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Officers describe deadly Pakistan attack

The assault on security force buildings in Lahore that left 27 people dead and more than 250 hurt was carried out by gunmen who fired at police before their explosives-laden van detonated.

By Alex Rodriguez

Reporting from Lahore, Pakistan — Officers guarding Pakistani police and intelligence agencies saw the gunmen jump out of the white van that had stopped at their gate. Continue reading

Lahore bids farewell to a hero who was fighting a war for Pakistan’s survival

Daily Times reports:

 Major Abid laid to rest

 * Lahore corps commander lays floral wreath on behalf of COAS

 LAHORE: Major Abid Majeed, who was martyred while fighting the Taliban in Nazarabad area of Matta tehsil, was laid to rest at the Army Ground, Shaudha Graveyard, with full military honours. The body of Major Abid reached Lahore on Tuesday. 

His family considered his martyrdom a sacrifice for the country and the will of God. They urged the people to support the army against anti-state elements in the ongoing operation in the country’s north. He was buried with full army protocol. Lahore Corps Commander Lieutenant General Ijaz Ahmed Bakhshi and other civil and military officers attended the funeral prayer. The corps commander laid a floral wreath on the grave on behalf of Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Kayani. Abid was supposed to celebrate his 34th birthday on May 25. Continue reading

Dancing in Lahore

‘Lahore is a city that has to fight for its cultural survival. The growing influence of the Taliban, although hundreds of kilometres to the north-west, has been mirrored by a more insidious, creeping attack on culture throughout the country. On Jan 2, the bullet-ridden body of Shabana Gul, a dancing girl, was dumped in the centre of Mingora, the north-western district of Swat’s main town.But the growing cultural conservatism has had more subtle reverberations.In December, Lahore’s High Court barred the graceful and elaborate dancing girls, who first developed in the Moghal courts 400 years ago, from performing in public, on the grounds that they were too sexually explicit.

Continue reading

Edhi comes across little Edhis in Lahore

LAHORE: A teenaged boy in school uniform gives Rs12 to Abdus Sattar Edhi at a camp near Masjid-i-Shuhada on The Mall and starts walking away.

‘I will go home on foot today because the money my mother gave me for fare is now with Edhi Sahib,’ said Zubair who is a Class-VIII student in a school near Regal Chowk.

‘This is not for the first time I am going home on foot. At least twice a week, I buy ice cream or Naan Chana with the money my mother gives me for fare. I saw Edhi Sahib and thought of my age-mates in Swat who are now homeless and decided to gift my ice cream to one of them,’ Zubair told this reporter near the high court intersection while refusing a ride to his house in Krishan Nagar on Thursday. Continue reading

Relief camps set up in Lahore for Swat affectees

LAHORE: Various political and trade organizations have set up relief camps in different parties of the provincial capital on Tuesday to collect aid for the displaced civilians of Swat.

Camps have been set up at Iqbal Town, Mall Road, Allama Iqbal Town, Johar Town and other parts of the city where organizers are appealing to the citizens to help the affected families of Swat. Continue reading

Lahori civil society speaks

Zinda dilaan-e-Lahore say no to Talibanisation, reports Raza Rumi

Never before have we citizens been traumatised with an uncertain future and the knocks of destruction at our door as is the case in the year 2009. The celebrated twenty first century has, if nothing else, blown the contradictions of Pakistani society and state right into our faces. One hundred and eighty million people cannot be spectators to the imperial great games and a callous state that gropes in the dark trying to locate the ‘enemy’ outside, instead of looking into its own crevices and cracks.

Not that Lahore has been a haven of peace in recent years – the inequities, the crime levels have been on the rise. However, March 2009 witnessed two Continue reading