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A new website continues the plagiarism saga at Lahore’s Punjab University

Now the dismissed Professor of PU has set up a website that despite its self-serving tone and poor taste, is worth visiting.

Thanks to Adnan Lodhi for introducing this sordid tale through his report:

LAHORE: A plagiarist, who was ‘forcibly’ retired from the Punjab University (PU) by the former governor, has launched a website to press his ‘fellow plagiarists’ – still working at the PU.

The plagiarist, Dr Mian Aftab, former PU Applied Psychology Department director, in the website (www.forgeriesinpu.150m.com) named PU teachers, PU Vice-Chancellor (VC) Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran, Prof Dr Najma Najam, Prof Dr Yasmeen Farooqi, Prof Dr Rukhsana Kausar and Prof Dr Shaukat Ali.

Mian Aftab said these teachers were involved in plagiarism. He said the website was meant to bring to light the ‘work’ of his fellow teachers. plagiarism

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