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Lahore, the ancient, magnificent city is a wonder of sorts. It has braved the vicissitudes of history, the upheavals of pre-historic and modern times and above all it continues to shine despite the negligence of its current residents and administrators.

This blog will post stories of Lahore – its past, present and visions for its future in the vain hope that there are some who will read and think and then act…

Raza Rumi (founder, editor)

Raza Rumi is a writer based in Lahore, Pakistan. He regularly writes for the Pakistani weekly The Friday Times, The News and Daily DAWN on myriad topics such as history, arts, literature and society. Raza blogs at Jahane Rumi – a website devoted to Sufi thought, the arts, literature, and cultures of South Asia. Raza also edits cyber-magazines Pak Tea House & Lahore Nama; and compiles the Development Industry blog . He is also a self-taught painter and his works can be seen at the online Saatchi Gallery. Check him out on flickr too. Raza’s interests include writing, literature, world civilizations and cultures, travel, painting and mysticism. Academically, he is trained in economics, social development, law and public administration.

‘Raza Rumi’ is a nome de plume used as a writer/journalist. The author, Raza Ahmad, has worked in Pakistan and abroad in various organizations including multilateral institutions such as the United Nations. His day job comprises working as a policy adviser and development practitioner. As a policy expert, Raza works with international development institutions, government agencies and leading Pakistani NGOs. He is an adviser to an Asia Pacific governance network and also on the editorial board of Journal of Administration and Governance; and contributes to various publications in Pakistan and abroad.

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  1. oh raza, oh raza, i envy your unflagging commitment to the blogosphere. where DO you find the time — or have you bought time through an interest-free, 360-day, revolving l/c type thingy?


    keep up the fine work.
    it reminds those of us too lazy to do (i.e. me) that all are not like us (i.e. me) (in case you missed the first clarification).

  2. It’s really unbelievable, Raza, how do you manage to be so prolific, and maintain the high quality of work? Maybe you can start another blog to write on this theme… (just kiddin’ 🙂

    I have quite an attachment to Lahore myself, even though I have never been there.

  3. Wow, you just keep producing gems. Pak Tea House, this, and your own blog. Fantastic. I will selfishly exhort you to keep it up.

  4. Hey…luv your blog……are you an Aitchisonian ???

  5. Yes I am an Aitchisonian
    And you?

  6. Ahan…me too
    I am current studying in h1.
    What about you?

  7. Haur koi kum nahi reh gia janab…jus kidding…i luvd it…im happy now to know about the city i admired so much when i went there to study in early nineties…your blog will help me recall the joyful moments i had in Lahore.

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  9. huzoor is besh qimti site par badi kaar aamad maaloomaat maujood hai, lekin kai chizoN k baare meN tajassus bana rehta hai. is ki tashaffi k liye kis se rabita kiya jaa sakta hai. lahore k baare meN khusoosi jankari rakhne waloN k e-mail id mil jaayen to mujhe bahut aasaani ho jaayegi.
    ummid hai khairiat hogi.

  10. Very well described.I know another book named “Lahore nama” written by Santosh kumar who is the only working journlist who was born and brought up in Lahore and came to India after partition in 1947. He went to Pakistan for the first time in 1980 and then three more visits till 1999. On his story was the skit is played”JISNE LAHORE NAHI DEKHA WOH JAMMIA HI NAHI” AND “KISSA JAG MAI DA.” Where Raza Rumi gives us a three dimensional view of Lahore Mr.Santosh Kumar takes us through the fourth dimension thats the spirit of Lahore.
    Its so true when its said that you may take me out of my country but cannot take the country out of me.

  11. Surjit Sngh Lamba

    Dear Janab Raza Rumi Saheb,

    Aslaam Alaikum!

    I am grateful to you for having fed my photo and visit of Lahore in April 2008 in computer in ‘LAHORE NAMA’ where I was invited to participate in a function relating to Allama Iqbal’s death anniversary on 21.4.2008 in Al-Hamra Hall, Lahore, where I had delivered my speech on ‘Iqbal’s Love for the Holy Prophet of Islam’ (PBUH) This function was presided over by Dr. Javid Iqbal Saheb and attended, among ohers, by Babar Awan Saheb, Saa’d Rafeeq Saheb, Mujeed Nizami Saheb and other eminent personalities. The distinguished audience greeted my speech with repeated applause and praised my book ‘Quran-e-Natiq’ written by me on the life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) which was distributed free to the audience and residents of Pakistan.

    With my best wishes for all success – Surjit Lamba


    oh Raza jan…….. how u spare time for so tiring and fatigue-base blog…social , psycho-social work for us??????…………… You are great. I mean it Raza !!!!

  13. Thats very nice. Thank you for offering another choice of my interests. I would like to visit it frequently and share experiences and thoughts.

  14. Prof Dr Shah Murad

    it is very good site for information and entertainment.
    contact me if you can on cell # 0314-2243415

  15. Hello Raza ji
    today i read an article written by u in the sunday edition of Hindustan times in India …must say the article was very informative and well written …congrats…

    also i would make a request to u to subscribe to my blog if u feel u have liked it in the past . the link is http//:www.rashmitalwar.blogspot.com

    Rashmi Talwar
    Mobile:- +91-98141-09211

  16. Dear Raza ji

    I am preparing a new blog called Saanjh-Amritsar-Lahore and would like you to be the Prime Administrator for the lahore side of stories. Also would like some other writers from Lahore willing to contribute , forming a wide spectrum of write ups on the beautiful city of lahore Their impression about India or report on their travels to India would also be welcome as well as their outporings or grievances against India on a wide range of issues. The blog would be primarily devoted to bringing out matters of our common ,shared history, culture and heritage —of matters rare and outrageous (lol) , Past and present day lifestyles besides likes and dislikes . Would you accept my most humble invitation to OUR blog ….

    • I am deliriously fulgurated to go through the above message of Ms.Rashmi Takwar about her proposed blog titled Sanjh-Amritsar-Lahore. In the prevailing ambience of political situation with Aman-Ki-Aasha, this endeavour will be welcomed by all literary scholars and intellectuals. Well if I am not much late in this mission, I will be pleased to contribute my bit in its projection. I am a writer/translator from English-Urdu and Punjabi and vice versa. I have recently retired as a Director of a well reputed company of Pakistan and have exclusively devoted myself in creative activities. Rana M, S. Aarpan, Pakistan

    • Well I am fulgurated to go through above message and will be pleased if I could contribute in this proposed (or already accomplished blog) i.e. Sanjh-Amritsar-Lahore. It is need of the hour to further the ongoing efforts to foster Aman Ki Aasha between India and Pakistan. Please do interact with me if you may like. I am a humble writer and contribute in English, Urdu and Punjabi as well as editing some mags of these languages too. My all kudos to R.Talwar ji. Rana M. S. Aarpan.

  17. Sure. this is a great idea. Lahore Nama will collaborate in this effort.

  18. Thank You ..for accepting …feel honored .

  19. Raza;
    You have done a great job. Wonderful.

  20. Good yar, at last a good site to spend time with. Being a Sociologist and researcher i am finding very usefull material about the Culture and Society of Lahore. Will try to contribute in it later. Keep it up !

  21. In model town there is a group using name of Muslim Leauge N involve in frod of property op plots . is shabaz sharif will take action against them ???????

  22. There is scheme Called Gulshan Mustaffa in it there is property agent but in mazabi labada ..
    caught innocent peoples .who has found in frod with more than 20 innocent people .
    Plz beare from him .. I can give u full evidence and proof about it … please beware

  23. My name is abida parveen i leave in sargoha city
    my four brothher and one sister my father is poor and privat job we are all brother and sister countinous study you are help me and my family
    because i am disabled and my two brother disabled please help

  24. LOVE LAHORE….well never been there but it is one of the places in pakistan that i wish to visit…well the other being the town of jaranwaala and village chak 58 GB ..my grandparents used to live there before partition..

