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No Billboards in Lahore

LAHORE (Online) – Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has directed that the City should be made completely free of billboards while state land should be retrieved from illegal occupants for the construction of modern pavilions for providing facilities of recreation and sports to the youth. Continue reading

LCD Billboards – Why I don’t like them!

1.  They’re ugly and quite often trees are cut to accommodate them;

2.  They are incredibly dangerous unsafe traffic hazards;

3.  They are the source of light pollution;

3.  They are on public land yet the public gets nothing of the million of Rupees that change hands between advertiser, billboard owner and the public authority which collects advertising fees;

4.  They’re meant to be in high-pedestrian areas, but our government has allowed them to be set up in high-automobile traffic areas;

5.  The generators that run them are noisy and are a source of noise pollution;

6.  The generators that run them spew diesel fumes onto the road and are a source of air pollution;

7.  They come with their own security guards (How humiliating a job must that be);

8.  The massive advertising budgets required for billboard advertsing keeps the costs of those commodities high – and the billboards are on public land!!!

9.  They are evidence that city fathers are more interesting in making money than the health and safety of residents.

Note traffic light just below bottom left corner of the screen.

Note traffic light just below bottom left corner of the screen.