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Posted by Nizam-un-Nisa Ayeda Naqvi on November 12, 2009

Not too far from where I live, in Lahore, Pakistan, is a little shrine. It is not the mausoleum of a famous poet or a Sufi saint, but the resting place of two star-crossed lovers who were denied the sanctity of marriage by their society almost five hundred years ago.

And yet this tomb is treated with the same reverence and etiquette as the shrines of any of the great mystics that dot the landscape here. In fact, if the visitors’ emotions are anything to go by, this shrine seems to have unparalleled power, for on any given day, devotees can be seen sitting in corners of the marble mausoleum, sobbing softly as they contemplate the tragic story of the beautiful Heer and the devastated Ranjha. Continue reading

I will miss warmth, generosity of Lahore’s people: Hunt

* Outgoing American Consulate principal officer says visits to madrassas and orphanages etched in his memory

* Says consulate’s faculty members have imparted valuable services to Punjab University

LAHORE: Outgoing American Consulate Principal Officer Bryan D Hunt has said he was mesmerised by the grandeur of the historic city of Lahore and will miss the warmth, generosity and loving spirit of the people of Lahore Continue reading

Lahoris love to celebrate romantic events

Artist and educator Salima Hashmi on Valentine’s day:

LAHORE: Known artist and former National College of Arts principal Salima Hashmi said the day’s activities had proven that people wanted to celebrate romantic events like Valentine’s Day, as it is inherent in human nature. She said Punjabis, and especially Lahoris, were fun loving and open-minded people, who were famous for colourful celebrations of festivals throughout history. She said people had been aware about Valentine’s Day even during her college days, but the love existed in the form of love letters and other means at the time. Daily Times staff report