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Lahore’s love for renowned poet

Faiz was not just a phase
The poet, who died in 1984, remains well loved in the city he made his home for

By Kamila Hyat’s story for The Gulf News

Lahore: A celebration of what would have been the 99th birthday of poet Faiz Ahmad
Faiz is on in Lahore, with a series of art exhibitions, poetry recitations and more.
The poet, who died in 1984, remains well loved in the city he made his home for

A museum set up in a private house as ‘Faiz Ghar’ (the house of Faiz) pays tribute to the
poet while his verses remain a feature in many school text-books. Continue reading

Faiz Ghar activities

Schedule for Faiz Ghar activities.

April /May/June 2009.

Urdu Baithak/Sing along sessions

‘Story hour’ for children 5 years and above.

Time: Every Sunday from 5.00 to 6.00 pm

Storytellers: conducted alternatively by Mr. Shoaib Hashmi, Dr. Arfa Syeda, Mr. Naveed Riaz, Mrs. Salima Hashmi, Mrs. Moneeza Hashmi and others

This will be followed by a sing along session with Ms. Zara David on keyboard.

Fees: No registration or fees. Come one, come all. Continue reading

Lahore celebrates Faiz Amman Mela

Over 2,000 throng Faiz Amman Mela

LAHORE: Faiz Amman Mela was held at an open-air theatre in the Jinnah Garden on Saturday amidst the bustle of more than 2,000 people.

Faiz Amman Mela was a joint effort of more than 40 civil society organisations led by the Labour Education Foundation under the Faiz Amman Mela Committee.

The event began with a two-hour Mushaira, which was presided over by poet Zafar Iqbal. The Mushaira participants not only read out their own poetry, but a few also read out excerpts from Faiz’s collection. Aslam Gordaspuri, Comrade Shafiq, Dr Khalid Javed Jan, Abdul Sahir, Razi Haider were among the prominent poets invited to the occasion. The Mushaira was followed by a musical event in which singers sang Faiz’s poetry. Continue reading