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Punjab Entertainment Company dissolved

Mohammad Ali Jinnah once said (on the 11th of July 1947 to a session of the Constituent Assembly of the yet-to-be-formed Pakistan) that the first duty of a State was to protect the life and liberty of its citizens – the classic Magisterial role of the State.

Somehow, the previous Punjab Government of Pervaiz Elahi got it into its head that, having solved all of the Punjab’s other problems, the second duty of a State was to provide entertainment – the classic diversion employed by Roman Caesars and others to distract the population from important matters.  Thus the Punjab Entertainment Company was formed and an IMAX cinema planned for the well-to-do on Lahore’s M.M. Alam Road.

Now, about 1.4 billion wasted Rupees later, the Punjab Government of Shahbaz Sharif has seen the light and have decided to shelve the project.

IMAX theatre project shelved

Staff Report

LAHORE: The Punjab Entertainment Company (PEC) has been dissolved following Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s directives on Saturday night.

Director General Public Relation (DGPR) Mohyuddin Wani has been given the additional charge of the company to monitor its wrap-up process.

According to the sources, several politicians and bureaucrats have reportedly benefited from the PEC’s IMAX project, which is worth Rs 1,411.271 million. The officers were drawing hefty salaries and enjoying perks without doing any work, they added Continue reading

IMAX theatre’s basement to become research library

LAHORE: The Punjab government has decided to set up a research library in the basement of the under-construction IMAX Theatre on MM Alam Road, Special Assistant to the Chief Minister Pervaiz Rasheed said on Wednesday. Addressing a press briefing at the CM’s Secretariat, Rasheed said that the government would also replace the plan to establish a commercial plaza on the premises with a park. He said that the government would form an inquiry committee to find out the alleged financial irregularities that the outgoing Punjab government had made in the project. He said the outgoing Punjab government reserved the basement of the building for car parking, and wanted to establish a commercial plaza in the open space in front of the building. He said that the government was not abandoning the project because millions of rupees had been spent on it. “The government does not want to waste that huge amount. Alterations will be made in the wider interest of the public,” he added. Rasheed alleged that huge financial irregularities had also been made in the project, which would be unveiled by the inquiry committee. He said that action under the law would be taken against the people responsible. Highlighting the financial irregularities made in the IMAX Theatre project, he said that a cash payment on paper of Rs 150 million had been made to the IMAX company to purchase theatre equipment. “The payment was not made through a Letter of Credit (LC), and the company had sent several notices to clear the amount,” he said. He said that the Punjab Entertainment Company had been registered as a private company, instead of a government company, to run the project. He said that some top secretaries of the Punjab government were made directors of that company. staff report

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