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Treading carefully in Lahore

Puppets at Mr Peerzada's show

M Ilyas Khan of BBC News writes on Lahore’s famous puppet shows are among arts programmes hit by militancy

They are laying the scene for the weekend party at an outhouse across the back lawns of a sprawling villa in the Gulberg locality of Lahore, Pakistan’s cultural capital.

But the hosts are increasingly nervous.

“These days you have to be very careful about who to invite and who to pass over, because the word goes around and there are people who don’t like such get-togethers,” says one of the hosts, requesting not to be named.

Lahore’s party scene has been unlike any other in Pakistan, bringing together aspiring artists, their potential promoters, business magnates, media dons, bureaucrats and politicians.

But the growing influence of armed religious groups now threatens the late night revelries of the city’s whisky-drinking professionals and topless dancers. Continue reading