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Fuming – on Lahore’s traffic

A brilliant letter to the editor in this week’s TFT.

The traffic situation in Lahore is alarming. Almost every main road is jammed and measures need to be taken quickly before the situation gets out of hand. We always hear people blaming the Government for not doing enough to counter the situation. Phrases like “not enough roads,” “useless traffic wardens” and “careless planning” can be heard almost everywhere one goes. I believe that it is not a problem of a lack of roads or careless wardens, but a problem of too many cars on our streets. If Continue reading

Funny slogans on cars becoming common in Lahore

Funny slogans on cars becoming common in Lahore

* Cars’ back screens also being used to spread agenda, preach to people * PU Centre for Clinical Psychology director says such youngsters are neglected and seek fame

By Ali Usman

LAHORE: Youngsters in the city seem to be in a race to impress others through the writings on the rear screens of their cars, as most cars in the city have some message on them for others.

The witty, and sometimes smutty, statements on the rear screens of cars are often written to catch people’s attention. Some youngsters also write quotations, and even names of their beloved ones, especially their girlfriends. Continue reading