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  1. ahmadiyya muslim comunity also very petriot of this country and city but molvies dont try to understand why…………….?

    • Pakistan is the country which was created in the name of islam of all the sects of Islam if some one wants to creat his own brand of islam on all the other sects or even one sect this is not fare. there is only one way to correct all the problems is Pakistan is to go back to the same idealogy from were we started the journey of Pakistan. if there freedom of speach and freedom of belief in Pakistan all the anti Pakitan Mullahas will be exposed. Ahamdia Muslim community and Pakistan can not be saparated as This was the only religious cumminty which supported state of Pakistan in thick and thin of times. All the mullah who have highjacked Pakistan are now tring to teir apart Pakistan

  2. i r doing greate job….u should give some detail about the punjab university(allama iqbal campus)old campus lahore,,,,,,,plz do it,,,,,

  3. i just want to tell about Alif Laila Book bus Society . People should appriciate its work .

  4. Greatttt job! There should be more articles based on public opinion as well

  5. It is really very informative website. I like the style and facts mentioned in it..

  6. Mirza Asadullah khan

    i really like the details about basant

  7. muhammad Sher

    i want ot remove all extended houses on road/street

  8. doing too good, had a plenty of good issues to consider. regards

  9. basant details are very informative and i really liked it

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