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Noise levels driving Lahoris crazy

* Environmentalist says noise pollution one of primary causes of hearing loss and cardiac disorders

By Abdul Manan (Daily Times)

LAHORE: Noise pollution in the city is on the rise with most residents complaining that the noise is becoming a public nuisance.

Dr Khursheed Ahmad, Department of Environmental Engineering head at the National College of Business Administration and Economics said: “Noise pollution is one of the main causes of hearing loss, cardiac disorders, epileptic seizures, emotional problems and restlessness.”

He said cars and other vehicles were a main cause of the noise. He said the total number of registered vehicles in the city had increased from 45,000 (1976) to 1.5 million in 2008. “Main residential areas such as the Defence Housing Authority, Johar Town, Township, Gulberg, Askari Flats, Faisal Town, and WAPDA Town have noise levels that exceed the National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQSs),” he said.

On August 29, 1993, he said, the Environment and Urban Affairs Division, through a notification, had enforced NEQSs at 85 decibels (dB). He said a recent survey had revealed that residential areas have NEQS levels higher than the permissible levels. He said, “People exposed to 85 decibels for 50 years or more can suffer a permanent hearing loss.” Continue reading

Lahore won’t run dry for next 125 years

City won’t run dry for next 125 years, claims hydrologist (Daily Times Report By Abdul Manan)

The city will not face water shortage for the next 125 years, as there are ample underground alluvial sands consisting of aquifer material, a hydrologist told Daily Times on Monday.

He said that there would be water even if it did not rain and River Ravi and the Canal dried up.

According to government sources, the Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) and housing societies had installed around 450 tube wells in the city, which operated for an average duration of 16 to 18 hours a day. The depth of these tube wells varied from 150 metres to 180 metres. The water’s abstraction from the city’s underground aquifer was around 1.45 million cubic metres a day.

Lahoris: Punjab University Hydrology Programme Co-ordinator Professor Iftikhar Ahmad said ground water was the only source of water for the city, and that the ground had enough water for the next 125 years. He said Lahoris need not worry about predictions that the city was drying up. Continue reading

10th anniversary of nuclear tests: Lahoris bewildered by re-installation of missile replicas

 By Rana Kashif

LAHORE: Many Lahoris on Wednesday expressed concern over the installation of missile replicas in the city.

“Though nuclear capability is essential for the country’s safety, some other issues need more attention than missiles,” they said. They said the country was capable enough to thwart any foreign aggression, but the major issues were education, health and economic stability. Yousaf Salahuddin, a prominent socialite, said, “To have nuclear capability is good, but the government should focus on graver issues. The people need to have bread, education, health and easy access to justice.”

He said celebrating Yaum-e-Takbeer and installing missile replicas was not bad, but these replicas should be removed after the celebrations. Muhammad Aftab, a resident of Gulberg, said, “It is surprising to see that we have again started installing missile replicas, which were earlier removed. We feel proud that we are a nuclear power, but we have nothing to do with bombs and missiles. We need bread, education, and health.” Continue reading

Lahoris dominate the Punjab cabinet

By Faizan Bangash writing in the NEWS

LAHORE has become the city with largest representation in the Punjab cabinet as four out of total 14 ministers who took oath on Tuesday belong to the provincial metropolis.

The cabinet members from Lahore include Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor, Farooq Yousaf Ghurki, Mian Mujtaba Shuja ur Rehman and Kamran Michael.

Besides, the Deputy Speaker Punjab Assembly Rana Mashood also hails from Lahore. Lahore is also likely to wear the crown of Punjab after PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif becomes its chief minister of the province after being elected in the bye-polls.

Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor, who has been given the portfolio of Prisons, is the most experienced parliamentarian of PML-N from Lahore in the present cabinet who has reached the Punjab Assembly for the third time. Continue reading

Lahoris — spendthrifts of electricity

By Hasan Ali

LAHORE: People in the city are consuming electricity irrespective of the power crisis that has hit the country for a year now. Extra lights on high-rise buildings and restaurants are still lit up.

WAPDA has asked consumers to use energy-savers and switch off unnecessary lights, but a large number of people pay no attention to the authority’s outcry. The authority has, however, also failed to raise awareness on the home appliances, called ‘vampires’, that consume electricity even on standby mode.

‘Vampire’ concept: Electric home appliances that feature timers, clocks, memory and remote on and off switches consume power like ‘vampires’. Vampire power, also called standby power, phantom load, or leaking electricity, refers to the electric power consumed by electronic appliances while they are switched off or in a standby mode. A very common ‘electricity vampire’ is a power adapter which has no power-off switch. While this consumption of power may be used to provide useful functions to users in appliances such as remote controls and digital clocks, most of the power consumed by non-operational devices is considered wasted. CNN quoted a study in October 2007 which revealed that about 5 percent of electricity in the US is consumed by electronic gadgets that run in standby mode. No such study has, however, been conducted in Pakistan yet. Continue reading