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Destroying the heritage- Bhadhar Kali Mandar: a remarkable feat of ancient engineering fading away

 Locals planning to demolish temple to construct residential quarters | Department concerned must intervene
Haroon Khalid’s excellent story
 LAHORE: An old Hindu temple of historical significance situated in the east of Thokar Niaz Beg, called the Bhadhar Kali Mandar, is facing decay and destruction.

The exact date of the construction of this mandar has not been deciphered but according to the founder of Punjabi research institute, Khojgarh, Mr Iqbal Kaisar it has to be around 2000 years old. The temple has one central building, with a huge pool in the center of the main complex. The walls of the mandar had beautiful frescoes, some of which have managed to survive over the years. The stone pool was fed by 12 wells through an indigenous drainage system.

People visiting the temple to pay homage to Kali Mata, used to bathe in the pool to avoid heat. There were four fountains in each corner of the pool which supplied fresh water to it.

The building of the temple was three storied and there was a wall around the central building. There were rooms inside the temple for the priests and visitors. Inside and outside the temple there were elaborate constructions “Samadhein” for “Sadhus”, which also had frescoes. Five of these Samadhein are still partially intact. Samadhein are basically dome shaped constructions, where the cremated ashes of holy persons were kept. Continue reading