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  1. Dear you are lifting material from other source and claiming copyrights of a thing which is not acctualy not your. Isn’t amazing?

  2. To, Mr.Asif Ali Zardari (President of Pakistan)

    To, Mr.Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani (Prime Minister of Pakistan)

    To, Mr.Salman Taseer (Governor Punjab)

    To, Mr.Ishrat-ul-Ebad Khan (Governor Sindh)

    To, Mr.Syed Qaim Ali Shah (Chief Minister Sindh)

    To,Mr.Mian Mohammad Shahbaz Shareef (Chief Minister Punjab)

    To, Federal Minister Samina Ghurki (Member of National Assembly)

    To, Inspector General Sindh Police (IG Sindh Police Pakistan)

    To, Mr.Tariq Saleem,Inspector General (IG),Punjab Police Pakistan,

    To, Capital City Police Officer (CCPO Karachi-Pakistan)

    To, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi)

    To, Captain Jawad (SSP),Shareef Pura Town (Lahore-Pakistan)

    Muhammad Haroon Khalid Bhatti

    S/o Muhammad Khalid Humayun Bhatti

    R/o 2nd Floor LSA-13, St-9 Block 13/D-1,

    Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi-Pakistan. ……… Petitioner


    1.Abdul Majeed S/o Abdul Hameed

    R/o House # 20 Street # 10 Shareefpura

    Lahore Cantt, Lahore-Pakistan

    2. Rashid ul- Hasnain Asghar S/o Abdul Majeed

    R/o House # 20 Street # 10 Shareefpura

    Lahore Cantt, Lahore-Pakistan. ……… Respondents

    I Needed help of Mr. President of Pakistan, Prime Minister of Pakistan and Chief Justice of Pakistan regarding threat of muder from my In-laws side and My wife still stay at my in-laws home last 6 months

    It is most respectfully submitted on behalf of the Petitioner above named as under:-

    That on 18/11/2009, I the Petitioner above named have take his wife namely Mst. Ghazala Akhtar W/o Muhammad Haroon Khalid Bhatti, D/o Abdul Majeed, to her Parents House at Lahore for casual meeting and I Petitioner resides in my wife’s hose with my wife and her parents and other family members to visiting them for Three days, and the (Respondent No.1) send me / Petitioner by saying that , that yours parents are also in Lahore and they will go back Karachi after Three to Four Days and we will sent your wife them to Karachi.

    That I come back to Karachi because I am performing my duties at Karachi in a Private Firm, and my parents who are at that time in Lahore visit my wife’s house to take her with them to Karachi.

    That on 27/11/2009, at about 10:00 AM, My (Petitioner) Parents visited to his wife’s Parents house for taking her to Karachi, but on visiting the house the Parents and brother of my wife says that the Condition of Mst.Ghazala Akhtar is not well and we will sent to Karachi to his Husband’s house after some period. Those after that visit from the parents of Petitioner the Parents of Petitioner continuously visited to his wife’s parents house to take her with them but the parents of Mst.Ghazala Akhtar said to them every time that his condition is not well and we will send her by ourselves after completing her bad rest.

    That the Parents of Petitioner came back to Karachi at their residing premises on 07/12/2009, and on last day when the parents of the Petitioner visited the house Petitioner wife’s house parents they again said to the parents of petitioner that we would send her Karachi to his husband house.

    That the Petitioner called her Wife on 09/12/2009, the wife of the Petitioner said him that they are not sending me to Karachi to your house premises, and in this matter you go to the Police or take legal action against them for not sending me to your house.

    That after the conversation of the Petitioner to her wife, the petitioner several times make phone calls to know about his wife but on every call he get the answer that she is not well and we she cannot conversant with you in this condition .

    That the petitioner after several times make calls to her wife but all in vain, the petitioner talked to the brother, (Respondent No. 2), for his wife on 16/12/2009, at about 02:30 PM, And the Petitioner said to her wife’s brother that I am coming tomorrow to Lahore for taking her with me to Karachi, on which the Respondent No.2, & the brother of Petitioner’s wife clearly say on Telephone that if you will come to Lahore for taking her with you, I will kill both of you.

    That on dated 15/12/2009, the Petitioner had sent an application by fax to the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) at Police Station Shareefpura, Lahore, Pakistan, about the incident but no any answer of this letter forwarded to the Petitioner from the Police Officials or Department in the matter.

    That on dated 16/12/2009, the Petitioner also sent an application by fax to the Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Lahore, Pakistan, about the incident but no any answer of this letter forwarded to the Petitioner up till now from the Police Officials or Department in the matter.

    That after this Threat of killing from the Brother of Petitioner’s wife, the Parents and the Brother of the Petitioner’s Wife disappeared the Wife of the Petitioner namely Mst.Ghazala Akhtar.

    That the Father of the Petitioner’s Wife and Respondent No.1, came at Karachi in the Month of February 2010, and visited the Petitioner house and said that we would not sent our daughter to Karachi at the resident of his husband, but in one way if the Petitioner shifted to Lahore then I will send my daughter to the house of his husband in Lahore and he after that meeting went to Lahore.

    That the Father of the Petitioner and the Respondent No.1, Said the Petitioner at the time of meeting in the house of Petitioner that you also give me the amount of Rs.50, 00,000/-(Rupees Fifty Lac Only) which the Petitioner give her wife before the Court at the time of performing Court Marriage as a Surety on a Judicial Stamp as Surety Bond of Rs.50, 00,000/-(Rupees Fifty Lac Only) to her wife namely Mst. Ghazala Akhtar.

    That the Father of the Petitioner and Respondent No.!, gave threat that did not Know me, and I have relations with M.N.A & Federal Minister namely SAMINA GHURKI, and I am also Secret Advisor to the President of Pakistan, and you do nothing to me, and you have to pay the above mentioned Demand otherwise I will make your Murder.

    That the Petitioner on dated 22/03/2010, again talked to the Father of his Wife, Respondent No. 1, that I am filing a Case of Conjugal Rights before the Honorable Concerned Court of Law, against you, on which the Respondent No 1, answered that if you filed any Case or Application against us I will Kill you and your wife, and there is no any Legal proceeding and action will take place against me.

    That the wife of the Petitioner is Pregnant, and she will complete he pregnancy period about next Tow to Three Months.

    That the Petitioner is afraid that his and his wife’s and coming baby’s life is in serious danger from the Respondent No 1 & 2 and the Petitioner did not Know the condition of her wife for the last -Months.



    N.I.C # 42201-9689795-5

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