Task force formed to curb pollution

We hope that this is not just another government body that will talk a lot and do nothing…


Here is a report by Abdul Manan

LAHORE: The Punjab government has formed a task force to control environmental pollution, deforestation, dumping and disposal of solid waste and sewage, the Environment Protection Department officials told Daily Times on Saturday.

They said the task force would also monitor mismanagement of hospital waste and polythene bags. The Services and General Administration Department has notified that Dr Awais Farooqi will be chairman of the force. They said the task force would educate the people about the importance of environment.

They said the task force would also co-ordinate with the Solid Waste Department (SWM) and the Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) to monitor the dumping of solid waste.

4 responses to “Task force formed to curb pollution

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  2. This is the sweetest news I ever read. Hope it shows some solid achievements.

  3. Thats all good what you are saying, but I am not agree with you

  4. can i be a member of it as an environmentalist

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