Ban on Basant: 500,000 families without bread and butter

By Nauman Tasleem (Daily Times)

LAHORE: Around 500,000 families, directly related to the kite flying business, have lost their sources of livelihood because of the ban on Basant, the stakeholders of the kite flying industry told Daily Times on Friday.

The ban is costing them Rs 200 million annually, and at the same time damaging other businesses that are indirectly related to the festival. They said that the people related to the industry, including kite makers, twine (dor) makers, wholesalers and retailers, had lost their means of earning a living.

The cost of the paper used in kite making is estimated at around Rs 90 million and the cost of the twine used for flying kites is estimated at around Rs 40 million. The process of making kites involves around Rs 40 million, said Lahore Kite Flying Association General Secretary Sheikh Muhammad Saleem. “These were taken two years back. Now the number must have jumped,” he said, adding that 500,000 families had suffered because of the ban. “I know a lot of people who have discontinued this business and are now doing labour. Just two years back, Basant was the identity of Lahore and large numbers of people used to come to celebrate the event in the country. People from the US, Europe, the Middle East and other countries thronged the city to celebrate the gala,” he said. “Rooftops of all hotels were booked. From fruit vendors to pan (beetle leaf) sellers, all felt the economic boom,” he said.

Muhammad Siddique, who used to sell kites two years ago in the Walled City, said that he was now working as a labourer. “I never thought that my business could be ruined like this and I would become a labourer,” he said, adding, “We need to accept that we collectively failed to stop the chemical-coated twine that killed so many people.”

36 responses to “Ban on Basant: 500,000 families without bread and butter



  2. basant hoge 2009 main basant honi chahiyeh.
    sirf 1 he to khail ha basant bus……..

  3. basant ki hemayat krnay walon sirf yeh soch lo k jb kisi ka payar dur phirnay se merta hai tu us pe kis guzarta ho ga/just think about ur parents or children,if they have to suffer(Allah na karay) then wil u still favour the basnat.aisay khel ka ya aisy rozgar ka kisis ko koi haq nahi jis main kisis ki jan chali jaey.

  4. about basant its a old lahori festival and all lahori celebrate it know by two or three years i see this festival was completely finished due to bad policies of government in 2008 when the kite flying association anounced that the basant in 14 15 march every body is happy but the new government also ban it [why the government do not promote this old festival]?? why they play with the life of poor kites saller those whoes attached with this proffesion and thye govrnment also promise that the basant will be celebrate in 2009 but whres the date of basant iknow the date of basant in2009 in past the date is anonced in january but nobody talk on this topic its my request to shahbaz sharif to allow celebrate basant in 2009

  5. Well,i am not against the people who have died due to this as far as the kite flying is concern,because i think they used to be the big asset of their families.BUT,in our country we will have to know that why every body in tensions and getting rust day by day,and being spoiled to his own asset and to his family as well.because we don,t have any thing to do,as in the world all countries have.Our country is tastless,we can born here but can,t live here happylly,and if live here, then will be spoiling to take our solitude and sick mind,Because a man is just like a machine.As a machine wants oil to work longer as it is a human body and mind wants celebration to live and work longer.But unfortunatly in our country there is no any activity except of BASANT in which all types of people,all Religions,all Casts could enjoy with out any difference just for 1 or 2 days only.Here i would like to say that we are wanting some enjoy to get rid from the terrorism,Because when we will celebrate this type of fastivals then our mind will be fresh and will be in any activity,and if some one is in any activity with healty mind then no suicide booming,no terrorism,no phsico patient,So let us celebrate 2009 basant fastival with kite flying,Don,t eradicate it just make policies to make it safe and pure as it used to be.Thanks

  6. hey whats the new of basant this year? plz basant should be celebrated, this is the only event which has world wide recogzition, i used to come from UAE every year, pleaase do tell me when will be the date. You cant imagine all the foreigners in my company wants to come to pakistan on basant, unfortunately cause of those threads many died in past and i totally agree that those threads and chemical threads should be banned and government should take strict action against them but to ban the basant is not the solution specially in such a time when there is terrorism and tensions everywhere, these kind of events are necessary for people to enjoy and divert their mind

  7. Firstly Government involvement in any event/festival ruin the event/festival totally and secondly the ban on kite flying should be waived off permanently so that one could earn his living by doing work else they would become terrorist rather.

