Rang Mahal School – old Lahore

Lahore Rang Mahal School, originally uploaded by PakPositive.

Rang Mahal School, in the Walled City of Lahore, which once used to be a missionary school.

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  1. Muhammad Javed Akbar

    i am living in london last 10 years and never been to pakistan since 2000, i studied in this school from 1978 to 1987 (primary to matric) i still remember some of teachers name like manhsa sahab, cheema sahab, emanual sahab and safder sahab (headmaster) if any body have contact with one of them please pass my mail address to them and also i want ot contact with mr.sardar he is use to work in school office, and very thanks for this picture to put on web i shown this to my children and they get print out and displayed in thier bed room here in uk, i miss my school with my childhood memories, thaks.

  2. hello my dear.

    • Rizwan Attique Malik

      Hi nasir . i am from the same school. I was a debator and stood second in Matric batch. 1983. Currently I am in Air Force.

    • saqib qayyum nizami

      hi im also old student of this school,i studied this from 1979 to 1988.i know mansha sahab urdu teacher ,cheema math teacher safdar sh headmaster was also science teacher before. i like my school very much . now im also running a high school in Lahore kaash ke wo din waapis a jaye.

  3. i studied in rang mahal mission school from 1948 to 1958. did matric in 1958. primary sec teachers were mrs walters, mrs das. matric teachers were sirs david able(math) kahan singh(drawing) i.c.mall, physics and chemistry shah din english, haji m taif gen knowledge, any old boy would like to recollect old memories , welcom col ijaz mirza (retd) lahore

    • I was at Mission high school form 1958-1968. Then undergrad from Government College and graduated from Punjab University as a Pharmacist. I am here in United States since 1977 practicing as a licensed pharmacist in New York while living in New Jersey. Every few years I visit back home but always a hectic trip and never got a chance to go to city. Saw the picture of the school that brought back the memories. Very well disciplined school at that time.Sardar Khan used to be Principal. Safdar sahib was our science teacher and Mr.Hasan for Math.Haji Taif( History), Elementary teachers were Mrs.Kailum, baji shamim etc. Mrs. Walter was principal at our time for the primary section. Still remember the morning prayer and national anthem, going to classes while the school band playing. Can’t forget Bhai Ameen’s canteen for some drinks and snacks. Good old days.

      Koi mujh ko lauta dey Bachpan ka saawan
      Wo kaghaz ki kashti wo barish ka paani.

      Just wanted to share. Best wishes. Iqbal

      • Iqbal saheb. Thanks for leaving the comment. How nice that lahorenama brought back all these memories.

      • Tariq Mahmood

        Dear Iqbal Sabuhi Sahib

        I am a Pharmacist graduated from Punjab University, Lahore and now practising in the UK. I did my Matric 1963-73 from the Rang Mahal Mission School. Apart from Haji Taif we share all other teachers you have named. I would name our Islamiyat teacher Master Aslam Sahib who was not only an excellent teacher but was a man of principle as well. Your comments have taken me down the memory lane and I can’t stop myself feeling like a little lad going to my ever loved Rang Mahal Mission School.

        Best wishes for all the readers and former students of Rang Mahal School.

      • Dr Tariq Mahmood Malik

        Dear Iqbal Subahi
        Assalam o alaikum, I did my matriculation at Mission High School in 1968. In addition to the mentioned teaching dignitaries of my ex school I remember my other beloved teachers like Manzoor Ilahi, Danial Mul, Daniel Able. I cannot forget my school pt teacher with stick in his hand having a specific nickname. Further chacha Taif having the repute of weighing the geography papers rather to check the written matter. ohoo! jane kahan gae woh din, the precious days. I studied at Government colleges, King Edward Medical college & Armed Forces Postgraduate medical institute. I served Pakistan Army, Aitchison college Lahore, Lahore general hospital & State Bank of Pakistan. Currently i am living in Defence Lahore & running my own clinic, free dispensary and school.
        I cannot forget nan chane of canteen’s Bhaia.

      • Dear Iqbal sahib.
        My name is Malcolm Dean and I was in 1968 cmetriculation class section C. I believe you were in my class S well. If you happen to have class photo I am in second row (standing) your mame as printed on the picture is Mahmood Iqbal and not as Iqbal subuhai. Please advise if this is correct. In any case it is still a price ledge to be in contact with some one who study at the same time as I was in Rang Mahal mission High school. I am in Canada since 1976 and am a entrepreneurs . Please look at our web sit and I am leaving my email if you like to contact me. I could share the class of 1968 ‘s picture with you if you do not have that. Have a wonderful day when you revive this comment . Malcolm Dean

      • Tariq Mahmood Malik

        Dear Malcolm Dean,
        I am Dr Tariq Mahmood Malik, done matriculation from Rang Mahal Mission High School ln 1968 during the era of Worthy Sardar Khan as Head Master. My English teacher was Worthy Manzoor Ilahi & math teacher was Worthy Daniel Abel. I can’t forget Worthy Chacha Taif & Worthy P.T. Teacher. I also remember our Worthy Bhaia Nan Chane Wala.
        Anyhow my dear those were the memorable days of our life. Today I am really very glad to find my batch mate of my beloved school. May Allah Bless you & your family.
        With Best Regards.

      • Nawaz Qureshi

        Hello: As I am retiring, kindly change my email to: nqnq2@hotmail.com Thanks Nawaz Qureshi, B.Sc., MBA VP of Engineering and Technology nqureshi@usbattery.com T: 951-371-8090 Fax: 951-371-4671 “By Love Serve One Another” usb logo-large

      • I m Major (R) Afroze Raza, I did my matric in 1959. Chacha Taif, Master Able,Sardar Khan, Kahang Singh, I C Mal, Master Naseer (urdu). We can’t find teachers of that caliber these day. God bless them.

        Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

    • Hello Ijaz my name is Asad Qayyum I went to rang mahal between 1956-1966 I would like to get in touch with students from that time are you in contact with anybody? Did you go to Govt college?

    • My name is Afroze Raza . I did my matrices in Mar 59. Now I am living in Karachi.

  4. i m live in rang mahal near sunahri masjid

  5. col.ijaz mirza

    my dear mr iqbal sabuhi, you are welcome to communicate me guledaudi@yahoo.com i am now settled in lahore. if you vist pakistan /lahore , it would be my pleasure to once again go to school………..? col. ijazmirza lahore pakistan

  6. It’s a small world after all and global communications, especially in this Internet age, have made it even smaller. A few decades ago, who would have thought that I would be in the U.S. communicating with Tariq Mahmood in U.K. and Col. Ijaz Sahib in Lahore and all this will be going on Raza Rumi’s blog? Isn’t it amazing? Young lad of the school Tariq couldn’t wait to respond right away. You mentioned about our Islamiat teacher master Aslam Sahib. How can I forget him? He is the one who introduced me to the debates and accompanied me to participate in debate competitions in different schools. Actually we adore our childhood and cherish our youth; that’s the reason we often refer to the things happened in past, our loving parents, teachers, elders, friends, and specially when you are far away from your country as you get older these memories become more precious and you wish you can get those moments back. You wonder how everyone is doing, sometimes even feel thirsty for the glimpse of those who are far away from this world. As someone said:

    Wo suratain na janey kis dais bastian hain
    Ab jin ke daikhney ko aankhain tarastian hain .

    Well wishes to you all,
    Iqbal Ashraf Sabuhi

  7. sorry for english iwas inthe school1960-1967 best athlet junior one time after new ali garh public school manga mendi and one and half year government college lahore .living sincs 30 year in france as chef in resto.i love my pakistan and my dear city of lahore.thanks for photo with very best wishse to all new and old students .kaleem

    • Hello Kaleem my name is Asad Qayyum I also went to rang mahal in the year before you and govt. college I would like to get in touch please reply whenever you can. I was also in athletics!

  8. I was a student of Rang Mahal Mission School, Lahore from 1942-1951. I passed my matriculation examination in 1951. I had seen Mr. K.L. Raliaram, the Principal of the school and then M.Irfan who was highly educated person, did his MS from USA
    Lived in Euening Hall, Anarkali.

    Master Kahan Singh, he was samuel Kahan Singh, Drawing teacheer,no comparison, he was the renowed drawin teached of the sub continent. We learned model dawing and sale dawing from him. Mr Hassan Rathore Math teacher, Mr. Sardar Masih, Math Teacheer, Haji Taif, Geography teacher, Mr. Naseer, Urdu Teacher and Mr. Shami, mR. iRSHAD pHYSICS tEACHEER.

    Mr. Harnam Das, Bible Teacheer and Mr. Mr.Shami Islamiat teacher. Mr. V.C. Mall and Mr. Rizvi were the English Language Teachers.

    I owe a gret to Mr. V.C.Mal who taught me english language and Mr. Irfanwho delivered a lecture on “River inspate” essay and flood and I still remember some of the scentences he used.

    It was a great school, there was no discrimination, we enjoyed and still remember our teachers.

    Mr. Idress who is now Doctor in London was our class fellow, Javed Hashmi late renamed Javed Mirza, Farrukh Saleem, Khursheed, Farooqw Butt were all my class fellows.

    Yamin ran thecafeteria, Icannot forget his channa and naan. Mr. Rehmat Masih taught us math in seventh grade, but he was a ppor teacher. Our female teachers were Rosie, Mrs. Das
    I passed my matriculation examination insecond division securing 499 marks missed my firsst division by a narrow margin. Mr. Ashraf was in Class C, helateer joined Pakistan Air Force.

    Mr. AhadMalik of Lahore was our seniors, may two or three years senior.

    It was one of the best schools in Lahore. I still remember my teachers for whom I will always pray.

    • Dear Sir
      I googled Samuel kahan Singh and could find only one result and it was yours. I did matric in 1971 and we read geometrical and technical drawing written by him. I just want to know more about him out of my love for him, how he looked like, how he used to talk, teach, laugh, punish,………,

  9. my dear mr shaukat ali chughtai, thanks for old memories. ara you located at lahore if so pl let me know thanks col ijaz lahore

  10. Dear Col. Ijaz.

    I live in New Chauburji Park, Lahore and currently I am in USA for few month in Denver, Colorado.
    It is my pleasure to know that you also studied in Rang Mahal Mission School. I really wished to talk to someone about old memories. I liked Mr. Kahan Singh, my drawing teacher Mr. Ghulam Nabi, drawing teacher. We learned so much from
    them. We all pray for hem theyweere devotional and dedicated teachers. When I come to Lahore, I definitely would like to meet you. Khuda afiz.

