The party is on at the Lahore night club…


Three youngsters have poked fun in a music video at the who’s who of Pakistan’s high-society who spend their time in a” Lahori top-class night club” while their country is in turmoil.

The music video on Pakistani socialites, whose lives revolve around gossip on who has made it to the cover or inside pages of Sunday magazines printed by the country’s leading English dailies, has been aptly titled” Sunday Magazeen”.

The magazines devote several pages in every issue to colourful photographs of socialites partying and attending fashion shows or other high society bashes.”I’m on Sunday Magazeen. I am going to be big cheese on Sunday Magazeen.” goes the song by”three very bored individuals” who shot the”homegrown music video” for a”grand total of zero rupees”.

Though the video can be easily dismissed after a giggle, it is being taken seriously by some because it is a commentary on Pakistani socialites who spend their time on trivial pursuits at a time when the country is battling a raging Taliban insurgency and grappling with economic problems.

The video also makes fun of those who haven’t appeared on magazine covers:”You lack the Sunday quality, you need a change in your sexuality.” goes the song by” Naked Tyrant”, a group of three Lahore residents – Abdul Nusrat, a filmmaker and photographer, musician Akber Ali Khan and Haroon Monnoo, an accountant.

“The video takes a jab at the social pages of weekend magazines and the pretty-young-things who hanker for a mug shot in them. And who could resist? Week after week, the cr�me de la cr�me of society, attired in cream-coloured joras, perch on cream-coloured sofas and munch on cream-covered pastries for the cameras,”wrote Huma Yusuf, an academician turned journalist.

The video is a”fascinating exercise in social anthropology”, she wrote.”…It chides the mentality that appearing in the social pages is the best way to transcend a middle-class existence… Their song is about class consciousness and effectively expresses the frustration that Pakistani society is not a meritocracy who you are and who you party with is genuinely more important than what you�’re able and qualified to do.”

Naked Tyrant’s video is a blunt reminder that no one cares about Lahore’s socialites, who have little else to offer than partying hard.The status message on Naked Tyrant’s Facebook homepage reads:” Help us spread the tyrannical nakedness of our comedic endeavors!”

” Although we would like to say in advance we neither aspire to nor care for having our videos aired on national TV we can’t help but wonder about the things people say would prove to be a problem when considering our videos for national TV…”goes another message on Facebook.But the irony, as Yusuf points out, is that if Naked Tyrant’s video gets enough clicks, the band might secure invites to all the right parties and even get their pictures in the Sunday magazines! PTI RHLSAZ

3 responses to “The party is on at the Lahore night club…

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