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Apple Computers store launched in Lahore

Daily Times Report

LAHORE: US Ambassador to Pakistan Anne W Patterson on Friday termed the launch of Apple Computers in Lahore, a landmark of American investors’ confidence on Pakistan.

According to a press release, ambassador said, “The partnership between Apple and Raffles Systems, representing our two countries, will promote growth and prosperity in Pakistan”.

She hoped this partnership and others between American and Pakistani companies would keep growing.

Since 1977, Apple Computers has been a global market leader for personal computers, portable media players, cell phones, computer software and other electronic products. Apple’s popular consumer products have moved technology from the corporate world to the public.

“Information technology, especially in the personal computer sector, has grown phenomenally in Pakistan,” said the ambassador. “The combination of internationally competitive costs and high-speed connectivity make Pakistan an attractive destination for IT investment.”

More than 80 US firms currently operating in Pakistan, were employing more than 41,000 people directly and an additional one million indirectly. The US is Pakistan’s largest investor, with more than $900 million investment in fiscal year 2007.