  8. Hello

    I have created a petition at the above website. Please sign it people and get as many people to sign it as well, so that we may get approval for basant in 2009.

    My Email address is, mail me too, I would like to have some physical signatures as well as I have a hard copy of the petition too.


  9. Please click my name and you will be re-directed to the petition.

    Please sign it, because that is the only way we can get approva for basant.

  10. there should be basant this is the old festival of pakistan and people love it there is no lahore without basant

  11. Farhan Arooj specialist

    Please involve specialists, engineers to evaluate the negative impacts of basant and how to rectify them. My solution is as follows

    Please select a land area at the suburn of Lahore, Multan etc with the help of wind rose. Estimate the normal direction of the wind most of the times. Allocate a land as a flying kite park where flying kite is allowed. The quality of the thread can be checked by the quality inspectors there at all the time. The kites and threads shops should be inside that arena. The TV channel should be giving the wind direction news and chances of changes in wind direction. Two days should be allocated for Basant. For safety point of view, either motorcyclists should have a safety collar wire for riding or they shouldn’t be allow to move during the two days, i.e., saturday and sunday around mid of Feburary. These holidays won’t make any negative impact on economy. However, I expect economy to rise with positive turn over.

    I request government to consider people’s disappointment and struggle during the whole year. They really want to cut loose for few days to forget their vows and worries. Please allow them to do so for a healthy nation’s sake.

  12. my solution to the problem is that the gournment should only allow kite flying for 24 hrs i.e. from Saturday evening 6:00 pm to Sunday evening 6:00 pm. In this situation all the motorcycles which donot have protective attenas should be banned for their own security.

    Gounmnet should allow the kite makers to open their stores only one week before basant during this time only kite sales should be allowed NOT flying.

  13. Danish thumbs up to you.

    This is exactly what I say, 24 hours allowance only. People can be cautious, if they care for themselves. Please sign the petition too danish.

  14. Farhan Arooj specialist

    Brother, I am as fond as you for flying kites. But, if there is no wind in selected 24 hours time period, then only, what we can do, is to watch some chicks in yellow dress and pretty sun glasses. Our opportunity to see chicks may be ruined by rain. Please be reminded, that there will be around 5 to 10% people praying for rain on that day.

    I think its a good theme for investors to come forward and build a kite flying park in the sub-urn area of Lahore, Multan. I assure them that Return of Investment won’t be more than 3 years.

  15. will any1 tell me what is the anticipated date of basant this year? is it 22nd february? i want to come, please tell me

  16. Jo log ye kehte hain k BASANT nahi honi chaie main un k ye kehna chata hoon k accidents tho sirf bikes pur hote hain lakin agar eik din k lie bikes bund kur die gaen tho umeed hai k koi accident nahi ho ga

  17. BASANT honi chaye kion k is se kafi logon ka karobar gura hoa hai or agar ye khatam hoti hai tho is se boht lgon k karobar(BUSINESS) bund ho jae gaen or in sub ka zimedar SHABAZ SHARIF ho ga.
    Logon k galon main agar dore phirti hai tho woh khud apni hifazat kurain Bikes pur safety rod lugaen or agar nahi lugate tho is k zimedar woh khud hone ge.

  18. When is basant in lahore


  20. Thanks Uj

  21. Farhan Arooj specialist

    Any reference please.