  25. Abdul Wakil Farooqi

    Dear Mr. Rumi

    Please forward my following request to the higher authorities for consideration. I shall be gratefull to you.

    Respected Sir,

    It is stated that some years before when any person purchased house or plot in any LDA scheme, registered with district Registrar and a registry document signed and paid fee in the office of district registrar and purchaser submitted this registry to the LDA and transfer his plot or house on the basis of registry with out any transfer fees.After that LDA take over the registration process and collect fees from the transfree and transfer the plot/house himself. I think its good thing for the both buyer and seller.
    But I would like to your kind notice that those peoples who bought their houses/plots and have registry but did not transfer their houses/plots in LDA before the taking over this transfer process by the LDA, are in very trouble. when they goes to the LDA authorities they told them that you should pay Rs. 40,000/- transfer fees for transfer of your 10 marla houses/plots and also pay 10,000/- for Newspaper add.

    Sir, I request you that these expenditures may please be eliminated and allow the persons who purchased thier houses/plots in the era of Registrar or before taking over the transfer process by the LDA,

    A. Wakil Farooqi

  26. I just have to say how much I have enjoyed my stays in Lahore over the years. I think the people are Pakistan greatest asset ,I have never seen so many talented people.

  27. mr.raza!u r gr8


  29. Abdul Wakil Farooqi

    Dear All

    I would like to know that whether Prize bonds are allowed in Islam or not. Please share your views.

  30. Dear Janab Rumi Saheb,

    A study of paper here confirmed your arrival in New Delhi some time back and your participation in a function relating to the release of a book written by Sa’adia Delhvi. Rreally, although I missed your personal meeting, a glance through your photograpahs of the function published in HT gave me profound pleasure. If I had the pleasure of meeting you here, I would have taken pride to present to you personally a copy of my each book – Nazre Khusro (on Amir Khusro) and Quraan-e-Natiq, i.e. the Speaking Quraan written by me on the life of the Holy Prophet of Islam (Peace be upon him).
    Noor-e-Khuda woh aayaa key imaan aa gyaa
    Insaaniyat ko naaz hai insaan aa gyaa
    Baaleedgi-e-rooh kaa samaan aa gya
    Aur khudd moohnn sey boltaa huaa Quraan aa gyaa.
    Mt Salaams ad best wishes – Surjit Lamba

  31. I spent 19 yrs of My life in Karachi but I never seen loving, caring,live-hearted life spending people of Lahore.
    In Karachi most people are selfish,cheater,bussiest,etc,etc, I can’t explain demerits of metropolitan city KARACHI.
    I am here at lahore since last 3 years and I am happy. I mean it

    shahmurad65@gmail.com, shahmurad74@yahoo.com
    Cell +923142243415

  32. Your blog is really nice. Lahore was the headquarter of Indian film industry in the olden days… The gems given by Lahore to entire world but to united India more specifically Pran, Mohammed Rafi, Sahir ji and many more…Many actors , directors and writers came to Bombay from Lahore and carried with them the influence of Punjabi language. may God bless both countries with intelligence, compassion and prosperity…..

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  34. it’s lovely to stumble upon a blog which is about my beloved, city, Lahore. there are lots of blogs out there about Pakistan, but difficult to come across one dedicated to Lahore. i look forward to reading your posts. best wishes, shayma

  35. Dear ,
    I hope that you are fine and doing well. My Name is Tehseen Awan and i belong to Awan tribe. decendents of Hazrat Abbas s/o of Ali Ibn Abi Talib

    Awan tribe is spread across Pakistan and Azad Jammu Kasmir. When Sultan Mahmoud Ghaznavi (997-1037 C.E.), the patron of Firdusi, after his 16th unsuccessful attempt to capture Sumnat, Edward Gibbon recounts the story with lucid details in Chapter 57 of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Some Fifty thousand of hindu worshippers protected and guarded that Temple with their life (splendor of belief!). In each attack he was unsuccessful. Then he brought in Qutb Shah (father of Awan tribe) on his next attack and sought his advice and help. Qutb Shah assessed the temple and whereabouts (remember a heavily guarded!) and advised Mahmoud that as soon as he brings down the Idol of Sumnat, command all in the army to attack the Hindu defenders whose faith would be weakened by the Idol’s fall. And so he did and the Mahmud captured the city.

    After this expedition Qutb Shah stayed in Kalah Bagh for few years and that is where Awan tribe spread across the IndoPak continent. He spread teachings of Islam. One of the Sufi saint Sultan Bahu (ra) was from Awan tribe. His shrine is Jhang.

    yes, Awan belong to family of Hazrat Ali(a.w.s). Hazrat Ali married a woman named Ume-ul-baneen(means mother of sons) , Hazrat Ali had 4 sons from um-ul baneen, four of them were martyred in kerbala. They were in troop of Hazrat Hussain(a.w.s). Awan are basically family of Hazrat Abbass( son of Ali from um-ul-baneen). hazrat Abbass was also called “Qamr-e-bani hashim” becoz he was very smart and brave. Um-ul baneen belonged to Bani hashim tribe. hazrat Abbass called him self as slave of Hazrat Imam Hussan and hazrat Imam Hussain.

    I am also awan , even today in my family, many people has atleast 3 sons and maximum 6 sons, this is from um-ul baneen, she also had 6 sons ( 4 her own childern and 2 Hazrat Fatima’s childern). Um-ul baneen gave love to Hazrat hassan and Hussain more then her own childern. All were martyred in Kerbala by yazeedi soldiers. after their death she requested people not to call her um-ul baneen anymore.

    Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi invaded in Indo Pak sub continent through the Afghanistan gateway 17 times. Awan also helped them to spread islam as Awans belonged to great islamic soldiers ( Hazrat Abbass s/o hazrat Ali ). They came upto peshawar and then proceeded to Attock and Mahansera.

    Abdul Mutlib was one of the descendent of Nazar bin Kanana. You had 13 sons
    namely Faras, Abu Lahub, Jamul, Maqoom, Duneer, Khizar, Hamza, Abbas, Abu
    Talib, Ubdad, Qusam, Abdul-ul-Kaaba & Hazrat Abdullah. Muhammad (p.b.u.h)
    the son of Hazrat Abdullah and his followers are called ‘Mohammedans’
    or ‘Muslims’. Hazrat Ali was the son of Hazrat Abu Talib. Hazrat Hassan &
    Hussain were the sons of Hazrat Ali. Their descendents are the ‘Sayyed’
    or ‘Sadaat’. His third child was Hazrat Abbas whose race is known as ‘Awan’
    presently living in the continent Asia. Other 15 children of Hazrat Abbas gave
    rise to Arabs.
    Hazrat Abbas Introduction:

    Hazrat Abbas was the son of Hazrat Ali ibne Abi Talib. His mother’s name was Fatima Binte Hazam bin Khalid Ibn-e-Rabi’e Ibn-e-Amer Kalbi. She was also known as ‘Ummul Baneen’. She belonged to the clan of Banu Kilah, which was one the noblest families amongst the Hashimites and famous for the bravery and valour of its warriors.

    Some years after the martyrdom of Fatema Zehra (S.A.), Imam Ali (A.S.) asked his brother Aqil to offer the marriage proposal to a woman from a brave progeny. Being so knowledgeable in this regard, Aqil wooed Fatima Binte Hazam (Ummul Baneen) for Imam and they got married.

    Fatima Binte Hazam was an accomplished and cultured lady, and bore Hazrat Ali’s four sons, Abbas, Abdulla, Ja’far and Usman. The meaning of ‘Ummul Baneen’ is ‘Mother of Sons’. All of her sons were martyred along with Imam Hussain in Kerbala (Iraq) in 61AH. After their martyrdom, she requested people not to call her ‘Ummul Baneen’ ever again.

