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Theatre for change

By Hajrah Mumtaz

Over the decades, Pakistani politics have become an ever more complex game. So it is hardly surprising that talking politics is something of a national pastime, the closest we have come to, perhaps, achieving a shared national obsession. What is surprising, however, is that political discourse is largely missing from the entertainment media. Continue reading

No change in police culture

By Arshad Dogar

 The Investigation Wing of Lahore police is using ‘conservative’ methods of interrogating ‘criminals’ despite the government’s tall claims of reforming the department.

 A weekly review of the performance of Investigation Wing of Lahore Police reveals that it has absolutely failed to provide relief to robbery victims. In a rare example, however, police recovered booty and arrested dacoits within one month. Majority of cases are pending with the investigation police for many years and victims had become tired of paying ‘fees’ to investigation officers (IOs) which sometimes exceed the victim’s actual losses. Continue reading