Rafay Alam (author)

Rafay Alam who is a practising advocate of the High Court and holds an interest in urban planning and environmental law. Rafay also maintains a blog here. Rafay has been actively advocating environmental and development issues, particularly concerning Lahore. He writes a regular column on urban issues in The News. He was also a member of the “Lahore Bachao Tehreek” (movement to save Lahore). Rafay teaches law at LUMS and is the author of several research papers.

Halima Khan (author)

Halima Khan is a research associate at Pielle Vision, an international social development consultant group. Moreover Halima is a freelance writing and editing professional. She writes for many leading publications while also being associated with respected online journals. As an academic she is currently working on the translation anthology of an early 19th century manuscript compilation on Islamic epic stories.

14 responses to “Contributors

  1. I’d like to updated about this site! I am also interested in Lahore-related information, history, culture and everything about Lahore. Me and some of friends from LUMS and other universities are starting a magazine on Lahore soon, and would like LahoreNama team to help us in!

    • Hey Maheen, its great that you guys are taking this initiative. I am an alumni from LUMS and have been working on the history of Lahore for the past couple of years. I am regular contributor to a number of local newspapers and Lahorenama. I would be more than glad to help you out with this project. Please email to me at:

  2. in response to mahreen hassan,me mohsin a photographer and an avid lover of lahore,have taken and gathered numerous photographs pertaining to lahore.and would be helpful if u wish.

    • Hey Mohsin. I am doing a project on minorities in Lahore, for which I need old pictures of Lahore, primarily pre-Partition, pertinent to Hindus, their lifestyles, festivals, temples. However, if there is anything that you have relevant to old Lahore pictures kindly let me know.

  3. Hey Haroon,its nice to know that u r doing project on minorities,unfortunately your desired pics r not available.plz let know soon your project completes.

  4. Sorry for responding late! I just checked these comments and wasn’t notified of these before.
    Haroon: What a coincidence 🙂 my sub-editor has already talked to you today I suppose? I will send you an email too Inshallah today.
    Mohsin: Can you give me your email address? Also, let me know if you’ve uploaded your pictures anywhere – Flick or Facebook. We need a photographer and you might be helpful! Or you can drop an email at

  5. And Maheen if you need a graphic designer, I can help you out with that.
    This is my email adress if u are interested.

    Madeeha Hassan
    GC University, Lahore!/madeehahassan

  6. Really a nice effort, I am Lahori and developing a website about Pakistan. I am trying to make it unique by taking the visitor back in 90s or 80s or even much before. Please help me out with articles and photographs.

    I shall be thankful to you all.

    Imran Qaisar

  7. surjit ghai .

    I am trying to get current or old photos of Sikh Historical buildings or Gurdwaras in Pakistan . Please send me al you can or advise what will be the best way to get the same without travelling to each .
    Any help is appreciated .
    Surjit Ghai .

  8. sh. mohsin jawaid

    hi surjeet,first of all, the main problem would be the the permission from the concerned gurdwaras.if you can manage to handle that issue then i am here to take the photographs being a professional

  9. how about publishing investigative reporting about crooked lawyers and liars both (L L Bs) of LawWhore?

  10. Hey,
    I’d like to updated about this site, I am lahori and i am also interested in Lahore history, culture and historical palce in lahore

  11. Hello, I am looking for anyone who can help me find a house on Fane Road, formerly owned by the Bevan Petman family. Unfortunately I do not have a number for it, however, they were a prominent family of Lahore, and someone perhaps, may know of it? Any input welcome.

  12. Imran Abdullah Dar

    I am really grateful for team of “Lahore Nama” to keeping Lahore alive. I am a Lahori guy and very passionate about walled city. I was used to live in Sherenwala Gate had to left few years ago but can’t forget it every. Currently, I have been working in Pearl Continental Lahore.

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