    The day she entered the household of Hazrat Ali, she made it very plain to Imam Hasan and Imam Hussain that she considered herself their slave, and she hoped and prayed that they would accept her as one. Her respect and affection for there was soon reciprocated by the two brothers, and even after her children were born, Imam Hasan and Imam Hussain occupied a foremost place in her heart.

    Fatima Binte Hazam had such sincerity toward the Holy Prophet’s progeny that she loved Imam Hussain (A.S.) more than her own children. A feeling which was from the bottom of her heart. It was to the extent that when she received the news stating the martyrdom of her four children, she said: “Tell me about Hussain (A.S.)” and when she received the news of Imam Hussain (A.S.)’s martyrdom she said: “All of the arteries of my heart are torn. May all of my children and what ever that exists under this azure heaven be sacrificed for the sake of Imam Hussain (A.S.).

    One of the bravest of the Holy Prophet’s followers Ja’far Tayyar, the brother of Hazrat Ali. In the battle of Muta, Ja’far Tayyar carried the Banner of Islam and in that battle he was out-numbered by the enemies and killed. When the news reached the Holy Prophet he cried and prayed for Ja’far’s soul and the angel Gabriel came down and consoled (the Prophet), saying “Ja’far was a brave and loyal soldier. God has given him everlasting life, and in place of two arms which were cut off in the battle, the Lord has given him a pair of wings”.

    Hazrat Ali, who was sitting near the Holy Prophet at that time, said, “Please pray to God that I should die fighting for the cause of Islam and become a martyr.” But the Holy Prophet said, “0 Ali, your death has already been decreed. You shall die in the mosque during your prayers, but the Almighty will give you a son who will die in the battle on Ashoora day”. From that time Ali eagerly awaited the birth of that son.

    (This prophecy was made in the year 8 A.H. when Imam Hasan was 5 years old and Imam Hussain was 4.)

  36. Punjab Police History
    The system of policing in Mughal India was organized on the basis of land tenure. Zamindars were responsible for apprehending disturbers of the public peace and performing other policing duties. At the level of the village these functions were performed by the village headmen. In large towns administration of the police was entrusted to, functionaries called kotwals who discharged the combined duties of law enforcement, municipal administration and revenue collection. Patrol officers in the shape of village watchmen or patels in villages and peons, horse patrolmen and such other like men in the towns were present. Violent organized crime was usually dealt with by the military.

    The British administration relieved the zamindars of their responsibility for police service and introduced magistrates with daroghas and other subordinate officers for Police purposes. In Madras the system of daroghas was abolished by Madras Regulation XI of 1816 and the establishment of the tehsildars was employed without distinction in revenue and Police duties. A similar system was put in place in Bombay by Bombay Regulation XII of 1827. In Bengal the system of daroghas was not abolished due to the absence of the subordinate revenue establishment but their powers were curtailed in 1811 by taking away some of their powers of cognizance.

    In Bengal special control was introduced in 1808 by the appointment of a Superintendent or Inspector General for the divisions of Calcutta, Dacca and Murshidabad. In 1810 the system was extended to the divisions of Patna, Bareilly and Benares However with the appointment of Divisional Commissioners the office of the Superintendent was abolished..

    The next major change in the organization of police took place in Sindh where Sir Charles Napier drawing inspiration from the Irish constabulary developed a separate and self contained police organization for the province . The Sindh Model was put into effect in Bombay in 1853 and in 1859 in Madras.

    In Punjab, the Police was also organized on the pattern of Sindh but with two main branches, the Military Preventive Police and the Civil Detective Police. As this arrangement was not found to be satisfactory so in 1860 the Government of India urged the Government of Punjab to look into the system of policing then prevalent in the Province. However, as the issue was of general importance the central Government appointed a commission to enquire into whole question of policing in British India. The Police Commission of 1860 recommended the abolition of the Military Arm of the Police, the appointment of an Inspector General of Police in the Province and the placement of Police in a district under the District Superintendent. The Commission recommended that only the District Magistrate should exercise any Police functions. Based on the recommendations of the Commission the Government of India submitted a bill which was passed into law as Act V of 1861. The Police Act of 1861 was adopted by all the provinces except Bombay where a District Police Act was adopted in 1890. The Bombay District Police Act continued to remain in force in Sindh till the establishment of the one unit.

    The organizational design that followed the Act survives to this day. Police became a subject to be administered by the provinces that were divided into police jurisdictions corresponding with the districts and the divisions. The police were made exclusively responsible for prevention and detection of crime. In the maintenance of public order they were responsible to the District Magistrate.

    The Punjab Police Rules of 1934 documented the police practices as they stood at that time and introduced some new measures for improving administration and operational effectiveness of police. The content of the Rules reveals that the Punjab Police had grown into a thoroughly professional police organization by 1934 and possessed considerable knowledge of the crime and criminals in the province. It had developed effective procedures and practices for dealing with various kinds of criminal activity. The administrative and disciplinary functions were also elaborated. The Rules have served as the model for similar sets of rules in other provinces of Pakistan and are still in force today.

    The Punjab Police played a significant part in handling the refugee crisis of 1947-48. It continued as a separate organization till 1955 when it was merged with the police of other provinces to create the West Pakistan Police. There were several attempts to review and reform police organization and performance during the 1950s and 60s which however could not be implemented.

    The legal framework of the police under went a major change as a consequence of Devolution of Power Plan. The devolution of power plan called for the devolution of the authority of the Provincial Government to the Districts and the introduction of Public accountability of the police.

    In line with the devolution of Power Plan the office of the District Magistrate was abolished in 2001 and a system of Public Safety Commissions was introduced. These changes were incorporated into a new Police Law which was promulgated in 2002. Apart from Public Safety Commissions, the Police Order 2002 also provided for a professional Police Complaints Authority, increased powers for the Inspector General of Police and separation of the watch & ward and the Investigation functions of the Police.

    The question of policing has been the subject of much debate before and after independence and a number of commissions, committes were formed by various governments for the purpose. Some of the more important commissions and committes are as follows:

    Select Committee of 1832
    Police Commission of 1860
    Police Commission of 1902
    Lumsden Committe of 1926
    Police Commission of 1961 under Justice J.B.Constantine
    Pakistan Police Commission of 1969 under Major General A.O.Mitha
    Police Station Inquiry Committee of 1976 under M.A.K Chaudhry
    Police Reforms Committee of 1976 under Rafi Raza
    Police Committee of 1976 under Aslam Hayat
    Police Reforms Implementation Committee of 1990 under M.A.K Chaudhry
    Punjab Governemnt Committee of 2001 under Shahzad Hassan Pervaiz
    Focal Group on Police Reforms of 2000

  37. Early life
    Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif was born in Lahore on 25 December 1949.[2] He is the eldest son of a Kashmiri, named Mian Muhammad Sharif, a joint owner of the Ittefaq Group of Industries. His mother’s family was a prominent wrestler family in the Kashmir valley though it migrated to Punjab.. His father, Muhammad Sharif, was from a village in what is now the Indian state of Punjab called Jati Umra, near Amritsar also migrated from Kashmir. He migrated in 1947 to Pakistan, during the partition. Muhammad Sharif was a businessman and built the Ittefaq Group of Industries in Zia era.

    Nawaz Sharif was educated at St. Anthony’s High School. After graduating from Government College Lahore he obtained his Law Degree from the Punjab University. Following his education, he entered Punjab provincial politics, joining the Punjab advisory council. He became finance minister of Punjab in 1981 and also served as minister of sports. He was credited with increasing funding for sports activities and rural projects.

