a painter with strong sense of design. Continue reading

Grey Noise: the virtual art gallery: 11 artists to exhibit their work at Alhamra

LAHORE: Eleven artists from across the country will exhibit their work at Alhamra Art Gallery on Monday as part of the launching of Grey Noise, a virtual visual art gallery.

Grey Noise is a virtual gallery representing Pakistani artists. Founded by Umer Butt and Rehan B Shah, the website (www.greynoise.org) is being launched with a show featuring artists dealing with contemporary issues.

The work displayed by the artists differs in terms of variety and technique. One thing they have in common is their modern concepts. Ameen J, a Karachi-based photographer, has come to Lahore to shoot this show. He told Daily Times that artists could work better while working in groups.

Artist Imran Ahmad’ s sculptures deal with the issue of collectivism. His work shows that individuality has dominated the Pakistani society and people are not united, even when they are working together. The chairs arranged in rows behind a big chair materialise the idea.

These chairs symbolise people standing together for a prayer behind an imam (prayer leader), but differences are visible even at that time. “Some people do not like to stand with the poor, even for a prayer. This tells that how much individualism have taken up our society,” said Imran.

Other artists displaying their work include Fahd Burki, Amna Hashmi, Ayaz Jokhio, Ayesha Jatoi, Nadia Khawaja, Mehreen Murtaza, Lala Rukh, Fatima Saeed and Risham Syed.

Umer Butt, curator of the exhibition, said that Grey Noise aimed at establishing a gallery in the foreseeable future, hence providing its artists with a platform to showcase their work. “It is also in pursuit of a wider audience by networking with galleries and putting forth a contemporary aesthetic for a possible exchange and dialogue worldwide,” he added.

Courtesy – the Daily Times

Collectors to show Lahore’s old architecture

A report from the Daily Post
LAHORE: A group exhibition titled Shehr will open at the Collectors Galleria on April 28th at 6:30pm.

Almost four artists, Abdul Rahim, M Ilayas Rana, M Shafiq and Sarfraz Musawir will display over 11 pieces in this group show.

Their work is said to revolve around the old city architect. Each artist will present their paintings of old city grandeur, as perceived by themselves to carry in their own distinctive mark.

Another group exhibition will be displayed at the Alhamra Art Gallery on April 28th as part of the launch of Grey Noise, a virtual visual art gallery. Almost 11 artists will participate in the exhibition with variety of art forms and work, sculptures, photographs and paintings. Continue reading

Lahore: NCA students exhibit work on Iqbal’s vision

Staff Report

LAHORE: Students of the National College of Arts (NCA) on Thursday exhibited their work based on Allama Iqbal’s verse ‘Learn to Think and See in New Ways’ at Zahoorul Akhlaq Gallery.

The exhibition was titled ‘Transformation’, and was inaugurated by The Friday Times publisher Jugnu Mohsin. A large number of students turned, and many of them had worked together on the project. The work included paintings, sculptures and short documentaries.

Individual approaches to a uniform theme – based on Iqbal’s philosophy – were displayed at the exhibition. An art piece ‘Kaukab-e-Qismat-e-Imkaan’ by 4th-year student Adeel Ahmad Zafar and 3rd-year student Dua Abbas Rizvi spoke volumes about transformation. The material used included wood, pen and ink, which made it quite unique.

Student Ejaz Saeed’s sculpture dealt with intoxication. The statue was gilded with cigarettes, tablets and syringes. Continue reading

AQ Arif’s exhibition in Lahore

In one of the paintings, the artist has portrayed some historic buildings of the Mughal era, which are decaying with the passage of time. Stagnant water along the boundary wall of the building is portrayed skillfully. The painting is eye-catching owing to its graphic description. It hints towards the fact that historic monuments are not being taken care of and are being ruined. Artist Shaukat Rizvi said, “The strokes in Arif’s work give the paintings a luminous, mystic and dream-like looks.”Decaying natural beauty preserved on the canvas

Read the story by Ali Usman Continue reading