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Lahore circa 1933, II

By Raza Rumi:
I am grateful to Naeem Ahsan Jamil for sending more old pictures of Lahore from his private collection.

Photo 1:

Kim's Gun, The Mall Lahore

Photo 2

An aerial view of Lahore Airport with the GOC House.

Lahore in 1933 – an aerial view

These original aerial photographs of old Lahore or the Inner City were shot in 1933. Zahra Mahmoodah has generously contributed them from a recently acquired album for Lahore Nama.

We invite the readers to identify the landmarks and buildings that are captured in the above photograph. Lahore remains the most beautiful city and in the 1930s it was surely a splendour!

Moving Journeys: An Exhibition of Photographs of the Colonial Punjab

Photographs of the Punjab taken by London’s Royal Geographical Society
(RGS) members during the late 19th and early 20th centuries form the
core of the exhibition. The RGS images provide a glimpse of the Punjab
province through the ages, capturing the changes brought on by
different empires and the impact of internal and external migration.
To help interpret the pictures, the exhibition also makes use of
travelogues collected and written by RGS members during the colonial
period. Continue reading

Strange things I’ve seen in the city

I was driving down the Mall the other day when something caught my eye that nearly caused an accident.  Yes, that’s right, I caught a dead horse being driven down the Mall.  Living in Lahore, you see just about everything.

I’m starting a blog series here on the strange things I’ve seen in the city.  If you have any strange experiences, write them in the comments section or, if you have photos, email them to me and I’ll see if we can’t get them posted.  But to kick things off, here’s a dead horse, lying upside down in the midst of rigor mortis, being driven down Lahore’s Mall Road.

Strange things I've seen

Strange things I