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The famed Purani Anarkali


A classic painting of Purani Anarkali, Lahore

A classic painting of
Purani Anarkali, Lahore

Merchant collection nets £653,000, necklace at £55,200

Oct. 8: Indian-born producer-director Ismail Merchant’s personal art collection sold for £653,000 at an auction by Christie’s in London.

The highest price was paid for the painting by Hungarian artist August Theodor Schoefft, entitled The Thugs of India halt at the shrine of Ganesh, which was sold for £91,250 to a private British collector. The unusually large painting was estimated to sell for £70,000-100,000. Continue reading

‘Lahore — My Love’

‘Lahore — My Love’

* Farida Batool’s hard-hitting socio-political commentary on display at Rohtas 2

Daily Times Staff Report

LAHORE: Farida Batool’s Lahore – My Love opened at Rohtas 2 on Wednesday.
The work marks a strong political and social note dealing with the current situation prevailing in the country. The artist has expressed herself through clear images and elaborate names. A painting, titled Qaum, Mulk, Sultanat (Nation, country, empire), has a satirical tone. The painting portrays a building on The Mall burnt during the February 2006 protests. The painting comments on how mobs destroy the country’s assets.

Another painting, Thandi Sarak, comments on the large number of protests the country had witnessed last year. Thandi Sarak (The Mall) was the favourite rendezvous of the protestors. Continue reading

Iqbal Hussain – Lahore’s controversial artist

Iqbal Hussain from Lahore is one of the finest painters we have. Most of his paintings depict women from the Heera Mandi (literally the diamond market)- or the centuries old red-light district. I found the above image on the Internet today. The news-item referred to Iqbal’s advocacy through his powerful art works:

..Others, who have emerged as spokespersons for the women of Heera Mandi, including leading artist Iqbal Hussain, whose own mother was a sex worker, emphasise their “lack of empowerment, exploitation and helplessness”.

His works convey all of these emotions and bring to life extraordinary characters who are often neglected or spurned by the hypocritical culture of Pakistan.

Endnote from here:

Being termed a controversial painter in Pakistan, Iqbal’s subjects sometimes tend to shock “puritan painters”, but Iqbal follows his own visions and continues to paint his unconventional and radically innovative paintings. He enjoys a great reputation as an artist in the international art world. His paintings have been requested by Jordanian Princess Wijdan Ali for the Jordanian Gallery of Fine Arts. His were the only ones selected for Unesco Headquarters Prize in 1995, Paris. In 1998, one of his paintings was auctioned at the Sotheby’s Auction House in London.

More on Iqbal Hussain here