  11. I was at Rang Mahal school from 1960 till 1969. In the Primary section, my favourtie teacher was Shameem – a tall lady in her late 20’s. We all loved her. She had us doing stage dramas and dance for our school’s annual function. In the secondary section, Master Manzoor Elahi was my English teacher who was also our designated tutor for class 6C to 10C. I do remember all the teachers mentioned by brother Iqbal Sabuhi who was a year ahead of me. You must have listened to my speech on democracy that I delivered in English during one of our morning assemblies. In our class 10C, we had Pervaiz Butt (Deceased), Sohail (Retired Brigadier – my bitter rival in education), Ijaz Shafi (Engineer working in Lahore), Arif Sear and Nadeem – known as chacha batiga, Imtiaz Elahi and Arshad – bitter rivals, Shafiq who used to be a bully in lower classes but eventually we settled the score in our later years when we had all grown bigger than him, Javed Butt otherwise known as khagosh (Banker in Lahore), Waheed uraf Buller – he Mashaalla ownes and administer his own sugar and ghee mills, Jamshed Zafar – always helped me in locating different cities on the map, and my dear friend Mohammed Ali Mian who accompanied me to GCU lahore – he was the President of Lahore Chambers of Commerce during 2008 – 2009, currently an advisor to the Chief Minsiter Punjab and also owns a company called ‘Plasticon’. I must never forget Zubair Sadiqi, Arif Teeta and Zubair Alam. Zubair Alam started his career in films and I have been told that he appeared in many household TV dramas. You will now be wondering what happened to me. I graduated from GCU and went to England for further education. I graduated from the Victoria Univesity of Mancher in computation and decided to go into teaching Mathematic. I am currently teaching Mathematic at Challney High School For Girls in Luton, England.

  12. Rizwan Attique Malik

    Salam to every one. I am also an old student of this school. Idid my matric in 1983. Anybody there from my class or batch.


  13. Rizwan Attique Malik

    Among my moist respectable techer were Qari Abdul Rashid, MR Amjad, Mr Daniel and many more .

  14. I went to this school in the 60s and would love to get in touch with some of my classmates. My Urdu teacher was Mr, Dulaari. Mr Nawaz, with a heavy commanding voice used to walk the hallways. Mr Rizwi was also my teacher…just can’t remember which subject. Mr. V.C. Mal was my english teacher. M. Hasan Rathor was my Math teacher and also my distant uncle. Mr. Safdar taught me Physics, and so on. I am thankful to have found this site. What a blast from the past.

    • Nice to know so many from our school .

      • Dear Rizwan Sahib,
        Mr. Rizwi was the English teacher and have an professional enimity with V.C.Mall, being aso an English teacher. I graduated in 1964. And still looking for my class mates.
        May All s.w.t. bless you all with sound health and prosperity.
        Best Regards
        Naveed Ahmad
        Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

    • Master Rizwi was science teacher and his room was right next to our Principal Sardar .
      Little correction ,our Urdu teacher was Master Dalawari . Pleasant soothing memories .
      Master Hassan ( bodmas) famed .

  15. I also attended Mr. Daniel’s class and had his son Asaf George as my classmate. During one of the morning assemblies, I played keyboard (harmoniam) and sang Muhammad Rafi’s song “Jane Bahar Husn Tera Bemisaal Hae”. I hope some of you enjoyed the performance. To this day, I love to play keyboards and sing whatever there is to sing. I now own three synthesizers and other paraphernalia just for the fun of it. Many more memories are rushing back.

  16. Dear Friends…..All who were once students of Rang Mahal Mission School, I propose to have a Old Boys Get Together and pay tributes to all our teachers.
    I am currently in Lahore and would like to get your responses. We can have a get together and enjoy talking about our rosey past memories. Best regards.

  17. appreciate mr. shaukat chughtai proposal. would attend it. the get togather would involve some expenditure. would also like to contribute towards it also. thanks mr shaukat chughtai. col ijaz mirza lahore

  18. I would so love to attend but regret I would miss this opportunity for now. I have been living in the Washington DC area (USA) for over 40 years and have not travelled much to Lahore. Last time was over 10 years ago. So first, I would like to stay in touch with you all via electronic communication and hopefully hook up in person next time I visit Lahore. Secondly, if any of you happen to visit USA, please let me know. That may just be an opportunity to meet face to face. To briefly introduce myself, I am currently an IT manager in a bank. I am married and blessed with two daughters and a son. All my brother, sisters and parent live nearby. I do have extended family in Lahore and Rawalpindi/Islamabad area.

  19. Niaz A. Qureshi

    Asslam o Alaikum to all the ex students of Rang Mahal Mission High School LAHORE. I am proud to be a student of this school from 1952 to 1957. In 1957 I passed Matriculation securing only 499 marks and had a great Bull Shit from my class incharge , most honourable Master K.H.Rizwi {Maghfarat be upon him by Allah Subhana va Tala}. By going thru all the comments from old students one really gets touched by the emotions. All the years and in all my classes till Matric my roll number astonishingly remained 10. My most beloved teacher Mr. Rizwi used to call me O ,Thus Numbery. The love in that calling I cannot forget. The memories of Master Kahan Sing, Master Naseer{ always in sherwani}, Master Harnam Das, Master I.C.Mall. Master Abdullah, Master Shami, Master Haji Taif, PT Masters Yaqoob Khan & Nawaz, and Bhai Amins Canteen will always live with us . After my FSc I was selected in Engineering Deptt of P.I.A. Trained at PAF College Korangi Creek. I had wonderful career in PIA. And on super annuation I retired In 2001 at PIA Maint. Base. Rawalpindi as Maint.Manager. I’ll be looking forward for any of my class fellows to share memories of that golden era.

  20. Niaz A. Qureshi

    In continuation to my feeling written on March 31, 2011, I recall some of my class fellows, Mr. Saleem Butt, Mr. Sarwar Hussain (living otside Masti Gate) , Mr. Altaf ( A short fellow), Mr. Jalil (living infront of Havaily Mian Khan Mochi Gate). It will be a great delight to me if I come in contact with them .

