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Funny slogans on cars becoming common in Lahore

Funny slogans on cars becoming common in Lahore

* Cars’ back screens also being used to spread agenda, preach to people * PU Centre for Clinical Psychology director says such youngsters are neglected and seek fame

By Ali Usman

LAHORE: Youngsters in the city seem to be in a race to impress others through the writings on the rear screens of their cars, as most cars in the city have some message on them for others.

The witty, and sometimes smutty, statements on the rear screens of cars are often written to catch people’s attention. Some youngsters also write quotations, and even names of their beloved ones, especially their girlfriends. Continue reading

Divorces in Lahore

A newspaper says that wealthy women (alas) have happier married lives

* Clinical psychologist says people in affluent localities try to keep their social status intact by not making their disputes public
* Advocate Surayya Farzand says if a dispute starts in a less privileged family, the husband usually beats wife and forces her to leave home

By Rana Tanveer

LAHORE: It seems that women in posh localities are happy with their marital life, because a less number of women from these areas go to courts to get divorce, compared to women from less privileged areas, reveals courts data available a survey conducted by Daily Times.

The survey, which was completed after analysing 300 cases out of 12,000, pending before family courts of the city, revealed that 7.8 percent women of Gulberg, DHA and Model Town (Gulberg 3 percent, DHA 2.2 percent and Model Town 2.6 percent) moved the courts.

These cases are about suits for dissolution of marriage, maintenance, repayment of conjugal rights, and suit for recovery of dowry.

The survey revealed that Bund Road alone has eight percent women who moved the courts to resolve their family disputes. About 32.7 percent women of less privileged areas have moved the courts to resolve their divorce disputes.

7.1 percent women in Cantonment demanded marital rights through courts from their former husbands, the study reveals. The Cantonment includes Saddar, Burki, and Manawan. Continue reading