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Lahore and Movies..

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Lahore is an epicenter of movies in Pakistan. All movies have pretty much the same story and are anatomically similar. The goal for the actresses is to shake their largest bone in circular motion. Villain is a large mouth, perfectly fit for shouting profanities, hero on the other hand is a sissy-boyish person who takes away the freedom of speech of the villain, often dances with his boy friends and moves his bottom in a linear manner i.e. forward and back, and side to side. He eventually wins the motherly affections and lives happily thereafter with a former heroine.

picture and text by Anwar

Lahore’s innovative transport and art

Photo Originally uploaded by Ane Malik

Ane Malik has a great eye for capturing the ordinary and not-so-ordinary glipmses of Lahore. Here a traditional donkey-cart, now disallowed on the main roads, is decorated with much love and meaning.

The names of Allah and the major saints of the subcontinent have been painted as good luck charms.

Lahore Nama will feature her photos on this space.
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Raza Rumi