  21. I just thought of putting the name of my school on googal search and i got through this site. I got excited and open the site. I read the article by Shaukat Ali Chughtai, tears came to my eyes because the names he mentioned were my teachers too. I passed my matric exam in 1959 from this school and what i m today is because of the base made there. No doubt the education standerd at that time was very high. The govt. did not take care of such a nice institution. So sad and SHAME. Major(R) Afroze Raza Karachi

  22. pleasedto read the comments of major afroze raza. request major afroze raza to let me know when he visits lahore next. would like to have a dinner togather at my residence and recollect blissful days. i did my matric in 1958 under the guidance of same teachers. lt col ijaz mirza retd. e mail guledaudi@yahoo.com

  23. Hi Col ijaz it is nice feeling to know u with two ref. 1: that u r from my school. 2: we r commerades in arm. After doing my matric i joined govt. college gulberg. In 1962 i joined PAF with 38 GDP. I could not graduate because of medical reason. PAF sent me to PMA and passed out with 35 course. In 1974 i did my staff course and resign from the army in1977. My email is afrozeraza@hotmail.com , Iwill make it a point to contact u once i m in Lahore

  24. Hi Col ijaz it is nice feeling to know u with two ref. 1: that u r from my school. 2: we r comrade in arm. After doing my matric i joined govt. college gulberg. In 1962 i joined PAF with 38 GDP. I could not graduate because of medical reason. PAF sent me to PMA and passed out with 35 course. In 1974 i did my staff course and resign from the army in1977. My email is afrozeraza@hotmail.com , I will make it a point to contact u once i m in Lahore

  25. Dear Col Ijaz, There was a classmate of yours by the name Baber Hayat , who was in the school from 1951 to 1958. His section in the school was A. I m trying hard to find him. May be someone after reading this contacts me.

    Best Regards
    Afroze Raza

  26. Major (R) Afroze Raza

    For all those who know me and send me emails, please note that my old email address has been hacked and emails are being circulated under my name requesting money . Please ignore such emails under my name. My new email address is : afrozeraza2011@hotmail.com.

    Maj(R) Afroze Raza

  27. Niaz A. Qureshi

    with reference to my note on April 8, 2011, I shall be obliged if someone could tell me whereabouts of Mr. Zia Rizwi son of Master K.H.Rizwi, our class incharge and English teacher. I had a mere knowledge that he was somewhere in the UN.

  28. shaukat ali chughtai

    Col. Ijaz and all other friends. I am shaukat ali chughtai student of Range Mahal Mission High School from 1942-1951. I worked for U.S. Government for thirty years. I am now visiting my sons in USA and would be back in Lahore by August 9. I would like and wish to have grND IFTAR PARTY for all those who were at Range Mahal Mission School. I would appreciate if you can organize it and I will be in touch with you as soon as I am back. My cell phone is 03004631862. Let us gear up for the moment. Thanks and Regards.

  29. My name is Tariq M. Butt . I attended Rang Mahal Mission High School from 1957-1967. I feel proud to be tought by the best school at that time. Mr. sirdar was a principal at that time,hajji Tahif was a history, Kahan Singh was a drawing , and Mel was a english teacher. Bahi Ameen a canteen owner was making wounderful chanay , can’t forget God bless all my respected teachers.I have a great memory for all my beloved friends. I moved in the USA 1974, residing at Virginia, blessed by three sons and one daughter. I end up a businessman having few business of wholesale food distributor and ATT cellophone stores which are running by my sons. I will be honored to hear from my classmates, what a small world.I visit Lahore once a year and go to see old Rang Mahal Mission High School.School is in very bad condition , Gov. should demolish it before some tragic happens.Please email mail me if you know about me.My Email address is washproco@msn.com and i will contact back . ALLAH HAFFIZ TO ALL MY COUNTRY MEN AND MY FRIENDS.

  30. Niaz A Qureshi.

    Attention Mr.Shaukat Ali Chughtai, One of your class fellows, Mr. Farakh Raza is a very close friend of mine . A few days back when I told him about this web site, he asked me to convey his regards to you.He also showed me the group photo in which Mr. M Irfan, Principal is sitting in the centre .At the moment Mr. Farakh is residing in Islamabad. I shall be obliged if this massage is acknowledged. .

  31. lt co.ijaz mirza retd

    for mr niaz a qureshi. pl do let me know when you visit lahore next time. i did matric from the school, in 1958. it would be pleasure meeting you. regards. lt co. ijaz mirza retd. lahore.

  32. to Col. Ijaz Mirza, I am really obliged that u responded to my note. I got a bit of emotional to get into contact with an old boy ( not a boy in real sense) of my mother institution. Allah Subhana va Taala may kindly bless you with all his Rewards. When I get a chance to visit Lahore, Insha Allah I’ll try to contact you. Wasslaam.

  33. I aacknowledge mr. Niaz A qURESHI’S response. I just came from USA
    and saw your message. Give my regards to Mr. Farrukh Raza, I wish I could meet him. He used to wear glasses. Give him my salam. Thanx.

  34. I shall be grateful if someone cud give some information about two of my class fellows. One Mr. Saleem Butt, large built wrestler type body.Last information about him with me was that he was a professor in Govt. College Lahore. Second one is Mr Syed Sarwar Hussain, He was Pro Vice Chancellor in Punjab University Lahore.

  35. I graduated from the Rang Mahal Mission High School in 1984. The names of the teachers I remember are Miss Victoria (grade 4), Mr. Abdur Rehman (grade 5), Mr. Cheema (grade 6), Mr. Amanual Daas (grade 7), Mr. Charles (grade 8) and Mr. Mushtaq (grade 9 & 10). The school was falling apart due to neglect when I left. I went on to complete my Bachelor and Masters in Engg. Seeing the picture of my school brought back some good memories. Some of my friends were Zahid, Sajjad, Yousuf, Shibli etc.