    Nawaz was a cricketer during his early life, and played a first class game in the 1973-74 season representing Pakistan Railways. He also played a side match against West Indies when he was prime minister.

    He married Kulsoom Nawaz, who is the grand-niece of the great wrestler Gama.

    Political life
    Nawaz Sharif started his political life when Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq was in power, as a provincial minister in the Punjab government of Ghulam Jilani Khan. After the 1985 election, he became Chief Minister of Punjab. Due to his abilities and mostly supervision (by military and civil) establishment, he filled the gap in Pakistani politics and proved one of the most popular political leader in the history of Pakistan.

  38. It was the worst-kept secret in the country: Prime Minister Gilani’s announcement that army chief Gen Kayani is to be granted an extension in service came as a surprise to no one.
    The only thing that could be termed a little surprising was the length of the extension. Gen Kayani has effectively been handed a second three-year term, instead of a shorter extension. At this point, with the army’s strategy in the fight against militancy not as transparent as could be hoped for, it is difficult to comment on what Gen Kayani’s extension will mean for the specifics of that war. However, while there should be no doubt that winning the war against the militants is essential to the survival of this country as we know it, Gen Kayani’s extension must not be seen only through that prism.

    Like it or not, the extension does not reflect well on the army as an institution. It is almost an article of faith that the Pakistan Army is the only viable, strong and vibrant institution in the country. Whatever Gen Kayani’s intimate familiarity with the present state of affairs and whatever his unique understanding of the situation, a strong institution should be able to withstand the retirement of one man, however experienced. A compelling example of institutional concerns coming before individuals was provided recently by the US, where the architect of the present American counter-insurgency strategy in Afghanistan was replaced. This in the middle of a war that is by all accounts going badly for the US. Here in Pakistan, the public is constantly told that the internal security situation has improved, that the TTP is on the back foot, that progress, while slow, is real and meaningful.

    If it seems difficult to reconcile the idea of a strong institution having depth in talent and leadership with the ‘indispensability’ of a single man, then that’s because it truly is. Step back from the specifics of the present case and consider this: why does the principle of a regular change in leadership of the army even exist? It is not simply to give another general a go at the top slot. Regular, scheduled changes in leadership are in fact meant to keep institutions vibrant and strong. That there are ‘special circumstances’ at the present time is not fully convincing either. Externally, the uncertainty in Afghanistan, the intransigence of India, the unpredictability of the Americans — all these circumstances have existed before, and the country has survived them. Internally, the fight against militancy is going to be a long, hard slog, the public is constantly told, with many years or perhaps even a decade and a half needed to see out the threat. How does a three-year extension affect that long-term course? Lest we forget, it was just a few years ago that another general believed in his indispensability and trampled over the constitution for a second time, and yet, here the country is still surviving, perhaps even better off since the dark days of Gen Musharraf’s drawn-out exit.

    Having said that, it is the decision of a democratically elected government to hand Gen Kayani his three-year extension. The public does not know yet, perhaps it never will, if the decision was a total capitulation or the result of a quid pro quo. Nevertheless, the government’s decision stands as a legal and effective one and should be accepted as such. Therefore, we wish Gen Kayani success in his second term and take this chance to remind him of the oath he has taken under the constitution. “I do solemnly swear that I will bear true faith and allegiance to Pakistan and uphold the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan which embodies the will of the people, that I will not engage myself in any political activities whatsoever and that I will honestly and faithfully serve Pakistan in the Pakistan Army as required by and under the law.”

  39. ISLAMABAD: Unparalleled in the country’s history, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani has given another full-three year term in office to the powerful army chief, saying it was essential that Gen Kayani stay on at such a crucial time in the war against terror.

    General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, who was due to retire on November 28, 2010, will now stay as the top commander of the army for another full term that will end on November 27, 2013. He will remain in uniform to say farewell to President Zardari whose term ends on September 2013 and Prime Minister Gilani whose tenure will last till March 2013.

    Gilani made the announcement of Kayani’s tenure extension in a brief televised address late on Thursday. He said the decision was taken in consultation with the president.

    “Owing to the ongoing military operations against terrorists, it is important to maintain the element of continuity in the military leadership,” he said.

    He gave Gen Kayani all the credit for the success of the current military operations, and said that the chief was actively involved in the planning and execution of the operations.

    “It was because of the general’s role in the war against militancy that he had been given a new term,” he remarked.

    Commenting on Gilani’s decision, most of the observers said the decision was widely expected in Pakistan, particularly due to Gen Kayani’s good relationship with the US.

    Kayani has become the first army chief in the country’s history to be given an extension by a democratically elected civilian government. In 1996, slain Benazir Bhutto offered an extension to the then Army chief Gen Waheed Kakar but he had refused to accept it.

    The only general who is affected with Gilani’s decision is Lt-Gen Khalid Shamim Wyne. Wyne will be the senior most serving general on November 28, 2010—the original date of Kayani’s retirement. Gilani, however, did not mention to extend the tenure of Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee Gen Tariq Majid, who is set to retire in October this year.

    A chain smoker and keen golfer, Kayani has been described as a man of few words. He was born in 1952 in the suburbs of Rawalpindi. His father, Lehrasab Khan, was a non-commissioned officer from Punjab. Kayani’s meteoric rise after joining the army in 1971 is a rarity in Pakistan’s privilege-dominated society.

    He replaced Pervez Musharraf as the army chief on November 29, 2007. Before becoming the army chief, he served as head of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence, and Director General of Military Operations.

    Kayani was also present at the infamous March 2007 meeting that took place between Musharraf and Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, when the former military ruler informed the strong-willed top judge that he was suspended.

    In January 2008, he issued a directive ordering military officers not to maintain contacts with politicians. A month later, he ordered the withdrawal of military officers from all of Pakistan’s government civil departments. It was an action that reversed the policies of his predecessor, President Musharraf.

  40. What is Pakistani Leadership Hankering After? .Tuesday, 20 July 2010 18:20 Dr. Om Prakash Sudrania .Clinton
    Gory birth of Pakistan –

    Ever since the birth of Pakistan, the political patriarch had no intention of looking after the people because the so called “Father of Nation” hypocritically given a nickname by Mahatma Gandhi to appease him “Qaid-e Azam” (Great Leader) and “Baba-e Azam” (Father of Nation) subsequently by the grateful people of Pakistan after 1947, was a self centred man and after he decided on the partition of British India, he preceded it by “Direct Action Day” leading to an unprecedented horrific preindependence (16th August 1946) flow of human blood mercilessly. Hundreds and thousands were butchered starting in the state of Bengal and spreading ruthlessly all over the country. It is also known as The Great Calcutta Killing.

    Jinnah and Kashmir –

    Regarding Kashmir, he never visited Kashmir except once, when he was dishonourably adorned with a garland of shoes by supporters of Mr Sheikh Abdullah. Jinnah had taken it for granted that Kashmir Valley being a majority Muslim (60%) State will automatically fall in the lap of Pakistan. But it never happened. Being instigated by ‘British select power’ players despite the instructions of Clement Attlee (Then Prime Minister of UK), the dirty game of stabbing in the back of India went unheeded. Both the US/UK top leaderships were kept in dark including the UN high offices.

    Western indifference and blowback –

    Time does not forgive anybody, even the mightiest had to succumb to it. US and West has been sitting and allowing the nurturing of this Islamic hydra from the land of Pakistan over these past 63 odd years dispassionately keeping themselves oblivious of the fatalistic homicidal religious developments in Pakistan.

    They always felt assured that this Islamic hydra could never bite them. That is why Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski, commonly known as Zbigniew Brzezinski had announced so proudly in 1979 on the USSR invasion of Afghanistan that paying the USSR back their Vietnam is more important than growth of a few Islamic Talibanis. He perhaps had never calculated the high price US is needing to pay now despite the heavy billings in Pakistan and expenditure in Afghanistan in the shape of cash, kind and wasteful overstretched visits they least intend, but forced to make.

