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CALL FOR ENTRIES – Living Lahore

Vasda Lahore

(“Living Lahore“)

An exhibition dedicated to living city of Lahore, aimed at exploring, expressing, inventing and unfolding the spirit and form of the city. The city is not merely a static, spatial, functional, geographical place but a breathing, moving, pulsating being, teeming with stories and songs, resilient resistance,imagination, wisdom, magic and myth. It is a rich layered site of our shared living. The project is purposed at creating urban knowledge; initiating active interaction with and dialogue about the city and its future.

The exhibition will include photographs, audio recordings and poetry about the city. We look forward to developing a thorough, interesting, comprehensive collection with your contributions. A panel of designers and artists will select and arrange the final exhibition in collaboration with the contributors. A blog of the exhibition process and final selections will be available on the web.We invite all interested individuals to send us their digital submission before 30 September 2008 to info@lahorechitrkar.com or personally to the address listed below.

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