    • Nice to know you Shabaz , I graduated from the school in 1983 and joined Pakistan armed forces . I knew all these teachers u have mentioned . Nice to know u . I was a debater and was a student of MR Mushtaq , class in grades 9&10.

  36. The Mission is trying its best to restore the past glory of the Rang Mahal school, Unfortunately the Education department and Government of Punjab are not ready to return it back to the Mission, as the property is at a prime location, The standing Committee of Punjab Assembly on Education have approved our case , Supreme court of Pakistan gave verdict in our favor but yet the Punjab government is not taking action
    We have knocked so many doors, If any of you have some connections with Punjab Government, please join hands

  37. I am an Assistant Professor at the School of Management at Forman Christian College. I wrote a blog post on my personal blog about Rang Mahal and my experience at FC College. You can find the article here:


    You might find the article and some comments interesting. Do share your stories/ opinions there. Thanks

  38. Nasser Mahmood

    I am looking for book “Geometrical and Technical Drawing” by Samuel Kahan Singh. If any body has copy or can guide from where to get it; I’ll gighly appreciate that. Thanks.

  39. I use to say often that Internet is a wonder tool of these modern times (if used correctly).Today I was convinced more when while googling my alma maters name, I struck the lucky jackpot of this blog in Lahore Nama initiated by Mr. Raza Rumi (Allah SWT aap ko khush rakhe)
    I read all comments by ex- students with a profound nostalgic keenness. Specially the very well written comments of Iqbal Ashraf Sabuhi Sb touched me deeply. It’s simply amazing. Seeing such keen participation of persons like Col. Ijaz Mirza, Iqbal Sabuhi, Tariq Mahmood, Maj Afroze Raza and others, I propose that we join to form an association & name it such as “Rang Mahalians” if something like this does not exist already. We may have opportunities to share& cherish the memories of great times spent in Rang Mahal. Col Ijaz Sahib, you are located in Lahore and seemingly a good motivator, may please advise and comment. Other friends, pls make suggestions.
    About myself, I studied here from 1950 to 1960. Credit goes to the able and dedicated teachers of that time, like Master Hassan Rathore (Maths), Mall (Chemistry), K.H. Rizvi (Class Incharge + English), Samual Kahan Singh & Ghulam Nabi (Drawing), Haji Taif, etc that I won a scholarship, topped in matric and got easy admission on merit in Government College Lahore. When later I used to visit the school to meet my former teachers, I had a good feeling seeing my name written on the roster of matric toppers left side wall from main entrance. I don’t know whether it still exists. Havn’t visited school for many decades. I did my BSc Engg from UET and went to Germany where I lived for a number of years. Presently I am living in Islamabad as an engineering consultant, designing solar electric systems for homes & industries.
    God bless you and best wishes for all readers,
    Safdar Iqbal

  40. col retd ijaz mirza

    thanks. support your idea. however would request you to let me know through this site whenever you visit lahore please. col retd ijaz mirza lahore.

  41. shaukatali chughtai

    I will be i Lahore inshallah taallah by september and will contact you col. sahib. My best regards.

  42. Niaz A. Qureshi

    Mr. Safdar Iqbal
    It gave me great pleasure to go thru your detailed & emotional comments dated 28th june 2012. I passed my matric in 1957. My class incharge was also most honourable Mr. K.H.Rizwi. I have also been taught by the teachers you mentioned in you note like Mr. I.C.Mall, Mr. Kahan Sing, Mr. Haji Taif, Mr. Ghulam Nabi. I used to live in Mochi Gate. Now after retirement
    I have settled in Islamabad.

  43. Delighted on the kind response of Col retd Ijaz Mirza. Thanks, I will make it a point to meet you whenever I visit Lahore next. Lahore is my birth place & a beautiful city to live in.
    I read the comments of Niaz A. Qureshi Sb with pleasure. You left the school when I was in class 7(A), and you lived in Mochi Gate which is my birthplace & my grand father’s home in Koocha Teer Garan. Later in fifties, we shifted little away, i.e., Shahalam Market. All this area incl Chowk Nawab Sahib, Mochi Gate & Bagh, Dabbi bazaar, Kashmiri bazaar, etc are fresh in my memory like a video. It used to be a romantic area to roam around. Alas it has changed so much now and alas I don’t get much opportunities to visit these places in recent times. Well you are living in Islamabad now, my e-mail address is safdarik@gmail.com Do let me know when we can meet to your convenience and refresh & share those memories of golden era.
    Best wishes to all Rang Mahalians.

    • Dear Safdar Sahib/ Niaz A qureshi Sahib,
      After a very long time I have gone through the comments in the “Lahore Naama”. Other than the ever living memories of our great School, I was breathless for a second when I found out that you were living next to my Mohalla Kaman Garan. I was living next to Hakim Ain Dins Clinic. There was a Kebab shop in front of the Sheeda Pakorey wala, who used to sell the Green Tea after Maghreb. Acha Baraf Wala, who also used to bake BAKARKHANIS. In front of him used to sit the Cheeyan Choley Wala. Other than that we used to play cricket behind the Mochi Gate Police Choki. Have you ever experienced to take out the ball from The Ganda Naala, flowing in front of Shawan Di Haveli with their Tongas lined up along with the Ganda Naala’s wall? Who so ever’s hit went to the Naala, used to declared as OUT. What a time was that!
      I am sure you must have taken you breakfast with Sheeda Or Meedas Puri Halwa. Believe it or not, that taste still fresh in my mind. Sheeda shop was at the left side while entering Mochi Gate and after taking the left turn after few meters was Meedas Shop. Remember the decoration of their sweets variety on the occasion of both Eids?
      There are many things to share, if you find some to respond to this mail. I still live in Lahore in Johar Town. We know our Mohalla but might not know each other, since we left Mochi Gate early 70’s and joined my other relatives of RGA in Muslim Town.
      It will be a pleasure, if other Mochi Gateans Join the discussion. May Allah Bless you all.

