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Kinnaird College Lahore imposes ban on jeans after threats

Raza Rumi

Lahore’s premier institution for women’s higher education is also under threat. What a shame that a college that has always been a symbol of modernity, enlightenment and culture is now facing the perils of growing extremism in the city. How sad – but we need to resist this. It is understandable that the college authorities want to safeguard the security of students  but the civil society and the secular parties must not accept this nonsense. The state has to do what it is mandated under the Constitution. The news report below sums it all:

The Kinnaird College (KC) administration has banned the students from wearing jeans or other tight dresses in the wake of possible terrorist threats. The college has imposed a strict dress code that only allows students to wear Eastern dresses such as shalwar qameez or loose trousers. Dupatas have been made mandatory. Continue reading