    Let us watch the following video clip by BBC on the eve of her (Hillary) visit to Afghanistan during her brief stop over in Pakistan, what she is groused to say on this URL: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-south-asia-10680501

    The same views has been aired on: http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20100719/pl_afp/pakistanusdiplomacy_20100719163702

    It reverberates that she expects more from Pakistan. Here is the reproduction of excerpts from above site.

    “”There are still additional steps that we are asking and expecting the Pakistanis to take,” she told the BBC.

    “… there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that should an attack against the United States be traced to be Pakistani it would have a very devastating impact on our relationship,” she added.

    A Pakistani-American arrested over the botched car bombing in New York’s Times Square in May allegedly received explosives training from experts linked to the Pakistani militant group the Tehrik-e-Taliban.

    The group operates from the tribal zones of Pakistan, considered by Washington to be the global headquarters of the Pakistani Taliban and their allies in Al-Qaeda, as well as a base camp for the Afghan Taliban.

    Pakistani officials have reportedly arranged talks between Afghan President Hamid Karzai and militant group “the Haqqani network” which is also battling coalition troops in Afghanistan from Pakistan’s tribal border area.

    All sides deny the report.”

    The clandestine agendas of Pakistani Military/ISI –

    It is well known that General Kayani and Lt. General Pasha (ISI Chief) had made two secret visits to Kabul recently to meet Karzai to discuss the Haqqani network participation in sharing power with him. Details are yet not known but understood to be not favourable to US and Indian interests. Pakistani generals want to reestablish their domination in Afghanistan after US leaves. Till then Pakistan Army just keeps the US and Allied Forces engaged to a point of forced retreat by tiring them out economically, politically and militarily by playing a sinister double game.

    Pakistan has become an Achilles Heel of America for their war in Afghanistan, so everybody says. But I ask a question “Is it that simple and the only reason, why America is grinning and bearing Pakistan despite all her negative perceptions and value”?

    I don’t think so.

    US versus USSR and its reverberations –

    Now let us consider the other options. Recently there was a much hyped old wine in a new bottle, news of the find of so called new resources of energy and minerals and precious stones in Afghanistan. Is it new or the old dish cooked by the Soviets in their invasion period but they never had time and breathing space to exploit it. US also left the turf soon after the USSR departure, knowing the behavior of the Islamic monsters they had created in the war against USSR.

    From 1991 to 9/11 (2001), barely ten years had passed that the same monsters they created so fancifully struck them in Washington and New York mercilessly to their utter surprise. George Bush Jr soon declared, “It is a war against America” and invaded Afghanistan in his mindless relentless hunt to kill or capture the Al Qaeda head Osama bin Laden fruitlessly without a full intelligence survey of the roll Pakistan will play.

    Pakistan’s Islamisation and its disastrous aftermaths –

    The history of Pakistani leaders has been to never trust anybody. The first thing they do is to assassinate their possible adversary with even a slightest possibility to oppose them. The Pakistani mindset has only hardened over the period. Take for example President Zia-ul Haq or Ayub Khan. They both killed their mentors. Zia was promoted to the rank of General and head of Pakistani Army by the then ZA Bhutto by superseding his superiors but the same Zia-ul Haq snoozed and murdered him (Bhutto) to gain power and spoiled the entire political milieu of Pakistan by Islamisation.

    It was he who brutally promoted the fanatic Sunni Wahhabi/Salafi overcooked Deobandi Islamic culture to the point of legislating the Ahmadi Muslim community as non-muslims. We are all silent helpless spectators to the massive brutal murders in the recent bombings of the two Ahmadi mosques in Islamabad a few weeks ago. The blood and the obnoxious smell of those cadavers had hardly any time to dissipate, yet another bombing and killings of Shia Muslims followed in their Shrine of Hazrat Data Gunj Bakhsh mosque. All this happened in Lahore, Pakistan.

    So what is Pakistani Leadership hankering after? Are they interested in the development of Pakistan? Are they interested in the welfare and security of their People? Are they interested in rooting out terrorism? Are they interested in US interests in Afghanistan? Are they interested in the peace and stability in South Asia and the world at large?

    In my opinion, the stark and unpalatable answer to all these burning questions in one word is “NO”, painfully and pathetically.

    The moral of the story –

    There is a moral story. A monkey saw some tasty nuts in a narrow neck pot. He puts his open hand inside and grabs a fistful of nuts and the hand gets stuck at the neck, too narrow to let the heavy wide fist full of nuts to be let out. The greedy monkey neither wants to leave the nuts nor is able to take out the hand.

    The same situation is in the narrow necked Afghanistan regarding US and Pakistan. Both are stuck with their full fists there and none of them are prepared to give away the greed and lust of Afghanistan and leave it alone to its own fate. The monkey is caught by the predators. The predator here is the Islamic Trojan Horse or the Frankenstein’s Monster ready to predate on all.

    Even Pakistan is not spared, which they are so meanly and shamelessly lamenting of being a victim of their self bred monster of terrorism and extremism.

    “The visiting dignitary remained with him for some time and discussed matters of mutual interest,” said the Pakistani military in a statement.” Yahoo News reported.

    U. S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with Pakistan’s Chief of the Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani in Rawalpindi on Monday (19th July 2010). — By Anita Joshua (The Hindu Front Page)


    General Kayani still hopes on them (terrorists) to bail him out both in Afghanistan as well as Kashmir and later in the South Asia as their long term ambition of Islamic global Emirate. Talibans are already resounding their old title of “Emirates of Islamic Afghanistan”, General Kayani is hoping them to see. Kayani still considers them as an asset as non-state valuable assets as proxy warriors as a policy of Pakistani Military regional strategy.

    Kayani is a force to reckon in Pakistani politics and no matter who, can not afford to ignore him despite the elected civil Government in Pakistan like Putin in Russia. Hence Hillary Clinton met Kayani for closed-door discussions late Monday.

    Pakistan’s internal negative forces –

    But the uprisings in Balochistan wanting to secede from Pakistan, the Tehreek-e Taliban Pakistan who has vowed to destroy Pakistan after the Red Mosque bombings by President Musharraf, the internal sectarian conflicts deepening the divide in the various sections of muslim communities, increasing failure of basic infrastructure in the shape of electrical power, non-existent road network, lack of educational institutions, hunger terrorism and food scarcity, unrestricted growth of these barbaric brutal inhuman Islamic non governmental institutions hell bent on enforcing Sunni Wahhabi/Salafi/Deobandi style of middle east tribal Islamic practices, gross mismanagement of resources due to non-existent civil administration, military being in command of the civil authority, wasteful and ill planning of their water resources; all these are such negative forces that preclude the survival of any state until there is a willingness on the part of the local leadership to realize these concerns and responsibilities to their people.

    Unfortunately the masses in Pakistan have been deliberately kept blindfolded under the disinformation campaign and “Veil of Islam”. They can not see anything outside that “Veil” and it suits well to these corrupt military Pakistani and Intelligence juntas. No wonder they have now deliberately allowed the general people in Pakistan to extend their hate game to US and the West after India and Israel. But not realizing that Israel and US and West are not India.

    Unfortunately the “Veil” is also failing them (Pakistan) everywhere and facing a tough opposition by the enlightened world community.

    Pakistan’s American problem and vice versa –

    Will Pakistani leaders in civil or military faces stop to ruminate in the reverie and hanker after their own survival or fast perish in their hate and intolerance of the world? The medieval mindset needs to be shed away and wake up to the new challenges of the new order the world. Pakistan and US both owe a rethinking to themselves and an honest answer to the world. Pakistan as a culprit of exporting worldwide religious genocide in the name of Islam and US as a super power failing on her part to act as a guardian to impartially protects the global community from this menace of Islamic extremism and terrorism. Pakistan understands only one language and that is “deterrence of physical force”. No money or any other assistance and civilized language will be of any avail, is rest assured.