  44. Niaz A. Qureshi

    To Mr. Safdar Iqbal,
    It gave me great pleasure to see you note dated 8/7/2012. The Mochi Gate area, both inside & outside has been changed to such an extent that one ca’nt even recognise it. Our’s School’s outlook is so shocking & unbearable.A few years back I had a chance to pass infront of our beloved mother institution.Tears in my eyes was the result.
    All the old shops in Mochi Gate Bazar( real name BAZAR SADA KARAN) have been demolished. Only Sheeda Pakoraiy Wala’s shop still exists. Jhoora Tandoor wala, Keemee Dhood wala, Jamaloo Naaee, Nabi Darzi all vanished with the time leaving only their memories with us. Due to illegal encroachments wailking through the Bazar is not possible now.
    My residence in Islamabad is in Sector G/10-2,

  45. I was studying in Rangmahal school from 1972 – 1983. I did my Metric in 1983. I did my Graduation from Govt College. Now I am teaching at Punjab University old campus Lahore.
    I remember my old days. Ms Shameem was our teacher in class 3. Mr Isace
    tought us in class 5. Mr Emanuel Khokhar, Mr Charles, Mr Mushtaq , I still remember all teachers. How can I forget Bhai Meen canteen’s Naan Chhole.
    Its very sad to see the building, Govt is not taking care of our school. One of the oldest school in city established in ( 1849 ) by Mr George Forman.
    After that he established F.C College ( Forman Christian College ) I salute to Mr George Forman.

    • I am Naeem Yaqoob. I studied from this school as well. I was remembering you few days back. Do you remember our farewell? I remember, you sang a song, Humain tumse pyar kitna yeh hum nahi jante… Our 7th class teacher’s name was Joseph. He had a heavy outlook. Ms. Gill was in-charge over class 1 and Ms. Victoria over class 4th. J.W Iqbal and Abdul Majid Shad were principals in our tenure. How can one forget Bhai Meen, Nayamat, and our all school fellows specifically Faisal Abid, Kamil Mehmood Butt, Shakeel, Iftikhar. They all live in my heart. The scenery of the historical building of my legendary alma-mater is still in-front of my eyes. I cannot explain my feelings after reading your passage incidentally.

  46. I was in 1984 batch with Mr. Safdar Class.
    if any of my class mate see this please email me on ijazmahmood@hotmail.com.
    specialy Mr. Safdar son MOON. Gulam Murtaza (we have learned bicycle together in rang mahal streets) and Imtiaz Khadham (his father had shop in shah alam market …i think towel shop) or any other class mate.
    hope one day i can find any of you 🙂

  47. Aoa,
    Loved to read many comments, infact these were unforgetable merories of all of us…
    I studies in this school from 1981 – 1992 and if i am not wrong Mr. Safdar Baig [MSB] was the Principle/HeadMaster of School at that time. Still remeber many Teachers especially Rai Sb., Hamid ul Hassan, Latif Sb., Rasheed Sb. Hard to see them again but i wish to meet because they were the real Mantors…

    Khurram Butt

  48. AOA,
    I am also student in rang mahal school from 1981 to 90. my class section was A, teachers names Miss. Barkat , Miss Gulshan, Sir Abbas, Sir Aizak, Sir Khokar, Sir Iqbal, Sir Charles, Sir Moosa Kaleem, Sir Noorani, Sir Rai sb, Sir Hameed-ul-Hassan, Sir Tauseef Safdar Baig. My class fellow Imtiaz Zaheer, Syed Shahid Ali, Farhan Jamil, Salman Munawwar etc. I remember my school days.


    Nasir Hussain

    • WS,
      My Schooling years were the same as of yours but name doesn’t ring bell 😦
      though teachers names from different years are familiar.
      Kashif Khan (aka) kashif muhammad yousaf

  49. My friend Mr, Irfan was styding in this school during 1968. He was living in wassan pura lahore. His father had shop in Rang Mahal. Pl let me know about his mobile no or location if some one knows him. Pl e-mail me.

  50. Asalamoalaikum I am a student of rang maha mission high school i passed my matric’s exam in 1972 my section was C i still remember MASTER SAFDAR MASTER ASLAM MASTER BASHIR MASTER ABLE MASTER GULAMNABI & with excuse MASTER KHOTI(P T ) some my class fellos,name i still remember ayube ,arshad , tariqyousaf , tariq , tariq(teddi) , arshad , sohailnazir ,tayab habibulla some friends like shafiq saddiqi afzal akhtarchugtai shoiballam we still see eachother if some of my class mate want tosee me iwilllove this

  51. My name Iqbal Masood. I was born in Lahore, and uses to live inside mochi darwaza. Now I live in Brampton, Canada. I got admission in this school in 1965 in KG. At that time this school used to be called Mission High School. It was a very prestigious institution. In 1966 I moved to Afzal Model School.

  52. Sheikh Akbar Hamid

    I am Akbar Hamid ,did my matric in 1962 from Rang Mahal mission high school . Our English teacher was Rizvi sahib,science teacher was I.C mall,Mr Nawaz was drill instructor ,great Hassan Rathore was math teacher.I remember our class fellow Ithakir, col Mir Tahir, Nasir younger brother of CJ Falak Sher.met Sheraz Manir after 35 years and we recognized each other immediately.I remained out of Lahore nd Pakistan for long long time, Any class fellow from that period can contact ,I can arrange a good get together Akbar

    • Fahad Khawaja,.

