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Edhi comes across little Edhis in Lahore

LAHORE: A teenaged boy in school uniform gives Rs12 to Abdus Sattar Edhi at a camp near Masjid-i-Shuhada on The Mall and starts walking away.

‘I will go home on foot today because the money my mother gave me for fare is now with Edhi Sahib,’ said Zubair who is a Class-VIII student in a school near Regal Chowk.

‘This is not for the first time I am going home on foot. At least twice a week, I buy ice cream or Naan Chana with the money my mother gives me for fare. I saw Edhi Sahib and thought of my age-mates in Swat who are now homeless and decided to gift my ice cream to one of them,’ Zubair told this reporter near the high court intersection while refusing a ride to his house in Krishan Nagar on Thursday. Continue reading