  22. my dear friends Basant ki final date 14 or 15 march hai if is date ko na hoi tu phir khtam its mean phir nahi ho gi ok guys


  24. Basant on 14th and 15th Final.. Kite Association nay kal meeting bhi ki thi Governor say ..
    😀 Be Ready Guyzz 😀 😀 😀 😀

  25. Ahmed Freed Malik

    basnat should be alowed once in a year but just for a week

  26. Ahmed Freed Malik

    i am also against the thik moty doar

  27. no scene for basant, situation is so bad in pakistan, lets pray for its betterment

  28. —————————————————-
    Every Body Must Read and Spread!Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Its Awais
    Maain apko Rawalpindi mei Basant aur Kite Flying K Baray mein btana chata ho.
    Rawalpindi mein Patang Bazi Ka Sirf Aik hi Store hai jahan se sb hridtey hain
    Woh hain “Puran Qila” Banni Chowk sse zra sa agye
    Main bhi wahan se ptang bazi ka samaan khridta ho rozana tkriban hazaroon ka kmatey hai
    Aj kal chonkke ptang bazi per pabandi hai is lia Police ko order hai k wo Ptang bazi ka samaan band krwa day
    Lakin yeh salay Qillay walon k sath milley huay hain
    Jab Qillay per rush bht ziada hota hai tou Qillay Waley(Kite Seller) Police ko Telephone krte hain Police 2, 3 Car lay kr ati hai aur phir sab bacho ko aik mein dalti hai aur aik main Ptang bazi ka saman aur sath hi bchon ko dikhaney k lia unka aik banda bhi lay jati hai aur Phir Police Station ja Kr Har bachey k walidain se tkriban Rs.5,000-Rs10,000 lati hai aur phir bchon ko chor deti hai.Phir Qillay ke bandon se Rs.40,000 leti hai(sirf dekaney k lia)
    Raat ko phir sara maal wapis kr deti hai aur adha rakh leti hai us adhe ko Garmion k season mein sell kr deti hai.
    Ptang bazi per pabandi ki wajah se Police ko double munafa horahah hai aik Hakomaty se Payment leti hai aur dosra Ptng bazon se
    Is lia meri ap sb se drkhwast hai k ap Jahan per bhi “Kite” k naam se koi chiiz dekhien tou wahan per yeh Comment Paste zroor krein takey Hakomat is K khilaaf action lay. with subject “Kite”
    Aur mere lehhaz se Lahore ke elawa baqi sheron mein Ptang bazi honi chaiye khas tor per Rawalpindi meoi Kio k yahan teeize dor ka istimaal nai hota
    Maain yeh nai kehta k Lahore main Basant naai honi chaieye Purey Pakistan main honnio chiye lakin Chand shrait k sath takey.
    Tak kay yeh Ptang Bazi ka tehwaar aik Khushi ka zria hi rahay na k Qatal-o-Gharatka zria
    Reply me

  29. awais you are totally right, police is getting benefit from this situation, our stupid govt cannot control sale of thick threads and on the other hand they have ban basant which is totally wrong approach, basant was the best event of pakistan, we already have very few occasions in pakistan when people can celbrate otherwise its all time fear and frustration around. This event was so popular all around the world and even i used to come to lahore specially for basant and even here my colegues ask me why its ban and i cant tell them that our govt cant control sale of thick threads. I am totally against these thick threads cause of which so many people & kids have died. basant should be celebrated without firing & thick threads. All of us should discourage usage of such things at basant. I think if we all will stop using such things, we can still save this event.
    I request all people to come forward and discourage usage of thick threads and firing and lets try to make it a safe event.
    Otherwise i think basant will never be celebrated in lahore or anywhere else and we will lose such grand event of our country.

  30. hashir,
    koi basant ki ajazat dey ya na dei hum tu basant baaey gey police hum koo na azmana

  31. wahhhhhhhhh
    dears ya wo event ha jis per poora lahore aik hota ha and har woh fankar jo basant ki mukhalifat kerta ha woh bhi chat per charha nazar ata ha,,, ab siraf 24 hours kay liay ager basant allow ki jay to is main muzaika kya ha
    mefre app sab say request ha kay ab is prime minister ko koi vote na dalay q league hi thik ha jo basant to kerwaty haaaaaaa v v

  32. Hi All,
    Does anyone has clue when BASANT will be celebrated this year 2011 in Lahore?

  33. Stray Kite (Kati Patang) Excellent Documentary about ban on Kite Flying in Lahore

    Dont miss it.

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