      Hi Sheikh Akbar,
      Hope you are doing well.
      My name is Fahad and i am son of Khawaja Khalid Aziz.
      My Father would like to have your contact details.
      my email address is kfkhalid@gmail.com

      Regards ,

      • Naveed Ahmed

        Dear All, I would love to be contacted by my class mates of 10th -B of Mr. Rizvi, passed the matriculation in 1964. Still remember some names like M/S Joji,Saqlain,Faheem, Amin Ud Din, Mirza of Mirza book store Mall Road Lahore. Also Haroon Rashid (Late) of Butt Jewellers with filmy name Aqeel was our class fellow, (May Allah Rest his Soul in Peace Aamin). Best Regards Eng.Naveed Ahmad Quality Assurance Manager Al Jeel Medical & Trading Co.Ltd. P.O.Box: 5012, Riyadh 11422 Saudi Arabia Tel:+966(1)4041717 Ext.252 Fax: +966(1)4044594 Cell:+966(0)503107129 P Please consider the environment before printing this E-Mail


  53. I graduated from Rang Mahal in 1994. My family had a kind of family relations with Headmaster Mr. Safdar. Before I joined the school he used to come to teach at our house to my elder brothers and sisters. I remember peon Mr. Inayat, our matric teachers were Mr. Hameed gul (Urdu) Mr. Rai (Maths) Mr. Mushtaq (Chemsitry) many others e.g. Bajwa saab, sufi saab, qamar saab, Randhawa saab etc.
    It is a pity that school still is in worst conditions just like others. Now by the grace of Allah I am an Economist and lives in Sweden. I would like to create a Facebook page of Rang Mahal School and would love to invite all alumni at that page.

  54. My Name is Naveed Ahmad
    I have passed my matriculation in 1964. Our Mathematics teacher was Mr. Mohammad Hassan Rathore, Mr. Rizvi our class & English teacher, I.C.Mall was our Chemistry teacher. As many names were mentioned By Mr. Shaukat Ali Chughtai above, including HajiTaif (Chacha Taif) Our Drawing Master Mr. K.L.Sing and Ghulam Nabi our Urdu Teachers Mr. Naseer Sahib & Mr. Shami Sahib, who was also reading news from the studio behind the main Stage. Any one can re confirm the name of our Head Master at that time? Bhai Ameen and his flying plates during recess.
    What a great people these happened to be in that institution.
    I avail this opportunity to invite my class mates, some names are given here under to please contact me I will love to see you all.
    Mr. JOJI (Always stood first in the class). Saqlain, living in Haveli Mian Khan, Mr. Iqbal (Supplier of shoe making items) Moeen Ud Din, who joined Army, Haroon Rashid(Late) who was son in law of Madam Noor Jehan and got a filmi name of Aqeel. His name is given as a clue to my other class mates.
    Any one else who finds this mail and happened to be my class fellow, please lets have a meeting with all old colleague. Find some other names.
    My e-mail is naveeda@elajougroup.com
    May Allah Bless you All.

  55. Kalim I. Rathore

    I attended the school between1955 and 1964. In 9th grade I moved to Muslim Model and then Central Model school and did my matric from Central model school. I totally agree with the fond memories of the school. I also remember our science teacher Malik Mohammad Hussain. His class was on left hand side of the stage with big science models in glass boxes and on the wall.
    I moved to USA in 1982.

  56. I have gone through all the comments of all of you, it is great honor and pleasure for me to be part of the Alumni of the Rang Mahal Mission High School, I have studied in this great historic school from 1984 to 1993. My first teacher was Mrs Zeerak, then Mrs. Shamim, (Tall Lady) in 4th Mrs. Joseph Scott, in 5th we were shifted from 2nd floor to ground floor, our room was t the left side when you enter in the school, very next to the canteen of Kaka g, Sir Isaac and Sir Hizkiel was our class teachers, then we went to 1st floor in 6th, Sir Qammar was our class teacher, in 7th Randhawa Sahib was our class teacher, in 8th Sir Shahzad and Randhawa Sahib, in 9th A, Mushtaq Masih Mushtaq (Chemistry) Zahoor Sahib, Cheema Sahib (English) Emmanuel khokhar Sahib (Urdu) Rai Sahib (Maths) Saeed Sahib (Islamyat and Pak Studies) our class was on the right side of the stage, its been almost 3 hours that I am reading all the comments and dates and while reading others stories I started from the time when my father left me in the school and I was crying, and then I started growing day by day, and then leaving school in 1993, so many memories, so many friends, so many stories, I saw myself playing with my friends in the break time, I saw my teachers punishing us, I saw my friends sitting with me eating nan pakore, Woow, Any of you know name of the Lady who sell eatables on the 2nd floor in the primary sections, we use to call her Amma Choran wali, she use to sell very tasty Choran packed in a small paper cone, we buy it for 25 paisas 🙂 My name is William Javaid my friends in 10th were Jamshaid Sheikh, Idrees, Mushair, Rashid Khan, Aslam, and many others. I am still living in Lahore near Pani Wala Talab and working as an Administrator in a Multinational in Lahore. School is not in a very good condition, almost destroyed, government is not taking care of the building at all, it is not just a building of bricks and cement, it has history of 164 years in it, it has helped millions of children to grow up and stand on their feet in these years, it deserve some honor and respect by the government, authorities should not let this prestigious institute shattered like this, I know that we all love our school but we can not work to save it because we are individuals, but if we could build a platform where we could meet or at least have our voice heard by the authorities so we can lift our demands for the reconstruction of the school and put it in the national heritage.
    My best regards to all of you, if someone wants to write to me please send me a mail at williamjaved@gmail.com I will soon be building a page on facebook for the Rang Mahal Mission High school and I invite you to join me, I would also request all of you to send me some pictures of the school, classrooms, ground or any old picture related to school, pictures of the teachers etc.
    Blessings to you all

  57. Salam ,

    Nice to see so many from our school. I second the suggestions made by our seniors to formulate old boys association and try to rebuild our school .We all owe to this school and must pay back . I graduated from the school in 1983 . Any one if appropriate can give me the whereabouts of Irfan Ali Meer .

