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Minar-i-Pakistan, Lahore

DSC06840, originally uploaded by Ane Malik.

This is a brilliant capture but Ane Malik – the Minar looks rather mysterious and attractive. In her words:

Minar-e-Pakistan…Home to the homeless..on a muggy morning in Lahore,homeless and wayfarers are seen taking a respite away from thenhustle & bustle of thickest part the city,which is awake all throughout the night and even in the early hour of the morning..
Minar-e-Pakistan,an emblem of National Unity and solidarity,an icon which stands tall to remind us of the past hardships our Leaders faced to fight freedom for a Nation,who seem like forgetting fast,the meaning of National Unity & Solidarity.
Under the plaque where Pakistan Resolution is carved from the past,these homeless and rural lot seem uninterested to pay any homage to a Landmark,which makes us a Nation today..simply to remind us the purpose it was built for…They seem unaware and apathetic,because the Rulers are so apathetic of their plight and the Jihad they have to embark on everyday of their lives..