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Lahori jewellers create ‘world’s biggest ring’ for peace

‘Seven goldsmiths toiled for 577 days to create 50 x 57 inches ‘The Global Peace Ring’, weighing 74 kilograms,’ Amin Saleem said at a news conference at the Lahore Press Club. — Dawn



LAHORE: A group of Suha Bazaar goldsmiths on Wednesday claimed to have made the world’s biggest ring.

‘Seven goldsmiths toiled for 577 days to create 50 x 57 inches ‘The Global Peace Ring’, weighing 74 kilograms,’ Amin Saleem said at a news conference at the Lahore Press Club. Continue reading

Lahoris unite for peace in the country

* Concerned Citizens of Pakistan announces establishment of fund for IDPs
* SAFMA secretary general urges media to isolate, expose Taliban

By Ali Usman

LAHORE: Patriotic fervour was at fever pitch on Friday when citizens gathered at the Liberty Roundabout and Huzuri Bagh to pray for the promotion of peace in the region and lit candles for the country’s safety. Continue reading

Lahori civil society speaks

Zinda dilaan-e-Lahore say no to Talibanisation, reports Raza Rumi

Never before have we citizens been traumatised with an uncertain future and the knocks of destruction at our door as is the case in the year 2009. The celebrated twenty first century has, if nothing else, blown the contradictions of Pakistani society and state right into our faces. One hundred and eighty million people cannot be spectators to the imperial great games and a callous state that gropes in the dark trying to locate the ‘enemy’ outside, instead of looking into its own crevices and cracks.

Not that Lahore has been a haven of peace in recent years – the inequities, the crime levels have been on the rise. However, March 2009 witnessed two Continue reading

Join the peace rally on Saturday

Raza Rumi

Today it is Chaand Bibi – the unfortunate victim in Swat and tomorrow it could be civilisation itself or whatever remains of it in the rest of the country.

The citizens of Lahore and the numerous groups will get together tomorrow to protest on the Mall Road.

This is a chance for you to stand up and be counted against the forces of extremism and aggression who are hellbent on destroying our beloved city Lahore and the country. If we will not raise our voices then we are condemned to be victims of history.
Let us march on the Mall tomorrow, to counter darkness with peaceful protest with OUR STATE MUST FIGHT THE TERRORISTS


Saturday, April 4, 2009


4:00pm – 5:00pm


The High Court/GPO Chowk


Mall Road


Lahore, Pakistan

SAVE PAKISTAN! – Peace Rally in Lahore

Zinda dilaan-e-Lahore

Please join the peace rally
against terrorism

On: Saturday, April 4.
At: 4.30 pm.
At: Lahore High Court

Citizens of Lahore

From conflict to reconciliation

By Kuldip Nayar (Nation,Lahore)

A seminar took me to Lahore. The topic was: Rapprochement between India and Pakistan. Among the participants were scholars and retired diplomats from Germany and France. Their experience of striking friendship after hundreds of years of war was their input. They argued that certain members of the government elite had to undergo a personal “conversion.” Public opinion followed later.

With India and Pakistan, it is different. Bureaucrats who formulate and execute policy for a détente between the two countries are “mindset” and they are far from converted. The initiative has been by the people. Whatever progress has been made to lessen tension, it is because of them. They, too, have their eyes fixed on how France and Germany reached the equation. Continue reading