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Lahore impressions by a Bahawalpur resident

An interesting article by a writer from Bahawalpur, another jewel of the Punjab province,  on his impressions of Lahore. A few excerpts ….

During my recent visit to this mega-city, I have collected some impressions. The first and foremost is that Lahore has expanded too much. It is such a large city that one cannot be sure where it begins and where it ends. It has so many facilities, but its problems are also gigantic.

The suburb of Lahore is as underdeveloped as many areas of Punjab. A little rain could make life miserable. It is what I had seen when I was returning to Bahawalpur. It was daytime and I could see a glimpse of the towns of my own region in the suburb of Lahore. The industrial units were surrounded by filth. Poverty was flourishing under the shadows of skyscrapers.

“Lahore has the potential to even grow more if it just takes care of itself. It should not expand further and contain itself to certain limits. It should also think about getting smart and slim, if possible,” I thought loudly when the bus was crossing over the Sutlej River. By that time night had fallen. There was some water in the river, but I cannot tell exactly whether it was polluted or clean.