    Time and again Pakistan has proved the world wrong and will be no exception this time too. Any monetary or weaponry assistance in the past has only gone to the promotion of Islamist terrorists or used in Kashmir and India. It will keep happening in the future too.

    US can and should just wait and see. June 2011 is not very far away. In the face of all these considerations, perhaps Pakistan is hankering after its own disaster and annihilation. Hillary may warn of any “disastrous consequences” but the calculations of Kayani go far beyond them. He expects the US to run away leaving Pakistanis the pitch of Afghanistan unhindered so that he can plant Haqqanis to his advantage. The role of China has not been touched here but it can not be ignored Vis a Vis US in the Af/Pak battle.

    Dr. Om Prakash Sudrania
    (Dr. O. P. Sudrania is a senior retired teacher in surgery and a medico-legal counsellor; now also engaged in research of socio-political analytical science as a part of service to humanity.)
    Dr. Om Prakash Sudrania
    What is Pakistani Leadership Hankering After?
    The Language Islamic Republic of Pakistan Understands
    Dubious US Ally Pakistan and Global Terrorism
    Islamofascism in Kashmir and Human Rights Distortion
    Islamabad Muridke Bahawalpur to Kashmir Srinagar
    Pakistani Obsession on Kashmir Exposed with Clear Links to SAS Geelani and Syed Salahuddin
    Dance Islam To MY Tune
    Kerala Christian Professor Falls Prey To Sharia Goons Having Lashkar Kashmir Link
    Isharat Jahan Genie Resurrected
    Is Kashmir or Islam on the Boil?

  41. To, Mr.Asif Ali Zardari (President of Pakistan)

    To, Mr.Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani (Prime Minister of Pakistan)

    To, Mr.Salman Taseer (Governor Punjab)

    To, Mr.Ishrat-ul-Ebad Khan (Governor Sindh)

    To, Mr.Syed Qaim Ali Shah (Chief Minister Sindh)

    To,Mr.Mian Mohammad Shahbaz Shareef (Chief Minister Punjab)

    To, Federal Minister Samina Ghurki (Member of National Assembly)

    To, Inspector General Sindh Police (IG Sindh Police Pakistan)

    To, Mr.Tariq Saleem,Inspector General (IG),Punjab Police Pakistan,

    To, Capital City Police Officer (CCPO Karachi-Pakistan)

    To, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi)

    To, Captain Jawad (SSP),Shareef Pura Town (Lahore-Pakistan)

    Muhammad Haroon Khalid Bhatti

    S/o Muhammad Khalid Humayun Bhatti

    R/o 2nd Floor LSA-13, St-9 Block 13/D-1,

    Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi-Pakistan. ……… Petitioner


    1.Abdul Majeed S/o Abdul Hameed

    R/o House # 20 Street # 10 Shareefpura

    Lahore Cantt, Lahore-Pakistan

    2. Rashid ul- Hasnain Asghar S/o Abdul Majeed

    R/o House # 20 Street # 10 Shareefpura

    Lahore Cantt, Lahore-Pakistan. ……… Respondents

    I Needed help of Mr. President of Pakistan, Prime Minister of Pakistan and Chief Justice of Pakistan regarding threat of muder from my In-laws side and My wife still stay at my in-laws home last 6 months

    It is most respectfully submitted on behalf of the Petitioner above named as under:-

    That on 18/11/2009, I the Petitioner above named have take his wife namely Mst. Ghazala Akhtar W/o Muhammad Haroon Khalid Bhatti, D/o Abdul Majeed, to her Parents House at Lahore for casual meeting and I Petitioner resides in my wife’s hose with my wife and her parents and other family members to visiting them for Three days, and the (Respondent No.1) send me / Petitioner by saying that , that yours parents are also in Lahore and they will go back Karachi after Three to Four Days and we will sent your wife them to Karachi.

    That I come back to Karachi because I am performing my duties at Karachi in a Private Firm, and my parents who are at that time in Lahore visit my wife’s house to take her with them to Karachi.

    That on 27/11/2009, at about 10:00 AM, My (Petitioner) Parents visited to his wife’s Parents house for taking her to Karachi, but on visiting the house the Parents and brother of my wife says that the Condition of Mst.Ghazala Akhtar is not well and we will sent to Karachi to his Husband’s house after some period. Those after that visit from the parents of Petitioner the Parents of Petitioner continuously visited to his wife’s parents house to take her with them but the parents of Mst.Ghazala Akhtar said to them every time that his condition is not well and we will send her by ourselves after completing her bad rest.

    That the Parents of Petitioner came back to Karachi at their residing premises on 07/12/2009, and on last day when the parents of the Petitioner visited the house Petitioner wife’s house parents they again said to the parents of petitioner that we would send her Karachi to his husband house.

    That the Petitioner called her Wife on 09/12/2009, the wife of the Petitioner said him that they are not sending me to Karachi to your house premises, and in this matter you go to the Police or take legal action against them for not sending me to your house.

    That after the conversation of the Petitioner to her wife, the petitioner several times make phone calls to know about his wife but on every call he get the answer that she is not well and we she cannot conversant with you in this condition .

    That the petitioner after several times make calls to her wife but all in vain, the petitioner talked to the brother, (Respondent No. 2), for his wife on 16/12/2009, at about 02:30 PM, And the Petitioner said to her wife’s brother that I am coming tomorrow to Lahore for taking her with me to Karachi, on which the Respondent No.2, & the brother of Petitioner’s wife clearly say on Telephone that if you will come to Lahore for taking her with you, I will kill both of you.

    That on dated 15/12/2009, the Petitioner had sent an application by fax to the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) at Police Station Shareefpura, Lahore, Pakistan, about the incident but no any answer of this letter forwarded to the Petitioner from the Police Officials or Department in the matter.

    That on dated 16/12/2009, the Petitioner also sent an application by fax to the Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Lahore, Pakistan, about the incident but no any answer of this letter forwarded to the Petitioner up till now from the Police Officials or Department in the matter.

    That after this Threat of killing from the Brother of Petitioner’s wife, the Parents and the Brother of the Petitioner’s Wife disappeared the Wife of the Petitioner namely Mst.Ghazala Akhtar.

    That the Father of the Petitioner’s Wife and Respondent No.1, came at Karachi in the Month of February 2010, and visited the Petitioner house and said that we would not sent our daughter to Karachi at the resident of his husband, but in one way if the Petitioner shifted to Lahore then I will send my daughter to the house of his husband in Lahore and he after that meeting went to Lahore.

    That the Father of the Petitioner and the Respondent No.1, Said the Petitioner at the time of meeting in the house of Petitioner that you also give me the amount of Rs.50, 00,000/-(Rupees Fifty Lac Only) which the Petitioner give her wife before the Court at the time of performing Court Marriage as a Surety on a Judicial Stamp as Surety Bond of Rs.50, 00,000/-(Rupees Fifty Lac Only) to her wife namely Mst. Ghazala Akhtar.

    That the Father of the Petitioner and Respondent No.!, gave threat that did not Know me, and I have relations with M.N.A & Federal Minister namely SAMINA GHURKI, and I am also Secret Advisor to the President of Pakistan, and you do nothing to me, and you have to pay the above mentioned Demand otherwise I will make your Murder.

    That the Petitioner on dated 22/03/2010, again talked to the Father of his Wife, Respondent No. 1, that I am filing a Case of Conjugal Rights before the Honorable Concerned Court of Law, against you, on which the Respondent No 1, answered that if you filed any Case or Application against us I will Kill you and your wife, and there is no any Legal proceeding and action will take place against me.

