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Attack of the Clichéd byline

Benjamin Franklin once wrote that were only two universal constants: Death & Taxes. In Pakistan, once can safely add a third: the clichéd byline. Ever summer, for instance, you can bet your last Rupee someone will write an article on mangoes called “King of Fruit” in which Ghalib’s famed love of the tasty produce will be mentioned. Another other clichéd byline also comes every summer as a caption to a photograph showing children/women/men/birds drinking water. The caption will read: “Beating the Heat.” Classic.

I now introduce you to the third cliched byline. This one makes its annual appearance every March and is a reference to the unsolicited advice given to one J. Caesar just before some Roman Senators decided to make Swiss Cheese out of him. The award goes to Ikram Sehgal for, wait for it,

“Beware of the ides of March.”