Lahore’s new hangout for book lovers

Enjoy reading with coffee

LAHORE: The Readings, a bookshop-cum-library on the Main Boulevard, has now opened a coffee shop so that people can have a brew while reading.

The bookshop is known for its sitting arrangement on the floor near the bookshelves in every section. The shop was little transformed into a library when people spent more time there and preferred to take notes or references rather than buying books.

The organisers say the addition of a café shop would attract more readers especially youngsters. They said the arrangement would also allure readers who preferred reading at the library rather than buying books.

Readings general manager Rao Abid Hussain said a modern concept was being introduced in Lahore where bookshop and coffee shop had been linked to promote reading culture. He said the bookshop was famous for providing books on subsidised rates. “The idea for starting a café shop was proposed by a couple of our customers,” he said. “The shop will provide Urdu books to target Urdu readership,” he added.

Taimoor Amjad, a Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) student, said he loved to study at the bookshop. He said it would be more fun to read American literature, social sciences or fiction while having coffee or tea.

Naima Chaudhry, a National College of Arts (NCA) student, the Readings had been the only place where pushcarts were provided to carry books to the counter. “The prices of the books are very affordable,” she said and added that the addition of a café shop would add to visitors’ joy.

Readers management says the shop housed more than 70,000 books on shelves and one million in storeroom. They said most of the books were imported from America or Europe. The café shop will remain open from 12pm to 11pm. hina farooq

2 responses to “Lahore’s new hangout for book lovers

  1. I agree that it is good that there is a coffee shop in Readings. It is our favorite place to go after buying the books.

  2. its like oxygen in very very stuffy environment of our city at present. i appreciate whoever is doing it

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