    That the wife of the Petitioner is Pregnant, and she will complete he pregnancy period about next Tow to Three Months.

    That the Petitioner is afraid that his and his wife’s and coming baby’s life is in serious danger from the Respondent No 1 & 2 and the Petitioner did not Know the condition of her wife for the last -Months.



    N.I.C # 42201-9689795-5

  42. I am such a huge fan of your work!


  44. Raza, it is a good resourceful blog but needs moderation as I am totally lost about its focus.

  45. Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI)

    ISI is one of the best and very well organized intelligence agency in the world. It was founded in 1948. In 1950 it was officially given the task to safe guard Pakistani interests and national security inside and outside the country.Its primery objectives are not only to safeguard Pakistani interests, but also, reinforcing Pakistan’s power base in the region.

    The ISI is tasked with collection of of foreign and domestic intelligence; co-ordination of intelligence functions of the three military services; surveillance over its cadre, foreigners, the media, politically active segments of Pakistani society, diplomats of other countries accredited to Pakistan and Pakistani diplomats serving outside the country; the interception and monitoring of communications; and the conduct of covert offensive and wartime operations. Functions of the ISI include gathering foreign and domestic intelligence and synchronizing the intelligence of the military services. The agency maintains surveillance of foreign diplomats in Pakistan, Pakistani diplomats abroad, and politically active members of Pakistani society. It monitors its own staff, the media and foreigners. It tracks and intercepts communications and engages in covert offensive operations.

    ISI is headquartered in Islamabad and works under a Director General, a serving Lieutenant General of the Pakistan Army. There are three Deputy Director Generals-designated DDG (Political), DDG (External) and DDG (General). The ISI is staffed mainly by personnel deputed from the police, para-military forces and some specialized units of the Army. There are over 25,000 active men on its staff. This figure does not include informants and assets. It is organized into six to eight divisions .

    Structure of ISI

    Joint Intelligence X: JIX

    It serves as the secretariat which co-ordinates and provides administrative support to the other ISI wings and field organizations. It also prepares intelligence estimates and threat assessments.It provides administrative support to the other major divisions and regional organizations of the ISI.

    Joint Intelligence Bureau (JIB)

    One of the largest and most powerful divisions of the ISI, monitors political intelligence.The JIB consists of three subsections, with one subsection devoted to operations involving India, other operations involve, anti-terrorism and VIP security.

    Joint Counter Intelligence Bureau (JCIB

    Responsible for oversees intelligence operations in Central Asia South Asia, Afghanistan, the Middle East, Israel and Russia also responsible for field surveillance of Pakistani diplomats stationed abroad, if need be monitoring foreign diplomats as well .

    Joint Intelligence/North (JIN)

    Conduct ISI operations for Jammu and Kashmir , including monitoring Indian forces deployed within disputed Kashmir forcefully held by India.

    Joint Intelligence Miscellaneous (JIM)

    Responsible for covert offensive intelligence operations and war time espionage.

    Joint Signal Intelligence Bureau (JSIB)

    It includes Deputy Directors for Wireless, Monitoring and Photos, operates a chain of signals intelligence collection stations, and provide communication support to its operatives. It aslo collects Intelligence through monitoring of communications channels of neighboring countries.It has a chain of stations that track and collect intelligence signals along the Indo-Pakistani border, and it provides communications assistance for freedom campaigns in Kashmir.
    A sizeable number of the staff is from the Army Signal Corps. It is believed that it has its units deployed in Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar.

    Joint Intelligence Technical (JIT)

    Not much is know about this section however it is believed that JIT include a separate explosives section and a chemical warfare section.

    The ISI maintains one more primary sections in addition to the seven outlined above that is the Joint Intelligence Technical division.

    At first, the ISI focused primarily on domestic espionage, such as tapping telephone conversations and monitoring internal political affairs. Because of its narrow scope, it was reportedly unable to locate an Indian armored division during the Indo-Pakistani War in 1965. When the war was over, Ayub appointed General Yahya Khan to chair a committee to evaluate the ISI and its subdivisions . From 1983 to 1997, the ISI reportedly trained over 80,000 Afghan Mujahideen for campaigns in Afghanistan. During the 1990s, the ISI grew into a powerful and questionable organization. It is said to function as an “invisible government” and is frequently called “a state within a state.” .On September 2001, President Musharraf appointed a new Director General for ISI, Lieutenant General Ehsanul Haq

    Information gathered by vision hawk from different sources

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  48. General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani NI (M), HI

    General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani NI (M), HI,was commissioned from Paksitan Military Academy, Kakul in Baloch Regiment in 1971. General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani NI (M), HI, is graduate of Fort Benning (USA), Command and Staff College Quetta, Command and General Staff College Fort Leavenworth (USA), Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies, Hawaii (USA), and National Defence College Islamabad.

    The General possesses wide ranging experience in Command, Instructional and staff appointments. He has commanded an infantry Battalion, Infantry Brigade, Infantry Division and a Corps. He has been on the faculty of School of Infantry and Tactics Quetta., Officer Training School Mangla, Command and Staff College Quetta and National Defence University Islamabad.

    Besides being Chief of Staff Corps, the General has also held the coveted appointment of Director General Military Operations. He has served as Director General Inter Services Intelligence. He has been awarded Hilal-i-Imtiaz and Nishan-i-Imtiaz (Military) for his meritorious services.

    Imbued with the qualities of head and heart, General is perceived to be a purposeful and pragmatic Commander and embodiment of professionalism. Excellence and perfection remain the hallmark of his personality.

    An avid golfer and a keen sportsman, General is also the President of Pakistan Golf Association. He is married and has a son and daughter

  49. The Meaning of Freedom
    It is very unfortunate that often we take freedom for granted and forget the pain that the generations before us had endured under the yoke of a foreign rule. Such was the pain and stigma of slavery that the great Muslim leader

    On Road to Progress
    I know of no nation state that has achieved in five or six decades of its birth as much as Pakistan has achieved in all fields of human endeavour. When it burst forth on the world’s map on I4th August 1947, it had no federal government, which was quickly created in large Euro tents under a cabinet of six ministers Shortage of pen, ink, paper was made up by using copying pencils.

    There is not much debate or even concern about what was the vision of the founders of Pakistan. What type of state they had in mind when they struggled of an independent country that we call our homeland, Pakistan? In answering this question, we will assess whether or not we have been driven by that vision and how we have shaped our system of governance.

    Balochistan: One more step towards “National Integration”
    With regard to the recruitment in the Armed Forces, there have been adequate vacancies, but less number of Baloch youth preferred this profession, mainly because of illiteracy and ignorance. Resultantly, there has been less representation of the Baloch youth in the Armed Forces of Pakistan.

  50. I Love Pakistan I Love ISI – MI The Meaning of Pakistan I Love ISI

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  60. Christians of Pakistan are a peaceful community. They are mostly church goers and I respect them being good christians and contribtin towards the society. irrespective of the fact how badly they may have been treated the still honor the country as loyal citizens.

    They have served the country in education and health sectors and acquited themselves well. I have great respect for my christian teacher who have richly contributed towards our academic excellence.

    I love and respect my kindergarten lady teachers who laid a good foundation for the love of education.

    i have lot of Christian friends and they have proved to be good friends. aqia Roy and chrisian nossiff Tina Gayne, elizabeth Mack.Debbie Hawes, Jennifer, Sharon. Cheryl Hodges, Pat , Pamella Johanna Joanne, and scores of others rank as best friends.

    The recent blasts at the Ancient Church which killedmore than 81 persons were not only tragic, but a shameful act of degenerated idiots. We have all the sympathy for them. this sort of incident are a blsck stain on the Muslim Community.