    Rizwan Attique

  58. i think the scool was built in 1850, as i remember, there was a plate inside school wall.

  59. Does any one remember Walter Engles Head Master Rang Mahal Mission school in the yearc1944 or 45 or 46??

  60. Hi,
    I studied from 1969-1979 any one from that period?

    Farid iqbal

  61. M javed akbar

    Aslamu Alaikum to all its m. javed Akbar I studied from 1978 to 1987 if any body from that period please email me fjbj786@yahoo.co.uk and if anybody know mr.rashid mr. farukh jabar mr. nasir gill please contact me please I miss my friends here in uk.

  62. Was built in 1849.

  63. I was a student fro KG to metric, 1944 to 1955.
    Then on to FC College till 1958 when I came to USA. I now live in California.
    Reading you guys brings back fond memories of teachers, friends and the good times. My seat mates were Inam Ali (now a retired business man lives in London, and Nazir Chaudhary (now retired from Pak TV).
    If you want you can contact me to reminisce.

  64. I did not study at Mission High School , Rang Mahal. But I know the area as I have lived in Lahore, and had my schooling here. I live in USA but I visit my friends whenever I get a chance to visit Pakistan. We have a group of Ravians who studied there for our F.Sc. class ot 68. We all regularly arrange get togethers, and share memories of that golden period.

    I think it is great that the old students of Mission School , Rang Mahal are hooked up through Lahore nama. All the best.

    • glad having read your comments. i studied at enter to learn go forth to serve school from 1948 to 1958. would be pleased to meet you and some other old boys when ever you visit lahore. please keep us posted from col retd ijaz lahore

  65. Sir i am saeed aziz, I did not study at Mission High School Rang Mahal But i am living here in this Haveli which called Haveli Mian Khan and this Rang Mahal Building was the part of this Haveli. i am a Tourist guide and reserach is my hobby, i am writing articles on Histry in Daily waqt lahore jang group ‘s Magazine, i want to write on Rang Mahal school which was Men section, there is women section and third is keli khana. i got some imformation here but want to talk to any body who available in lahore or walled city. thanks to all.
    http://www.dailywaqt.com. this is my epaper available on net. i also available at face book walled city tourist guide saeed lahori.

  66. slibra_786@yahoo.com is saeed aziz ‘s email address

  67. Nauman Mushtaq Khokhar

    assalam o alaikum dear friends

    My Father Mushtaq ahmed late and my grandfather late Mian miraj din belongs to Kucha acharian ghumti bazar rang mehal old city lahore.
    there was a shop of my grandfather of cloths in ghumti bazar rang mehal.
    Hindu burned that at the time of partition. Mian miraj din was son of mian karim baksh and he was son of mian abdah and he was son of mian momin and he was son of mian shahabdin….actually it was a khokhar family form old time but muslim only single family in this kucha acharian… anybody have some knowledge please share with me.. I will be thankful to you.
    Truly yours
    Nauman Mushtaq

  68. Muhammad javed (shoiab)

    Aslamu Alaikum to all it javed (shoaib) I am old student of rang mahal school during the period 1978 to 1987 and desperate to find any one of my school friends especially, rashid, shahid butt, amir butt, farukh jabbar, nazir Rizvi, kaleem etc please contact with me at the moment I in UK for the last 17 years and never been to Pakistan after I left my my government job and came to UK to join my family.

  69. do you need a loan at 3% kindly contact us on citi0group@hotmail.com or +971 5226 15829. Thanks

  70. Taposh Kumar Ghosh

    My Great Great Grandfather HARI HEAR GHOSE was Headmaster of this school in 1860s for very long time as per our gemological register record.
    Will like to know if any photo is available in record, it will be great to have.
    Thanking you with regards

  71. I did my matric in the session of 1959-60.
    I still remember the roof garden of my school. Years back I once visited my old school and really wept by seeing the pathetic condition of the building.
    My classmates were Air Chief Marshal Mussaf Ali Mir (Shaheed), who was also my muhledar. Also late Jahangir Baddar (PPP)
    Does anyone remember late Dr. Ifran (principal) his wife was also heading the missionary girls school. Dr. Irfan committed suicide by felling himself from the hostel building at Nila Gumband.

    Naveed Shahid
    Phone 0300-4175096

  72. I am A froze Raza living in Defense Karachi. Did my matriculation in1959.Any one from the school living in Defense Karachi please contact me . My phone no 03002269779.

  73. This is real nice to read comments of all ex-Rang Mahal Mission School students. I was there from 1972-1982. Did my Beacholer’s from F.C College in in 1986. Went to U.S in 1995 and came back in 1999. Currently working with Punjab Masstransit Authority’s project (Speedo Bus) as Senior Manager Operations. Though my home used to be near our school but now I live bit far and for the last 04 years officially assigned out of Lahore. Flash backs of previous life specially school days is an asset of life. May all of you live long and be in touch the way you are. My class mates i.e. Zafar, Waseem, Shahid, Ghulam shabir, Kamran, Mohtisam and all those whome names I could not remember may contact me. This is really a heart touching feeling to remind good old days of studency.

    Once again wish all of you to live long and stay blessed.

    Shahbaz Ali
    0335 2445577

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