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Public toilets are disappearing in Lahore

Unanswered call by  By Shahzada Irfan Ahmed

Public toilets are disappearing fast in densely populated city of Lahore

It was his fault but not big enough to be punished with a bullet shot in his leg. Yes it’s exactly what happened with Majid Abbas, 17, earlier this month. The poor boy had dared to answer the call of nature at the site of an under-construction plaza at Liberty Market. Majid, who later recorded his statement with the police, says a private security guard posted at the site asked him to get up and move away but he couldn’t as it was too late. “I couldn’t hold it back any further, but I didn’t know the guard will fire a shot at me.” He says it was only after a failed attempt to find a public toilet or such facility at some public place that he used the space as a last resort.

The ordeal which Majid went through (before the shooting incident took place), has been experienced by most of us many a time. It’s no secret how difficult, rather painful it becomes when you can’t find a place to relieve yourself. Had there been a nearby public toilet, even a paid one, Majid would have avoided coming in the line of fire. Continue reading