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    This fake PML(N) has nothing incommon with the original APML party. Their Claim to be the real heirs is false and untrue.

    They should better call thenseves just the Nawaz League instead of making it up. their third rate politicians are an insult to Pakistan. Their recent conduct at international level has been dispicable show of monkeys playing politics.

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    She has conquered my heart and resides there. Her smile is encouraging.

    Javaid Bashir


  63. She became friends on the facebook by her ownrequest, like so many other woman I shall keep my love for her a secret affair, never to reveal it I will neither repel her interest in me nor encorage her to love me. This is my resolve to keep it simple and open for both of us. I want her to feel at ease. I want to see har normal self.

    I do not want to impose myself on her or command her to do something she does not want to do. I shall leave her to make her own informed decisions. Because I am not in a hurry to have my cake and eat it too. Let the cake get warmed up in the furace of our hearts.

    Let her make a conscious decison to love or leave it. Her decision will br fine with me. But I dislike any kindof deception in love. Love must flourish on its own terms. Lovers must not be forced into any forced relationship, that may not work later on.

    Love must remain independent and not be enslaved and bound by selfish reasons. Love is beauty , and we must let it be beautiful and cherished the thought that some one loves us.

    Will she act first or wait for my advances to share and express my love for her. I want it to remain decent. Because I love her and honor her love for me. Good Bye Mash. Have sweet dreams and love me for ever.

    Javaid Bashir


  64. The threat to blow the federal government gorls School , Rawalpindi by Taliban is an atrocious attack on the civilized society. These ignorant , illiterate, so called righteous men of religious order are against Islam, and are flouting the injunctions and principles of Islam, and Shariah. They have scant knowledge of Islam. Their logic is twisted and flawed. They want to push us in the dark ages. They want us to behave like the savages. The caveman is their ideal.. Their thinking has been stalled, and they csn not see progress of human beings.

    They are dragging us in the sea of ignorance away from the light of knowledge , and pursuit of education. These terrorists want to gun down our girls to punish them for their right of education. They are against all enlightenment and progress.

    We must take all out action against them , and eliminate them before they poison the well of knowledge.

    Javaid Bashir

  65. Huma Batool daughter of syed azhar hussain / Wife of Malik Tehseen Awan is not a good women i

  66. huma batool daughter of syed azhar hussain / Wife of Tehseen Awan Faisalabad

  67. huma batool daughter of syed azhar hussain / Wife of Malik Tehseen Awan

  68. Allah to sab piyar hi piyaar hai aur bas . Agar Hindu Sikh Essayee use itne hi na pasand hain to phir unki production band Q nahin kar deta ? Baba Guru Nanak G se kisi ne pocha, ” Puchan khol kitaab noo, Hindu keh Mulim hanoyee ? Baba aakhe Hajiyaan shubh amlaan bhajoon dono royi . ( Hajis asked Baba G tell us who are better Hindus or Muslims ? Baba G told hajies, if their acts are not good, they both would weep irrespective they were Hindus or Muslims ). So pls serve the humanity irrespective of their cast, colour, creed and even faith. Hazoor SAW ne farmaya, naiki ko haqeer mat jano, khaw wo raste se kanta hatana hi Q na ho. Today we are spreading thorns instead of picking those up. Bhala kar bhala ho ga + Aur Dervesh ki s’da keya hai ?

    Javaid Iqbal


    Love is everything. It is the very reason of the creation of this Universe. we are all just pawns in this world to keep the balance. Our fate is in the hands of the CREATOR. Who is the only one , Omnipotent , omnipresent, magnificent, and magnanimous. All knowing, ,All hearing, All Powerful, Just and embodiment of LOVE.

    The intensity of my love for my beloved can not be measured by worldly meter or standards. It is beyond the pail of worldly imaginations.Her picture remains embedded not in a frame but in the mirror of my soul. She has become my soul mate., a true lover. We travel in the fat train in the lover’s lane once again to achieve the best in this material and highly mercurial world.. She needs a vacation from love to re-energize herself.

    After the busy office life she needs ti have a res , and she chose to go abroad. Being a rich and heir of great fortune she can afford to do it. And that is what she has done exactly ?I do not care about such minor irritation, and to get bogged down. I have left her to her own tricks. Be free and live Free. Ut is just microeconomics, nothing serious about the decision to leave abroad for vacation. Whatever suits her, she can help to do it. I do not want to interfere , because I consider non intervention as the best policy.
    I am feeling hungry , so long until next time. J.B.

  70. I am interested in buying books on Afghanistan in particular i am looking for:Royals and royal mendicant : a tragedy of the Afgan history, 1791-1949 by Sirdar Muhammad Abdul Kadir Effendi who was a Pak army officer. My email is farhus30@yahoo.co.uk and if you have other old books on Afghanistan, I would be very interested to hear from you. I am only interested in books published in South Asia or Afghanistan. Thanks for reading and look forward to hearing from you.

  71. Are we heading towards Martial Law ?

    There are many reasons due to which we can not eliminate the menace of corruption prevalent in our society. We are motivated by greed for money in all aspects of our worldly existence. We pose as pious people but we are not pious. We do not have an iota of of piety in our veins. We travel with the flow of the things around us. We want to enjoy wealth by creating it through illegal and immoral means.It is easy money and no effort is involved earning it. Itis just handed to us on a sliver platter.

    We want to have the same stat\us as the others have , irrespective of the terms on which it is attained or grabbed. Nobody anymore talks about morality and ethics in a professional setting. We have become so Corrupt that we do not think that anything is wrong with this practice.

    The Corrupt do not get caught although they enjoy bad reputation , and known for their corruption. They have a powerful clique that protects them. They have formed syndicates and control the people in the power.

    No serious action is taken , if some one is caught . But their days are numbered now.

  72. Yesterday evening the P M L (N) National Assembly members drove in numbers to vote down the opposition’s amendment bill. It is person specific motion to enable A disqualified , dishonest, and disgruntled politician to become the President of the political party. It may be the right of the party workers to choose their own head of the party. As the leaders of the party in question argue.
    Whenever anything is done against their leader the democracy starts shaking. MR. Sharif was disqualified after a lengthy case against him by the five member bench of the Supreme Court. Five honorable Justices heard the panama case and gave their verdict. The entire nation hailed the decision & took a sigh of relief.
    WE commend the judiciary for its fairness, integrity and freedom. The names of these honorable Justices would be written in the golden words. Bt after the announcement of the Judgement the Shrifs & their associates have initiated campaign to malign the Judges.
    He is on the path of confrontation against the institutions.He thinks that Establishment is after him. His vitriolic statements are anti – state. We strongly condemn his negative propaganda.
    There was not a single P M L (N) member who stood against the party tyranny except for Mir Zafar Ullah Jamali former Prime Minister.We salute Mr. Jamali for standing up on principles. He was the man of hour a lonesome ranger.

    Khurshid Shah P P P leader felt sorry for the miserable Law Minister Zahid Hamid opposed the motion vehemently & condemned it as the Ex dictator’s law. Perhaps he forgot that he was the Law Minister of the dictator at hat time. He is a shameless man having no conscience.

    163 P M L (N) members voted to reject the amendment bill. 98 members voted for the motion. A clear victory for he P M L (N). Good luck Sharif in your future endeavors. It was one of the darkest day in the history of the Parliament & democracy. We buried the democratic traditions and norms.

    Attorney at law
    Bedford , N H , U S A

  73. Fawzia Afzal-Khan

    Just found this on the net— Raza, you are to be commended for all the thoughtful work you do to keep Lahore alive in/for all of us die-hard Lahoris-at-heart! No matter where we live, the passion our birth city inspires in us gives birth in turn to so much of our cultural and intellectual work. Your indefatigable energy and prolific writing remain an inspiration.

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