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Graffiti art: A new wave in Lahore

Lahore has now been painted in an amusing mix of colour. Mehreen Kasana speaks to Mudassar Zia, the man behind graffiti wall paintings in Lahore

Graffiti is labeled as one of the most outspoken and ‘spunky’ forms of contemporary art. It has been a catalyst for social reform, national unity and freedom of speech. Graffiti is now part of our very own city: Lahore.

The walls in Gulberg have never looked better and funkier, and the credit goes to Mudassar Zia and his team of student volunteers at The Message Welfare Trust. Mudassar took inspiration from the art project initiated by Mustafa Kamal at the Indus Valley School of Architecture in Karachi. The project entitled ‘I Own Karachi’ was a competition held among students for the purpose of constructive art. “You must have seen anti-chalking messages on the walls in Lahore,” Mudassar told iWrite. “But we thought that there could be a better, more aesthetically pleasant way of decorating walls. Thereafter, we started painting the walls in Gulberg.” Continue reading

Do not write on the wall

Mosque, in old Baghbanpura near the Shalimar Gardens

Mosque, in old Baghbanpura near the Shalimar Gardens